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  1. No, it would be like the Crystal Palace scenario all over again.
  2. I'm not trying to wee wee on the chips of any Kosovans though
  3. He scored a cracking goal on his debut for us too at QPR.
  4. The very best, thanks pal.
  5. Late entry for 2 reasons:- 1) The amount of times the word "sometimes" appears in this song. 2) The first Mothers day that I am a "Motherless Child" as my my mum passed away unexpectedly in November.
  6. That Chester player Bennet should have been banned for life for that tackle; The ball had gone and he stamped through the back of his standing leg and you could hear his leg shatter instantly. I remember Ian Knight lying motionless on the pitch with one arm up in the air.
  7. I believe it was on trend to express one's disappointment at the time to propel said items onto the field of play, probably late 60's at a guess?
  8. Were you in international mode?
  9. No we're not we're........................................................
  10. The Claw should stick to trying to kidnap Penelope Pitstop.
  11. The same Fulham that have amassed 1 point from their last 2 games?
  12. Same method of entry, same era, but on dad's shoulders.
  13. Afternoon Mr Irvine