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  1. Hooper and Fletch Back up is Winnall for Hooper and Rhodes for Fletch Doesn't matter who the opposition are ......dealing with our strikers is their problem.
  2. FF - Can change a game when he is not unfit, suspended or having a mardi. We would easily get automatic if he can be on best form all season. Hooper is our next best weapon - when he is fit we seem to go on winning runs. Westwood - is the rock of the defence. If we lost him we would need those other 2 above to stay fit all season.
  3. Why do you need a medical to be a barber?
  4. Was on the loosing side
  5. Yup and they have already beaten us twice. We have not got past Udders yet .......and IF we do we have the boring poorly supported drivel to play at Wembley .....as bad as Hull last time
  6. See just a few spaces and your post is quicker to read
  7. After playoff final last year I heard numerous fans saying it's gunna be harder next season. Don't expect anything easy etc. So after looking at this season why the hell have these same fans grumbled moaned and at times called for CC head. They said it would be harder yes. It has. We've played poor at times, we've played excellent at times, but as expected it's been harder. Hence less pretty wins/games. Ignoring the fact that the playoff places all bar us, are a surprise package this year, the division on paper is a lot harder than last. So in my eyes the boys we watch, game in game out deserve all the praise they can get for again achieving something we can be proud of. Well done to CC DC staff and players. Those on and off pitch, pushing each other week in week out in training. Jeeese we've got Rhodes, McManaman on bench, that's saying something special in my eyes. This club is going the right direction. Whenever it happens, we all know it's going to happen. Now it's happened, the very same fans again are forgetting all their criticism throughout the season. I've even heard them make a complete u turn saying never doubted...haha. At the end of day we are Wednesday, and we are on our way back. I don't care how long it takes (I do hope it is this season though). As long as we are getting there, and Hillsborough is rocking again, ready for my kids growing up seeing the old ground at its best. UTO!!!
  8. I think some of the others a correct. This looks scary to read. Not even paragraphs....just a few spaces and a few extra commas. That way would be much quicker for us to read. Plus you would genuinely get your good points across better. Sounds crazy but I feel out of breath when I read a post in one big lump like that!
  9. Away on holidays for both SFs Anyone else in the same predicament and want to enjoy the matches in a bar? ........and do you know a bar that will defo be showing the matches.
  10. This thread sums up the Championship. It should be pinned.
  11. Can we have the graph?
  12. But FF is injured and can only play 30 minutes. This will not be resolved this season.
  13. Yes combined!
  14. I would be quite happy finishing 6th every year and having as much fun as we have the past 2 seasons. I've seen plenty of wins and plenty of great goals........it's been better than most seasons for yonks. A high % win rate makes for a good season. Sure I wish we were top and had won a few more games .....but you can't always get what you want.
  15. The last two seasons have given us so much fun. Our fans make so much noise when we are winning and that feels great. The obvious but sad fact is you cannot win every match. But why our own fans get so hysterical and fail to give players and the manager a bit of support when we are losing or hitting a bad spell is our weakness. Its easy to sing when you're winning, but the team and manager need it most when they are losing. It seems this whole thread sums up the negativity we need to overcome.