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  1. Prices were frozen if bought in the early bird. The club did warn prices would be going up
  2. In their slight defence, there was an offer on in April on kits (I.e. Before the end of the season)
  3. 3-1 We score after about 30 mins, then get a second just after half time. Udders get one with about 15 mins to go, creating a nervous finish. Wrap the game up in the closing moments
  4. It's not great, but IF we get a draw, I'm sure we'd have all settled for that. Im just not sure it's worth 3/4 different threads, about the same subject, started by the same person
  5. Stop bloody moaning
  6. Regardless of whether it was actually a foul (which is debateable anyway), the free kick hadn't been taken when the 'offence' occurred. Therefore the ball wasn't even in play anyway
  7. How many saves has Westwood had to make?
  8. I'd win the throw and bat first
  9. I'd keep it as it is, 3rd v 6th and 4th v 5th. However, would make the semis one off games rather than 2 legs. 3rd and 4th play at home. Definite advantage then gained for finishing higher up. But, this would bring in less money for the league and less games for Sky, therefore wouldn't happen.
  10. Not with restrictions in place. They are getting 2k, same as we are at their place
  11. £50 for thin air, apart from money off match day tickets and priority booking of play off tickets. Imagine how chaotic it would be if it just went to general sale
  12. Why do people think it's worse to play Fulham over 2 legs rather than a one off game in the final?! Id feel much more confident about having 2 games against a team, especially 2nd leg at a packed out hillsborough
  13. I'd imagine it's a fairly even spread across age groups
  14. Majority of season ticket holders are older?!
  15. We only gave Brighton 2000 last year