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  1. I cannot agree to that mate haha. Has the technique for sure and when he does score it is usually a screamer...but for all the times he scuffs it into the ground or takes too long and opts for a pass instead doesn't quite even it out! Best outside the box striker of the ball has to be Wallace, after that probably Hooper & FF.
  2. What a juicy team that is. Reluctantly on this occasion Holmowl I agree with you! As mentioned left hand side might be slightly exposed but on the flip side how lethal would Reach & Fessi be down the flank? Christ...
  3. Just signed a massive contract at West Ham less than 12 months ago...he's going nowhere, especially a lower division for less money. As much as I would like a player like Gradel to come in, I can't see it happening. CC will stick to 442, which means he likes his wingers who play hard both ends of the pitch, less flair and tricky more work rate and selfless play - hence why players like Macca, McGeady and Matias have all struggled. Undoubtedly good players, but in this system will never flourish, would just be the same if we brought in another type. I think FF has made it clear he doesn't want to be forced out wide to accommodate 2 strikers, so I think what will happen is we'll finish games this season or maybe even start the occasional home game with a front 6 like; Jones/Bannan/Hutchinson or Lee Boyd Reach FF Hooper Rhodes Boyd/Reach/Wallace are all able to drift inside and play that central role to a degree, just like all our CM options (expect probably Abdi) could play that anchor role dictating the pace of the game - although i'd probably want Bannan or Jones doing that ideally. We know CC likes to go all out attack if games aren't going in our favour so that formation above is something i'd be very excited to see!
  4. Get your point, but it doesn't fill me with confidence when 3 weeks before our first game of the season we have 1 fit CB and it's possible Pudil & Fox could both start. (Loovens & Hutchinson aren't fully fit & carrying knocks) We wasted no time at all in signing Boyd at the earliest possible opportunity? Granted Boyd isn't going to be as pivotal as a new CB to partner Lees (and he was out of contract) but there's good players out there and we know money isn't stopping us from bringing them in - what could it be?
  5. Yeah i'd be shocked if CC played anything but 442 for consecutive spells this season. For me it has to be; CM/CM - 2 of Lee/Bannan/Hutchinson/Jones/Abdi RM/LM - 2 of Boyd/Reach/Wallace/Matias/FF ST/ST - 2 of FF/Hooper/Rhodes/Fletcher/Winnall/Joao Where we've gone wrong in the past is when CC tries to force Bannan into LM, Abdi into RM, Hooper into RW...of course i'd like to see one or two new attacking signings come in even if on loan to give us some more options. But I think out of what we have got so far there is surely a top 4 team in that mix, maybe even top 2 if we find a system that works.
  6. I would much rather us bring in a loanee or pay a small fee for a well rounded LB. Reach doesn't want to play there and it hinders his development constantly being rotated between LM/LB...unless we switched to a 532 (unlikely) I would rather him battle Boyd or whoever else for that LM role. Plus I don't have confidence in either Fox/Pudil to be regular players in a top 2 side. With two proper wingers and if he forms a partnership with Rhodes, FF will be unplayable next season! If either Bannan, Lee or Abdi get forced into the side to play LM/RM think I'll give up all hope of promotion!... My thoughts too - however the wingers with pace we have had in the past, McGeady, Macca and Matias have all unperformed or not played for various reasons. I think the bigger picture is CC doesn't have time for 'flair' players who only play hard on one end of the pitch...unless we can find a relentless box to box, quick, explosive, attacker e,g like Antonio was I don't think CC will waste his time bringing in a player that he simply won't utilise.
  7. Is he good enough to build a promotion winning side around? I would like to see Abdi integrated into CC's favoured 442; so far (attacking wise) Boyd Abdi Lee Reach FF Hooper/Rhodes CC won't variate from 442, so this is what i'd like to see us play, both Reach/Boyd are hard workers and suit the 442 formation very very well, hopefully Reach will have a stronger season than last and Boyd is an upgrade on Wallace so we already look better. We have to try something new at the expensive of dropping a big name like Bannan, Hutchinson, Rhodes, Fletcher, Wallace maybe even Lee or FF.
