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  1. I can't imagine the gate receipts from the 12 fans Hull brought would have been worth much anyway.
  2. Have we actually a decent number of tickets on Lower Lepp or is it going to be the same measly 1k that we got for the Wolves game?
  3. Absolutely no chance for me. Hate the majority of new stadiums and every time I visit a ground like Derby or Wigan I come out thinking the same thing- thank god we don't play in a boring soulless bowl like this. Who wants an identikit ground in a retail park next to a Starbucks and a Frankie and Bennys? I honestly don't think I could stomach that.
  4. Would prefer stripes but this is the lesser of two evils. At least it will be a blue AND white shirt again.
  5. Ask about the SAG nonsense and STRIPES, STRIPES, STRIPES!!!!
  6. That passing sequence is so depressingly accurate.
  7. Amazed so many have put Leeds anywhere near the Pigs, never mind above them. Is that an older generation thing or something? For me nothing comes close to United in terms of rivalry. The build up and fallout to a Leeds game doesn't even register on the Richter scale in comparison to a steel city Derby. Beating Rotherham and Barnsley is only more fun than a normal win just because they hate us so much. I find their seething anger against us quite adorable in a way.
  8. Unforgivable that, thanks to them, our original song with our unique WAWAW motto has been taken on by Leeds Utd. For that reason alone, they can do one.
  9. If we did leave Hillsborough I think that might be it for me. Without the blue and white stripes, the proper badge and our Hillsborough home there would be very little left of the Wednesday I fell in love with.
  10. Any idea why the Syp/sag morons have gone even more mental than usual over the last year or so? Have they got worried seeing us quite close to the PL and thought they'd better get their restrictions in early so they won't have to manage 35k+ crowds every week if/when we get there? Just about sums the Sheffield authorities up though. We've got a club with a new, ambitious investor but instead of helping us succeed and flourish they start piling on the restrictions to make life as difficult as possible. Meanwhile, the wee wee throwers and firework launchers from S2 can use their stadium with nothing like our problems.
  11. 6 wins? With this turgid crap we'll struggle for 6 goals. And I don't think that's even an exaggeration.
  12. It's an absolute disgrace the amount of money we have spent to build a team so hopelessly inept in the attacking third. Hugely disappointing season this altogether.
  13. Sick of people trying to downplay last season's success with Carlos. We were a team with no recent history whatsoever of finishing at the top end of the league and, while in the championship, had a pretty dreadful record at Hillsborough over the last 15 years. To go from that to last year's superb home form and a run to the play off final with some great football deserves credit. This year I agree he's open to some criticism (some absolutely dire games) but to suggest we could have achieved last year's success with any old manager is unfair.
  14. I'm sorry but I refuse to congratulate teams that feign head injuries to stop opposition attacks.
  15. Bullen captained us brilliantly and led us to a rare day in the sunshine in Cardiff in the middle of a pretty dreadful era. I can't see why he shouldn't be included. I know people only want to include our most glamorous players but if we want to give a true reflection of Wednesday, we need to incorporare the ones who shone through in the bad times. And btw ,that iconic dressing room picture of Bullen in Cardiff is made for this. Ps. They better all be wearing proper stripes.