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  1. The gardening is going great thanks!
  2. We did alright out of Madjid Bougherra though didn't we?
  3. The Sixth Finger Arms?
  4. Touch him where exactly?
  5. The Premier and EFL are different organisations, remember the Premier are threatening to not allow Reading to go up if they are promoted for financial reasons.
  6. Given the ahem, prombles between the barcodes and the HMRC at the moment is it still worth targeting third place in case the prombles end up in a points deduction for them as it's to do with irregularities over transfers?
  7. RIP Johners.
  8. I think he comes under the heading "if you never try anything you'll never make a mistake" and he's never afraid to try something. He deserves to get cut some slack for losing the ball every now and again and the odd attempted pass that might not come off. The alternative footballer is Darren Potter.
  9. Enough to buy a Forestieri or a Hooper.
  10. No, I'm sure someone will realise this after you.
  11. I believe that you have to be certain beyond reasonable doubt that you're going to win the game you're beaming back. Nice one Leeds
  12. He will emulate Big Ron if we go up and then he f**ks off to Aston Villa
  13. Maybe he just wanted Bully to get a piece of the credit he deserves?
  14. Steve Howard still hoping to get a game bless him
  15. He's never been able to find a house to put his his rabbit in.