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  1. Put it through Google Translate again and it'll be a menu for a Polish cafe
  2. If you really mean to play him you can't be David Pleat
  3. He's coming over for a medical at Claremont: They said surely not another medical for Ben 10.
  4. A night of Bus, Melo and some crap right back called Vermin (or similar) from Man Utd, yeah lets do that all over again.
  5. Probably just above the play off final T-Shirts final price production.
  6. I got an email from Wednesday today and the Sondico logo is still on there next to CHANSIRI.
  7. Darren Huckerby got more and more angry when playing for Norwich against us at Hillsborough in the last game of a season (Dion Dublin's last ever game) the crowd were "engaging" more and more with said Mr Huckerby the longer the game went on.
  8. One of the many who couldn't use the brain cell and was amazed that his hat didn't protect him from the sun today
  9. How the hell do you get out of this league when FFP restricts you to chasing players who are mediocre at best?
  10. An image familiar to those of us "of a certain age" as they say.
  11. Still reckon the thread name needs changing!
  12. We scored against us, they didn't
  13. You'd have got an Izz then.
  14. You might as well sign Gordon Ramsay then
  15. A load of garbage that didn't manage to score a goal in 3 play off games. Good luck in the Prem lads!