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  1. Close, if I had put them the right way round
  2. I'll go for pigs away 23rd sep... pigs home 13th jan
  3. tom lawrence must have been close surely
  4. Sad yes, hes a decent guy and gave great memories last season. Surprised no, the team doesn't look half of what it did last year, looks like it needs someone to come in install some confidence and wake the squad up, someone dare I say like Pearson.
  5. If it was I wouldn't have posted it
  6. Heard hes out for season, hope it's wrong
  7. It was about as serious as this thread sorry, not that I wouldn't take him if the chance ever came up
  8. We miss lee and lees so much. Reach shouldn't be starting. Mcmanaman should be starting. We don't look anything like we did last season going forward with our fast tempo and crisp passing
  9. Terrible, watch the game back and his delivery and trying to get past players is something you would see in league 1
  10. And reach...
  11. I'm watching a different game then apart from the worldie cross very average again
  12. I didnt think it would get worse but it has, hanging on vs a team like this
  13. Why have we changed from last season. Vs poo like this it should be quick tempo all out attack they have nothing about them... And hunt, jesus