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  1. Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

    Careful pal, you won't last long on here with your fancy facts.
  2. Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

    That's it then - let's write Boyd off after one league game. Even by Owlstalk's standards, that's a tad knee-jerk.
  3. "Because we can't spend money"

    I think we still are short in these areas: 1 x CB 1 x RB (Sell Palmer, not good enough IMO) 1 x LB (Sell Fox, not good enough IMO) 1 x CDM (With Hutchinson always injured) 1 x CAM (Sell Abdi; Carvalhal is incapable of getting the best from him) 1 x LW (Sell Matias, not good enough IMO) Lewis McGugan and Jake Kean obviously aren't in the manager's plans, get them sold for me. Also we've currently got seven senior strikers; surely at least a couple of these could be moved on. So ideally, that would be 8 players sold/released with 6 new players coming in.
  4. "Because we can't spend money"

    If we've been embargoed or Chansiri's funds have run dry, then forget about playoffs this season. All of our main rivals for promotion have strengthened over the summer, whereas we've stagnated. Our squad is poorer than last season; key players like Loovens, Wallace, Pudil and Jones are a year closer to retirement and at least a couple of these old heads will no longer be at the club next year, Wednesday's lack of options at CB are a joke (even with this new kid we've loaned), and our best player, Forestieri's days here look numbered IMO. We are at least another 5/6 players short of a balanced squad. With no money to bring signings in, we are going to fall short of the top 6.
  5. God No!!!!

    In the last 4 years, Moyes has failed at 3 different clubs, has a relegation on his CV and has been sacked from every club that he's managed since May 2013. Anyone that wants a failure like that managing Wednesday is not an owl's fan.
  6. Keep Sam at RB

    Keep Hutchinson as far away from CM as possible, whenever he plays in midfield, it affects the whole dynamic of the team and we look bloody awful. He might do ok at RB if he can avoid getting suspended all the time.
  7. Yeah, didn't think you had any proof.
  8. Have you any proof that story was made up then? 100% agree. Feels like CC has taken us as far he can, things have gone stale and need a shake up. It happens in football, doesn't make me (or any other SWFC fan) a CC hater...
  9. I'm no expert but I doubt that's how national newspapers work.
  10. Did you live under a rock pre-Playoffs? It was reported in lots of different media outlets..
  11. Pardew was on the verge of replacing CC in the summer; yet DC changed his mind and stuck with what we've got. Very poor decision in my view and one that could come back to haunt us for years.
  12. The fans are well within their rights here after today's debacle, OP talking soft IMO.
  13. F**king sack the t**t Chansiri.
  14. CC's hopeless tactics have cost us this game, once again...