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  1. I think it might just about make general. 5700 is a lot of tickets!
  2. Doubt they can have a beamback if it is live on Sky anyway. Could be wrong though.
  3. From what I have seen of him he is too lightweight. Admittedly my viewings of him were 12 months ago but unless he has done some serious bulking up / weight training since then he would get bullied by Championship centre backs.
  4. George or David?
  5. For the love of God when he goes (I am convinced he will) make sure we have a large sell on clause.
  6. It was initially in Julius Caesar but he edited it to 'Et Tu Brute?'
  7. Ah, had passed me by that one.
  8. I think Portugal and England are the same time zone.
  9. Barnsley on October 28th is (currently at least) a Saturday 3PM kick off. General point you make still stands though.
  10. That has crossed my mind too - might be something they are planning in future.
  11. I much prefer away matches to be on sky - will lower the attendance against both Forest and Leeds I imagine. At least Forest is tea time - I find lunch time matches especially flat.
  12. As Bono once said, 'Sunday, Bloody Sunday'
  13. Wherefore means 'why', not 'where'. Pedantic, yet important.
  14. Tut, tut, tut. You quote a fine piece of poetry, then spoil it by using the wrong 'you're'.
  15. If Lukaku is worth £75million then Nuhiu has to be worth at least 50 pence.