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  1. Easy say go. But who replaces him. Talks of Pardew and McClaren are bloody ridiculous.
  2. Sometime the truth hurts us all. A huge reality check.
  3. FF wanted to be the cult hero. What about big Dave who has tken penalties before. Don't see what Rhodes offers. No pace.
  4. Clearly tactic was to keep things tight. Struggling to see what goal threat Rhodes gives us. Can see a clear out in the summer. Good luck to Huddersfield they were better than us.
  5. Just not fit that was obvious.
  6. Yes feeling very nervous. If we play to our full potential we can reach Wembley again. I expect almost a repeat of the first leg. 1 goal either way could decide this. Unfortunately I am unable to be at Hillsborough due to serious surgery last week. I will be at home glued to the TV. Biting nails already. WAWAW
  7. They were excellent against Brighton who they hammered. They had to much pace and movement for them. We will have plenty of defending to do.
  8. Just seen the footage of Carlos celebrating at Ipswich. Such passsion. He has had his knockers. I just hope the players keep it together for the last four games. When we get to Wembley I firmly believe that Carlos will use last years experience as motivation to achieve what we all want. If things don't work out I would still want him to stay. I love his enthusiasm for our team. I would love to be present when he talks to the players. Love him to bits. WAWAW
  9. After some adverse comments last year regarding the pitch I thought it looked superb yesterday. The investment of DC clearly paying off.
  10. A fantastic player. I loved singing There's only one Chrisie Waddle walking in a Waddle Wonderland. A great club servant for the brief time he was with us.
  11. Doom and gloom from some? So glad we didn't loose some people would be slashing their wrists .
  12. All this talk of Carlos getting sacked with so few games to go is rubbish. We will have a new manager in place shortly after the season ends. DC and his advisors will assess the season after May. We should start to wonder if the players disagree with Carlos and his cautious tactics thenwhen on the pitch just play how they want and argue later. Clearly most are just 'yes' men wanting to keep their place in the team.
  13. Spot on. I will not be listening to the numerous excuses from Carlos
  14. Just got a 1% pay rise at work
  15. Reading many silly comments on this site I thought I would try and take a pragmatic view of the season to date. Last May on leaving Wembley my son and I like thousands of other fans thought that this year would be our year. Our style of play has changed now more measured as if the players have reigns on. A continental style but with no pace and penetration. New signings were made Fletcher what a waste of money on thousands to warm a bench. Pudil is legs have gone, Reach and Buckley too similar, McManaman hardly used, Abdi injured or lacking in confidence and Emanuelson never featured, Big Dave extended contract, Mcguigan paid but not part of the club. All this is not just down to Carlos but surely the niavety of our chairman and his advisors. We then bring in Winnall and Rhodes who between them are hardly setting the league on fire. Injuries have played a part but all teams are affected. The big loss has been Kieran Lee our engine room. We have no player like him but he has certainly received abuse on this forum in the past. Behind the scenes something is occurring that we the fans are oblivious to. Forestieri our most gifted player has been in and out of form and sulks for large parts of the season. Where is our 20 goal a season striker. (Woods) We can all mock Leeds, Huddersfield and Reading but we have only managed to beat Huddersfield. If Carlos is sacked as some people are demanding. Whoever takes over will have a major problem. He will not be able to offload players so easy. At least that person would look at strengthening central defence a must. I personally would not sack him yet but when we do not reach the play offs then say goodbye. I am fed up of listening to his pre match press conference when he talks about the team being fully ready, we will play with full energy, asking for our fantastic fans to support the team and then avoiding all questions regarding injuries leading to mass hysteria on social media. Turning to tickets. Increased prices. £42 to watch the Newcastle match when it is on Sky. Our attendances have been very good considering the price. We are described as 'Massive' by some supporters. Unfortunately our over paid under achieving players and over priced tickets are the main talking points. I am not a season ticket holder, but have only missed five home games this season. Looking at the remaining fixtures let's be very honest. These are described as 'cup finals' We never turned up at Wembley so here goes with my forecast for those cup finals regardless of who plays. Barnsley 1 point Rotherham 3 points Newcastle 1 point Cardiff 3 points QPR 0 points Derby 1 point Ipswich 1 point Fulham 3 points but this will not harm them firmly in 6th place. i hope I am wrong but if we are honest can we see many wins against some form teams. Before April 1st (April Fools Day) Carlos will be telling us that the players are ready, they will be playing with high intensity, our fans will be with us we need our fans etc etc. Eight cup finals with our players showing real pace, fight and passion will get them in the play offs and my prediction is a Wembley date with Leeds. Silence Woods and our players actually turn up and play. Nest season could be completely different. I hope we wont be asked to pay £60 against Chelsea, Spurs and the rest. Ready for some constructive comments or slagging off Owlstalk style. WAWAW