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  1. That's football, nobody remembers who did well under harsh circumstances or who spent the most money in a season. Ultimately all people want, all fans want is to win games and be successful - which we have done under CC. With him at the helm we've had our most successful seasons in 17 years whilst he's attained the 2nd highest win rate of any SWFC manager ever. Instead of thinking where you would like us to be, enjoy the good football, good players and good culture at the club for the first time in decades. Right on the money mate. 3 years ago if you said we would be a top 6 Championship club, with a squad of talented and exciting players, clear of massive debt with a new found financial backing and in a brilliant position to reach the PL and reclaim our place in the best league in the world - I would have snapped your arm off. As many fans would have. Lets enjoy the many years of exciting football ahead, we are on our way back.
  2. Sell Rhodes, Joao & Nuhiu. Use those funds to buy any tall, quick, athletic and clinical striker (Tammy Abraham would be good or Kodja would have been). Play with a front 2 of whoever play best together from Hooper/Fletcher/FF/Winnall/Abraham, maybe adjust FF to accommodate 3 strikers or to play slightly behind the striker / out wide depending on what we buy elsewhere.
  3. Better version of Wallace, little bit quicker, little bit more quality on the ball only Scottish, Spanish.
  4. Look how well McGeady has done with regular gametime in a 442 formation at Preston though? He's had a better season than all our current wingers despite not even being able to make the bench when he was here. I have no doubt with regular playing time in a formation that works for them, Macca & Buckley could perform to a good level in this league just need to harness their talent. Makes you wonder why these type of players never seem to fit into our team, is CC's rigid 442 alienating the fast, exciting & tricky winger we are desperately crying out for? Really like the idea of Hutchinson as a lone holding CDM, or the 3rd CB in a 352. I think Hunt/Reach are both good enough to play the wing back role, they both are incredibly fit, pacey, know how to defend & attack and experienced in this division. With the correct players around them it's a formation change i would be excited about seeing. I could fantasise about possible formations all day though but just imagine; Westwood Lees Hutchinson *New CB* Hunt Reach Bannan Lee FF/Abdi Hooper Rhodes/FF
  5. lee

    The telling bit is he's called people morons and got 5 rep points for it!!! Owlstalk for you.... Certainly a big miss when he doesn't play however Jones has done ok in his absence and a Bannan/Hutchinson midfield 2 allow room for 2 proper wingers to play in a 442 - arguably a reason for our excellent form in the 2nd half of the season? But if we're naming the first 4/5 names on the team sheet or the first 4 names I would have picked to start the play off semi (assuming everyone was fit & based on recent form) Westwood, Lees, Hooper, Forestieri & Hutchinson. The future of the team regardless of weather CC stays or goes I imagine either one of Bannan or Lee will be dropped from the first team.
  6. Is he 5th, 6th or maybe even 7th choice striker now?!?! Needs to be sold whilst he's still under contract and whilst we might be able to recoup some of what he was bought for.
  7. 1-Hourihane 2-Bannan 3-Lee I see what you mean about play style and him being a more complete midfielder than i've given him credit for. But in that Barnsley side as the players around him weren't as good maybe in a more well rounded team his effectiveness would be limited?
  8. Good post. Shame that we will likely never see a 433 under CC - even if we signed Hourihane a system would never ever work with him on the pitch at the same time as BB & Lee. Even in a 442 he would have to partner Hutchinson as he's more attacking than Lee/BB and would leave the others too exposed if we're to see him playing at his potential (which would also never happen as CC will never drop BB or Lee). If we did manage to sign 2 more wingers who could play a 433, i'm not sure i'd have Hourihane in a midfield 3 over Hutch/Lee/BB anyway! Would only sign him if we changed managers to open the door for an attacking CAM to have a commanding role in the team unless Abdi turns out to be the messiah everyone seems to think he is. Disagree with you today Student! Hourihane is a better goal scorer i'll give you that, but they are completely different types of midfielders as @19owl08 mentions he nails BB down to a tee. A fairer comparison would be who would you rather have out of Lee & Hourihane? Worth noting that Hourihane has had only 1 season in the Championship, most of which he was the 'star man' in an average team playing to all his strengths, according to transfer market 16/17 season; Hourihane 42 apps 7 goals Lee 26 apps 5 goals Izzy Brown 35 apps 7 goals
  9. Size means nothing in Italian football, they all grow up learning how to play that defensive role perfectly and not relying on physicality, they are far superior to any English defender, light years ahead tactically & footballing ability wise - can't apply those concepts to the Championship. As much as we need to replace Loovens I don't think Hutchinson is the answer long term. We seriously miss Loovens height and strength at the back when he doesn't play, I think Hutchinson could do a job there in a back 3 perhaps but i'd rather see us sign a younger, stronger, taller CB - according to wiki' Hutchinson 5'11 Lees 6'1 Loovens 6'3 When you look at the rest of our side being pretty small as well, having only one outfield player above 6 ft would make us very vulnerable at set piece plays and the classic hoofball tactic..which happen to be many Championship sides speciality.
