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  1. Dexter trusted Dan and now look. He's had his last egg sandwich.
  2. If there's one person you should ALWAYS trust, it's a drunk guy in a pub.
  3. Yeah just not matchday posters. Ugh imagine that.
  4. Welcome to Hillsborough George Boyd
  5. It's alright Costello my friend. I've decided to smash them up and burn the house down instead uto
  6. I can't I'm too busy. Building bunk beds ffs.
  7. He got pecked to death by chickens. Awful, just awful.
  8. You can't have an owlstalk podcast with no Dan
  9. Are you going to do my "make @dan27 cry" segment?
  10. So tru x
  11. Costello seems to be posting from the 1940's
  12. Says the guy using a "xxxx called" A phrase I last heard on a 20 year old Seinfeld episode.
  13. I bet that kid is a right mardy little fanny. Look at his face. I meant the one with the hat on, we already know the other one is.
  14. Rhodes scored 40 goals one season in a blue and white shirt WHAT NOW