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  1. I heard he was signing for Dem Blavdes along with JT and Jaggs!!! ...
  2. We're signing Coolio!?!?!
  3. these the blokes?
  4. RIP Tony
  5. A cap for your bob cat
  6. I wanna tell you, I might as well do about a man called Dejphon Chansiri he comes from Thailand he's got some finance Chan-siri, Chan-siri, Chan-siri ...Great statement by the way! We'll come back stronger from this, bring on next season! UTO
  7. They've drank the last of the summer wine! ...bàstards!
  8. Tell me about it! My tongue in cheek thread about inspirational music for WEDNESDAY fans going into tonight's WEDNESDAY match on a WEDNESDAY got moved to the dressing room while the thread about READINGS pitch invasion stays in matchday
  9. Me neither, I put the old transformers movie on to fall asleep too as I've seen it 100's of times but now I really wanna listen to stan bush and put season 1 on! Also so found out ah lass hates transformers and Stan bush... so I really should consider a change in relationship status!
  10. Great OMDT Pauli! Hopefully one more to come after this So it comes down to this! The most important game of the season against a bunch of dog bothering throw pots and a smug as funk German! I hope we come out all guns blazing and attack from the off and don't give Huddersfield a chance as they could prove to be costly! Im going for a very nervy 2-1 to The Wednesday!... saying that I hope we smash them 5-0. RELEASE THE LLAMA! FOR ONE LAST TIME WERE GONNA RUIN UDDERS LIKE BAY RUINED PRIME! ONE SHALL STAND AND ONE SHALL FALL! COME ON WEDNESDAY! LETS SMASH THE BASTÂRDS!!!
  11. Surely thats Jim Phipps on right!
  12. I won't upset some posters by saying he doesn't exist! People have the right to believe in anything they want BUT maybe it's better for gods reputation if he doesn't exist. Forgot to add add best wishes to Bradley and his family.
  13. They are seriously rattled! making sunflower out to be a rational and reasonable poster takes some doing but they are managing it! ... I miss sunflower not seen him since 2012
  14. Don't forget Ranger too...
  15. What was said? Had a quick look on twitter but couldn't find owt