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  1. Just going to bed in Melbourne, alarm set for 4.30. Did same this morning to double check stream on Reading Fulham and get myself tired for early night, still probably won't sleep!
  2. Exactly this, Huddersfield won't be easy. Too many acting like we're all ready at Wembley. We have the potential to go all the way but it's knock out football now and anything can happen. Nervous as hell!
  3. Bein sports Australia is showing Forest, Brighton and Blackburn games on 3 channels. My kodi has not been reliable since they started clamping down so looks like I'll watch one of these and follow us on here!
  4. Leeds is lunchtime kick off UK? Thought it was on 23.30 Saturday night in Melbourne.
  5. Think it will be on bein2, previous games have been. If you find a bar in cbd I'd be up for watching with likeminded souls.
  6. Just arrived in Melbourne, currently living in Docklands area. Any fellow Owls out here who will be watching the Leeds game somewhere?
  7. Any Oz (Melbourne) based Owls know of anywhere to watch this close to the city?
  8. heard a lass in the shop say the North was sold out to a caller. Don't know if it is or isn't but why would they have stopped selling tickets if they were still available?