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  1. Sonny? Surprising, think you know somebody huh
  2. Not you Sonny uto my friend
  3. CC

    I've been banned from sections you didn't even know existed mate. Serious sections.
  4. CC

    I can
  5. CC

    It is to my liking though, enjoying it
  6. CC

    Yeah I know right? Just starting thread after thread praising Carlos over and over again. Wish they'd calm down a bit I do owls ya doin my friend uto
  7. CC

    Good game this
  8. CC

    Costello's Older Sibling Made Owls ya doins mum pregnant
  9. CC

    Often When Leeds Score You Are Dancing Only In your Nickers
  10. CC

  11. CC

    Oh What Lovely Selfies You Are Doing Often Irritating Nicky Weaver
  12. uto that bloke on the north
  13. You can't cos it's my intellectual property. I'll sue.