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  1. Anyone know if season ticket holders have own seats reserved, or is it just priority on tickets before Friday? Scratch that, would have helped if I'd read it properly!
  2. I don't, and that's the point. None of us do. There's more than likely good reasoning why the kit isn't out yet, but we as fans don't need to know the details
  3. Glad you know the inside mechanisms of football kit production and high value deals
  4. You never know, they have them younger and younger these days!
  5. Do you have kids? All the people who would buy a shirt on 1st June will still buy one when released 2 months later. What if the club had to pay the supplier an extra £500k to get them made a month earlier, would that be worth it?
  6. Surely we can just recall him?
  7. PM me if needed mate
  8. Technically the players don't wear replica shirts
  9. I'll have at least one spare aswell if you need it mate
  10. And reading
  11. And that in a nutshell is the vast vast majority of championship centre halfs. As much as I love and rate Tom Lees, it would be fair to say some of his qualities are ordinary (distribution for one). But, he is a top class championship defender, who maybe deserves a chance in the prem at some point.
  12. I'd argue Keogh would be an upgrade on Loovens, and would be comfortable him partnering Lees
  13. Melchester Rovers
  14. If only Sunderland and Hull wore stripes, they would have no doubt stayed up...oh wait a minute