  8. No, i'm not. Tell me how Boyd improves our strongest XI with options we didn't already have? Bringing in another winger similar to Wallace/Reach is fine, good on the ball, experienced in the Championship, hard worker etc etc, we already have those qualities in other players. Again, i'm not implying Boyd is a bad singing - all factors considered on a free and provided the wage demands aren't excessive he could be quite the bargain. What I am saying is that the qualities he brings to the team, we already have, he doesn't bring anything new. For example one major weakness in our attacking options is the serious lack of pace and threat on the counter, I would have liked a player that is more suited to doing that than Boyd is. We have to think about the bigger picture. I would have expected us to bring in a player just like Boyd before the transfer window began, that's why i'm not particular overwhelmed, he is a capable player at this level and will provide good competition to Wallace/Reach because he is at a similar level to they are if not a slight improvement. The point I'm making is we need types of players we don't already have and the type of players to make us go from a top 6 team to a top 2 - not solidify ourselves as a promotion contender make us outright favourites.
  9. Mediocre signing. Similar type of player to Reach, would have liked to have seen a more exciting/dynamic player to come in to play down the right, will be good competition for Wallace though. Gives us a stronger midfield 4 when playing with Boyd/Reach on the flanks, two hard workers who will put a shift in both sides of the pitch.
  10. As it stands right now I think this seasons competition looks the weakest it has ever been over the last 3 seasons. Usually the relegated PL sides look a threat but Hull & Sunderland look so poor, both have slowly lost the better players they had over the past 12 months, both have appointed in my opinion managers who won't get them top 6 and both teams lack real quality players. Middlesborough have done the right thing by keeping the same squad together that got them promoted a season ago, with a few additions and a good manager in Monk who knows the league i'm sure they will be inside the top 4 at least. Our closest competition from last season; Leeds have lost their manager, Derby are about to loose Ince (their best player) and already lost Hughes and Reading/Fulham although still good sides I don't feel they have the spending power we do to make the step up from a top 6 team to a top 2. All this means to me is that Chansiri HAS to make crucial signings this summer, if we bring in another quality CB to partner Lees and a direct & pacey winger that's really the only vital signings we have to make to give top 2 a real go. We already have a good squad, I would be more confident if we signed another LB as well but can't see us spending big on 3 players. If we don't sign the right players it will just be another play off gamble.
  11. Agreed, we haven't played anything but 442 or slight variations of that under CC's 2 year spell, unless he makes drastic formation/tactical changes we will never see the best of players like Abdi.
  12. The modern game is becoming so commercial now, the very last thing you could imagine at a Premier League fixture is standing areas. When you think about it how many women or children would want to be in a standing zone? Arguably even some of your teenage fans would rather be sat down too. Too much stigma associated with 'standing sections' anyway, if you were to ask the overall % of Wednesday fans that go to 5+ matches a season, how many would say they'd rather be stood up than sat down for 90 minutes? Not very many or not enough that will regularly attend matches to make a large standing area sustainable e,g the Kop. Then when you factor in most of those fans won't be of the younger generation, over time your numbers are already dwindling. in short; never gonna happen.
  13. All things considered he's actually done pretty well for himself, by the looks of it he would struggle to get into a conference side and if that was me for better pay and the American lifestyle course you'd try your luck overseas, fair play to the lad. I honestly know so little about how 'good' our youth players may or may not be, I know Hirst is touted to be pretty decent but I can't help but think if Stobbs was really able to cut it at this level he'd already be making sub appearances at the least. Sounds silly but even at 20 you see these younger players playing regular football at the top levels - maybe all these new contracts are just glorified well done's?
  14. Hutchinson hands down for me, has all the qualities you want in a leader, most passionate player i've seen in years at S6 and LOVES a good tackle. I would only reconsider if our core team this year doesn't have him in it, for example if CC sticks with 442 and plays Lee/Bannan in the middle and Lee + a new singing at CB. Not sure who i'd give it to then, don't think Lees is vocal enough and doesn't strike me as the 'leader' type, probably Westwood is the next best candidate or Fletcher. However if we switch to a formation like a 4141, 4231 or maybe even a 532 where he could flourish as a CDM or sweeper CB I would absolutely love to see him wearing the captains armband.
  15. What Tom Lees asks himself 20 times a game?