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  1. Gary Rowett on his way to Derby. Frustrating as hell. Derby are just about to land themselves a very promising British manager. And they are already giving themselves a great chance of success for next season; I wish that was us but we're going to have to wait until the summer for any possible head coach replacement. I get that Carvalhal has had a better season at Wednesday than the Pearson/McClaren combo has delivered at the Rams (even though about 80% of our performances have lacked cohesion, tempo or entertainment). Right now we really aren't in a position to part company with CC until this season is done and dusted. Whereas Derby's season is already over. Which is fair enough but if/when Kickaball is replaced, a manager of Rowett's credentials would be spot on for me. I really don't think our squad needs a superstar head coach to get the best out of the players either; even a recent ex-pro turned manager like Graham Alexander would probably get this squad in the automatic promotion spots with 2-3 decent signings in the summer.
  2. Can't wait for the usual cheerleaders on here to stifle any sort of constructive critics too - stop moaning, we're still 6th, nothing to see here etc.
  3. Horror show today. But this has been coming for weeks. Semedo and Fox at CB - Reading's strikers must be licking their lips for next week. If we lose to Reading at home on Friday then all of a sudden, the play-offs are looking very unlikely. Gutted.
  4. Sassy off - oh well, at least we didn't waste money on a decent CB this season.
  5. Semedo is our only midfield option from the bench today. The worrying aspect of that, is we don't know how long this injury situation will continue. The club freezing McGugan out of the squad, what a stroke of genius..
  6. The club recruited both Abdi and Jones to the total cost of £5-6 million just a few months ago. If Carvalhal can't get a tune out of these two having spent significant fees, there is something very wrong. McGugan won't play again for us. The club have made their position crystal clear on that. A real shame after he did so well for us on loan a couple of seasons back.
  7. I'd quite happily play direct but effective football over the toothless, clueless guff we've had for 80% of the performances this season.
  8. It's amazing what can happen when you spend 4 millions pounds on a footballer and play him in the first team for a change.
  9. I think the amount of time he's spent on our bench this season for a £4 million signing has been ridiculous. That for me is either poor recruitment (he's not been good enough to get into our CM) or mismanagement (he is good enough, just hasn't been used there all season). I doubt Abdi would be on the bench if he wasn't fit enough to play, or if he was injured.
  10. Due to the mismanagement/shabby treatment of Abdi at SWFC, sadly the player is on course go down as one of the major flop signings of this Championship season. Which I think is a huge shame. Personally I would have liked Abdi to have had a start in at least one of the last two fixtures. But even with Lee and Hutchinson out of the first team picture recently and with Jones' performances hardly making a positive impression, Abdi still can't get a start. For a £4 million acquisition, that says everything you need to know.
  11. We needed an upgrade at CB signed in the summer. Absolutely baffled that we've ended up in a situation where we are one injury away from playing Semedo at CB tonight.
  12. With the right scouting setup, the club could have brought in an upgrade at CB, an upgrade at RB, a reserve GK and a young, pacey striker and easily could have change spare out of £10 million too. Time will tell if the club made the right call...
  13. How many games have Bristol lost in the last 2-3 months? I cannot wait for the apologists to tell us what a great result this is.
  14. McManaman must be delighted to get these last 10 minutes as a sub.
  15. Useless ars*holes. Sickening that we've just set up to settle on a 2-1 win. Crap management IMO.