  10. Assuming CC stays & strictly talking about attacking changes i'd like to see us make, we aren't going to buy any more strikers unless we sell some first, I would personally like to see; In Abraham Jota Out Rhodes Matias Joao Nuhiu McGugan If we could send Rhodes back to Boro or recoup the £9million we paid for him from somebody else we should 100% do it, then along with smaller fees we could get for the riff raff' of players that are still under contract + a little bit more investment from DC that could happen. Brown is overrated and we all know CAM's will never flourish in our side, the money we spent on Rhodes we could have coped Abraham for, younger, quicker and sharper would be a much bigger asset than Rhodes. Hutchinson Bannan Jota FF Abraham Hooper Attacking options of Wallace, Reach, Lee, Fletcher, Winnall all to come off the bench. If we could get good money for the likes of Winnall I wouldn't mind seeing him go in place of a JJ esc type winger (only better) somebody with lightening pace that gives us another dynamic to our attacking options. Jota is a similar type of player to Wallace Interesting point that all the wingers we have brought in under CC's reign have struggled, McGeady,Matias,Buckley,Macca and even Reach to an extent have all been underwhelming.
  11. I was about to post this haha. Yeah essentially a less angrier slighter better version of good old C-Mac, might just be quicker than Nuhiu.
  12. Nice meaty post! Good point about the FFP, I think unless we sold a 2 or 3 first team standard players we won't be able to bring in another mega signing like Rhodes. I'd be interested to know what our budget is for the summer, pure speculation here but I think £10million would be enough to get us 3 Championship quality LB, CB and RW. Agree with you 100% about Rhodes, it just hasn't worked with him here. On paper he's maybe the perfect striker for this division given his history, but his play style is almost identical to Fletcher, Hooper and Winnalls - just a better finisher. We don't need 4 strikers that are similar, we need a range of different talent up front and Hooper for me aside form being 1/3 of the price is a much better fit and we don't need 2 of the same. It all depends on the managerial situation, I think CC will leave and whoever bring in might decide to make some big changes tactically. Like you mention I can't see Rhodes/Fletcher/Hooper all staying for another year we at least one of those certain to be a sub. Even players like Forestieri could be on the transfer list, as much as I love FF it's sometimes hard to pinpoint his role in the team going forward. FF has struggled to find chemistry with Rhodes/Fletcher this season (Hooper/Fletcher is our most effective duo) and FF doesn't enjoy being forced into a wider role - arguably the best player we've had in years but for the good of the team would we be better off by selling for a good price and bringing in a quality winger? Surely we have a winning central midfield with Hutchinson/Lee/Bannan/Jones/Abdi I would even be interested to see Wallace in a CAM role. If we had better wingers we could even get away with playing a 433 which would be perfect for players like Hutchinson & Abdi. Either way it all depends on the managerial situation, but I would say regardless of what happens we need younger & quicker upgrades of Pudil/Loovens and a 5 years younger & quicker Ross Wallace.
  13. No. Jack Hunt has been one of our better players in recent weeks, more notably in both play offs legs he stood out more than any other defender for me. Pudil has been average this season so has Fox, their goal came from Pudil switching off and being exposed for his lack of pace. I do agree that we should have signed a more suitable replacement than Fox because teams have targeted Pudil's lack of pace time many times and again on Wednesday especially when Quanier came on it was obvious what DW was doing. Ridiculous to single out one position as the reason for our downfall, it's a team game and as a team on the whole we underwhelmed in all areas. People forget for the majority of the season both Hunt & Pudil/Fox have had a variety of wingers playing ahead of them, Bcukley, Macca, Reach, FF, Lee and even Bannan - that affects their performance massively, as we've seen the Hunt/Wallace combination was a crucial factor in our run in with both players consistently playing well together. I don't know if Fox is good enough to play in a promotion winning side and I think if Pudil stays at LB we're too vulnerable against quicker sides - although I would rather have Pudil over Fox i'd keep both as squad players and look to buy an upgrade in the summer.
  14. Westwood Hunt Lees NEW CB/Hutchinson NEW LB NEW RM Bannan/Lee/Hutchinson Bannan/Lee/Hutchinson NEW LM Hooper Fletcher/Forestieri Bench Wildsmith NEW CB/Hutchinson Jones Reach Wallace Winnall Rhodes I don't know, its hard to pinpoint exactly what we want/need given likely managerial changes, if we assume CC leaves it all depends on what formation the new manager likes and what players will fit into that formation. I'm sure based on the current squad we have theres a Championship winning team in there somewhere, we just need somebody that can find it without spending excessively more money. But I would say for definite we need a young CB partner for Lees, a LB thats quicker than Pudil but better than Fox, two proper wide men that aren't scared of taking people on with real quality on the ball and then possibly a big juggernaut powerhouse in midfield.
  15. Why I will always unconditionally admire Hutchinson. Score/miss/kick it through my car window it doesn't matter, in the pre peno huddle he was screaming at the lads, knew he was up for taking one and was so proud to be out there. Give me 11 players like that any day of the week, love that passion,