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  1. Sorry about that. I'll offer you a sandwich against Norwich
  2. This for me. I know I'll miss 4/5 games a season. Still makes financial sense to buy one. Plus the £40 on match day can then go towards beer
  3. And then FF got booked for a nothing foul about 5 mins later
  4. Yeah, but apart from that.....
  5. Some players haven't done it. Not compulsory if they don't wish. Fine/donation to charity if they don't do it I believe.
  6. Got to justify spending thousands of pounds on metal barriers somehow
  7. Limo not miles behind play, he'll have been in line with the last defender (which is where he needs to be) around the edge of the box
  8. 820 tickets sold on first day of sale, will sell out I reckon
  9. Even if the cashback is given? So at least £700 a season ticket for the cheapest? And the cheapest 3 year was actually £1200 (just checked)
  10. Three year offers that still cost over £1000. Hardly cashback is it?!
  11. Leicester's version is something to do with the champions league. Even though it's not 'our' song, as Sunderland used to sing it, you can thank the band for distributing it by playing it at England games
  12. 2 starts for him this season, 2 clean sheets
  13. What about Brighton last night?
  14. But the transfer will be paid in June/July, meaning it will come under next seasons figures and for the 3 years from them. I would imagine it means we may not spend too much in the summer though (if we don't go up)