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  1. It's even closer than you think, their defence only adds up to 29!
  2. But he's not onside. Fessi is ahead of the other defender so only 1 player between him and the goal. In addition, its irrelevant whether the defender is in front or behind the line. The area in the net (over the goal line) is classed as field of play
  3. Yep, definitely offside. Worrying a lot of people don't seem to know the offside rule! Wagner saw it on the big screen when it was replayed, which is why he was going mental at the 4th official
  4. How do we offload them? You can't force other teams to buy our players
  5. And £3m for Seb Polter at QPR
  6. To be fair, the club have publically said that there won't be any minutes applauses etc from now on. Instead will be a minutes applause at the last home game of each calendar year (as per the Rotherham game) in memory of all supporters who have passed. Tragic though for those involved, RIP
  7. Woodseats palace (weatherspoons)?
  8. Not all of that £25m loss will necessarily be taken in to account for FFP. For example, any money spent on infrastructure (stadium, training facilities, pitch) aren't included.
  9. But you can, this thread is about strength in depth. The likes of Matias and Buckley are back up/squad players. I.e. When your starting players are injured, these are the type of players to come in. If they are injured at the same time, then it causes more problems
  10. I generally agree with you, but number of shots doesn't always = clear cut chances.
  11. £500k?! You'll be looking at least 10 times that amount for Hogan
  12. Whatever it was it worked, like you say, he had a good game
  13. Will have possibly been in his mind that mcmanaman will have been on his way in, bit of competition for him
  14. Wolves game is half price, fully expect you'll be going for that price.