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  1. As usual I've just caught up in the last few days to a week of posts in this thread. Again there is nothing tangible linking us with anyone, however i got to read emergence of new psychotic poster called Geoffrey. I'm really hoping it's just Neil for his sake though. I understand why, but flip me this is one boring pre season
  2. At least he can use his tears as lube
  3. I was fully expecting opening a daily mash satire type thread when I opened this.
  4. With pre season upon us it's time to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh. We have many quality players who for a number of reasons didn't play to their full ability or potential last season. Many players with either long term injuries and others who seemed to constantly have niggles. The fitness levels of too many players seemed off this season too. With the new medical staff coming in hopefully it will see a change to all of this. I'm not one to blindly support the club and players without criticism, but if there is a time to be optimistic its pre season. Whether it's been down to injuries, fitness, underperformance, attitude, pre season is a fresh start, for everyone, including management and staff. Players such as Abdi, Rhodes, Mathias, Hooper, , Lee, Pudil, Joao, Forestieri, Hutchinson, Melo and others I may have missed could be like new signings. Let's at least give it a month or two before we do the usual and slag players off.
  5. Tough choice, depends on what in having. Can't beat a kebab n chips with mayo, it's bloody delicious. However if we are talking a cold sandwich it's got to be salad cream. I also feel brown sauce needs a shout out. Very underrated and could imagine having a bacon or sausage buttie without it. Out if the two I think mayo just shades it. Not as much flavour as salad cream but compliments food better.
  6. Well on a very boring Sunday I've just caught up with the last 40 pages. What a load of poo and a waste of time. Can't you all at least go back discussing which is better, mayonnaise or salad cream!? At least that was interesting.
  7. Decent result. Very good performance in terms of nullifying the opposition. Everything else about the performance was poor and negative in my opinion though.
  8. Westwood - 8 - my MOTM just for the one key save. Keeps us at 0-0 for the second leg. Hunt - 6 - average game, beaten too easily a few times. Did look our only outlet most if the match despite doing nothing with the ball. Loovens - 4 - two big errors that should have been punished by Huddersfield. Disappointed with him today, although I bet others disagree with me. Lees - 8 - runner up for MOTM. Solid, win most things in the air and a couple of crucial clearances. Wish him and Loovens were capable of carrying the ball 10-20 yards just so the midfield doesn't have to drop so deep. Wallace - 5 - did a job defensively and that's it. Reach - 5 - same as Wallace Lee - 5 - feel in being generous, thought he was poor today. Bannan - 5 -same as Lee Fletcher - 4 - isolated, can't really blame him too much but was a poor performance, ball just didn't stick. Forestieri - 5 - contributed defensively changing down and winning the odd ball. Offered nothing going forward. all subs 5-6. Offered nothing really. As a defensive team performance if give it 8/10. Frustrated them and didn't give much up, but there was no desire to keep the ball, win second balls. We looked poor today. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wearing the old blue and white tinted specs. I know the game plan was to stifle them, But to not even create a half chance in 90 minutes is awful. Any chance we had to counter or put pressure on the ball we didn't take, just went backwards. Decent result, us in the driving seat, but what a poor performance and had Huddersfield had more up top we'd have lost that game
  9. Answer is in this small article i I posted it in another thread. Basically the minimum from TV revenue will be £97m. That is for finishing bottom, figure increases dependant on a couple of things which are explained in the link. Just remember that's solely TV money. All our revenue will go up, ticket sales (although less games), merchandise, sponsorship etc. Another thing to point out would be our presence abroad. We already have links with Thailand with our chairman. I would only assume that will grow much larger.
  10. Please read this. It's was £60m years ago. You're pretty much looking at £100m minimum a season just in tv money and that's if you finish bottom. It's very good how it breaks it down and shows where the money is from and how it's distributed.
  11. Simple answer up until the last season or two is that we've been sh*t for nearly 2 decades. Most teams didn't lose to us in the championship. Then there's also the fact he is a very good manager at this level. He gets the best out of what he has. Take Rotherham last year and compare it to this. Some me might think it's because he's a blade and he's really up for it, but I wouldn't agree with that. He comes across as a bloke who wants/needs to win no matter what. That wouldn't transcend into a bunch of players in a one of game who couldn't care less about Sheffield Wednesday.
  12. Its not so much this match but a few emailed I saw it were Barnsley away, Bristol city away, both who were in shocking form. Then games like Blackburn and Wigan at home. People saying tricky games and would take a point. Most games in this league are a potential banana skin, but we should have the quality to be anyone. There had not been one game this season prior to kick off i'd take a point from and that won't change unless a point secures a playoff spot
  13. The amount of threads in which week in week out our fans would take a point staggers me. If our players had the defeatist mentality of some of our fans who are happy with mediocrity we'd finish every season with 46 points!
  14. I think the major problem with refs is there is no way in hell that they have played a game of football in their lives. Whether it's to a decent standard or just Sunday league. They use little common sense, don't know the rules. Don't seem to know what's natural for players to do, as in how they fall, what direction, don't pay attention to change in direction of the ball especially when keepers make a challenge. Let's me honest 90%+ are abysmal. I think if would only change if former players started to ref. Although that would never happen and nobody in the right mind would want to be a ref anyway.
  15. Quite harsh judging him a 3/10 in his first season. He has 8 league goals and a lack of game time (like Nuhui). I'll admit I expected much better from him, but the same couple be said for Rhodes, Winnall, Hopper (long injury in fairness). Whereas Nuhui has offered practically nothing in 2 years. All this 'he takes away a defender or two', any bloody striker (or player) attracts defenders too them. There are also plenty of forward around that can do what he does, but better and also offer a goal threat.