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  1. Also known as the song that the band play all the time for whoever it fits
  2. Sorry I don't have all your posts stored so that I can immediately quote them word for word. So you didn't say anything like that, yes or no?
  3. Lol, JV talking about people fabricating posts! From memory, you said you're mate who was in America had seen/been working on our accounts and we were going to be under embargo for breaking FFP
  4. Seeing as you keep missing the question, i'll ask again, what happened to the transfer embargo we were going to be under in January? The one that was coming as your mate had seen our accounts and we were way over FFP?
  5. Transfer embargo?
  6. What happened to the transfer embargo we were going to be under?
  7. Is that busy road not closed on match days? Sure it has every time I've been
  8. Sure some will still be clamouring for tickets to increase their priority points
  9. No probs at all
  10. No, it was off the back of Darra saying a possible reason for us playing poorly this season was the lack of stripes. That was the context
  11. ? was just making a comment about how having/not having stripes has no impact on how good we are
  12. And the last 20 odd years when we've had stripes and still been rubbish
  13. They sold what they were given. Tickets behind pillars not on sale
  14. 5000 tickets at £30 each, or 12000 at £10?
  15. All ticket so no sales at the turnstiles.