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  1. Leeds though
  2. Looks like Barry Bannan!
  3. Great OMDT Pauli! I don't know if I'll be able to sleep properly tonight mainly because of mixture of excitement and nerves... but partly due to the fact I fell asleep on the sofa before match 1 and then again before match 2 in our 5 win run so I did the same for game 3,4 and 5 so it looks like I'm on the sofa before every game till we get to Wembley!.... superstitious?! Me!!!.... never just playing it safe honest COME ON WEDNESDAY!!! No píssing about waiting till we're a goal down before we think about attacking please, please, PLEASE be 5 nil up after 15 minutes and save me pulling my hair out! RELEASE THE LLAMA! AND SHOW UP T'OLD MICK HE'S GOT A WONKY NOSE THAT LOOKS LIKE A.... ....shovel has hit it (what did you think it was gonna be you mucky buggers?) UP THE MOTHERFLIPPIN' OWLS! WAWAW!
  4. Ian... Wow! i hope none of your loved ones are ever on the receiving end of "a decent man" like Ched Evans. I don't care if he was found "innocent" the man is a predator, a pervert, a cheater and a chancer he is scum and you'll never change my mind on this matter.
  5. Depends whether or not he stays outta premier inns! #bantzzzzz
  6. Wtf is this muppet on about? 500k for Ched Bundy is fücking awful business!
  7. I can't! I'm tied up in the back of Ronaldos van at hull docks!!
  8. Wilder getting píssy... summat tells me Ched Bundy isn't his signing
  9. "People don't remember who came second!" bet the pigs remember who came second in 2012
  10. That's known as a problematic floater!
  11. Speaking of ex pigs! wtf is that twát doing on the programme? Out of all the chesterfield players they could of chosen they choose this cheating, sloppy seconds wanting, seagull feeding repugnant moron!
  12. Superfragileabdiinjuredlegshavejustexploded
  13. Seen a lot of woman on Facebook sticking up for ched bundy, I can't get my head around it
  14. If ched didn't do what he did he would of been gone in January quicker than McCabe could say fairness in football! dont kid yourselves pigs you were lucky you had him for so long!