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  1. Your right!!! Sorry been drinking and wasn't thinking
  2. You ain't touching my soul perv... not without buying me dinner first, I'm a classy lad
  3. Did yours when you shoved your head up your arse? #bantz
  4. Needs its own thread this... not gonna bother though as it will be moved to oblivion section of Owlstalk after 10 minutes never to be seen again
  5. Loving all these digs at chansiri that how you run a proper football club... actually if look at Wednesday and uniteds accounts you may be in for a shock
  6. Cos were too busy playing it sideways and backwards nowadays...
  7. Disability and career? Me too! Who would of thought having epilepsy would be so beneficial!?
  8. *to the tune of Carlos...erm I mean Southgate had a dream. Fück off Wednesday band go and get a job instead of parping about and being a nöb You're taking the mick stop being a díck or you'll need a doctor to remove that drum stick awful attempt
  9. I don't think anyone is "too into Rotherham"
  10. I've stuck up for reach in the past as 5 mil is nothing in today's football but he was awful on Friday