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  1. I like what Hutchinson brings to the team in terms of work-rate, physicality, strength, resolve and leadership. Plus I'd prefer not to sell players to promotion rivals (which Boro should be). But his persistent injuries and suspensions have been a constant concern since Hutchinson came here under Gray. For whatever reason, he's failed to nail down a CB role. Even though Loovens and Lees have extended periods out of the first team through injury in the last few seasons. Hutchinson doesn't score/assist enough as a midfielder. Also we usually play deeper as a team when Hutchinson is our centre midfield two, which restricts our attacking play. I'd like to see Hutchinson as a CDM in a 4-3-3, but since Carvalhal hardly ever plays that formation, Sam is only likely to be a fringe player here. As long as we got a decent price (he's got 3 years left on his contract and because Hutchinson is English, we should expect a premium transfer fee) and if the player was replaced adequately, I wouldn't stress too much if we did sell him. There's a strong possibility that we have already seen this player at the peak.
  2. Sasso's goals conceded vs minutes played record suggests otherwise IMO. Scoring a brace against a terrible Blackburn side doesn't change that. If Dielna, Urby, Sougou, Sasso or Lachman weren't up to the standard required here, I'm pleased that they are being released, rather than using up the club's wages. Quite simple really.
  3. All the best Jose - great professional and was absolutely immense for us in the Mind The Gap season. Good riddance to the others.
  4. 1) My overriding feeling is pleased that the club haven't let the uncertainty surrounding the head coach's position linger on. And Wednesday can now concentrate solely on sorting out pre-season, player contracts, new signings etc. 2) Got to admit, I would have loved to appoint a young, promising, progressive coach like Wagner (if Huddersfield do remain a Championship side after the PO final). Hopefully we won't regret not taking such an astute gamble.
  5. Time for a change. I'd love to see what this squad are capable of without the stifling negativity of CC's negative tactics holding them back.
  6. Didn't stop Neil Lennon leaving Celtic for the Bolton job a few years back. The Scottish league isn't the big draw that it once was. And there's no question that Wednesday in 2017 are a more ambitious project than Bolton in 2014. Its not as unrealistic as some posters have been making out.
  7. Our core squad players are very good Championship footballers. Westwood, Lees, Hunt, Hutchinson, Bannan, Lee, Hooper, Rhodes is a great spine at this level. There's no way I'd want any these players leaving (not without a very large transfer fee in return). It's our fringe players that are the issue - we've got LOADS. I could easily pick 15 players who I believe are not quite good enough for a top 2 Championship squad, without weakening what I think is our best XI. The reason for that is because our squad is HUGE and we're carrying too much deadwood. Plus the likes of George Hirst, Cameron Dawson etc would benefit from a season loan at a League One/Two club. The hard bit is moving these deadwood players on. I mean, who the hell would buy McGugan on the kind of wages that he'll be on, after he's hardly kicked a ball for 12 months! With the right appointment as Head Coach, I'd be far less worried about revamping the squad. There would be plenty of suitable managers should CC be removed this summer. CC's replacement may actually use the transfer windows for their intended purpose, rather than stockpiling footballers who never play.
  8. If I were DC, I'd take a gamble and replace Carvalhal. I think this season has been a wasted opportunity. With the setup afforded to CC, we should have been looking at automatic promotion. What we've ended up with is a squad that needs quite a bit of reshaping this summer. After what we've seen of Carlos' recruitment in the last 12 months, I simply wouldn't trust him to deliver. My main worry would be that whoever takes over this summer would have to get rid of at least 15 senior players, in order to bring in 10-12 replacements required to deliver promotion next year. Our squad at present lacks balance of genuine options outside of the starting XI. That's a very big ask. Some of the players that need shifting will be on hefty contracts. Also some of those players will not have played in a league game for months.
  9. Spot on. If any of those are actually Wednesday fans, they should get a grip of their lives and grow the f*ck up.
  10. Bit of a kop out that. IF we still find ourselves a Championship club in a months time, DC will surely be considering whether we have the best man for the job as head coach to get us promoted in 2018.
  11. I'd also like to see us win 7 games on the bounce for the first time in my lifetime. No wind-up. In theory, the higher up we finish in the table, the better chance we have of getting a favourable draw, so yes it matters to me. It probably will to the 33,000 fans there too.
  12. Maybe the Fulham manager will want to keep their best players match-fit. Also if they beat us on Sunday, that could give them a psychological advantage going into the playoffs. And if we lose, we could miss out on finishing 3rd or 4th. Just my opinion but like I said, we should give ourselves every chance of getting the most favourable draw possible.
  13. I'm not sure our reserve XI would beat Fulham's first XI. In fact I'd be very surprised if the likes of Nuhiu, Buckley, Wildsmith, Semedo, Fox and co would get a draw considering so few of them would have played together in a league game. Look at the results against Cambridge and Middlesbrough in the cup for example... So there is still a chance that they could put out their first team on Sunday then?
  14. You're 100% confident that Fulham will ONLY be playing their reserves then?
  15. First leg away at Fulham (already drew there earlier in the season), second leg at Hillsborough.