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  1. I don't think he'll need to they will go like a tramp on chips!
  2. Very uncalled for!
  3. Mine: Project Manager Player/Manager: CC Reason: Carlos had a dream
  4. I'd much rather have the points on the board at this stage, masters of your own destiny!
  5. Hopefully they will put them in the lower and give Wednesday the West upper and let us fill the ground for a change
  6. We need to win our last 3 games keep the momentum going and gets the players in the right frame of mind for another 3 games and premier league heaven (hopefully)!
  7. The building was all singing what they had planning permission for and would have made my commute a lot easier from York! Tesco will probably have sold the land when the deal with the MoD fell through.
  8. The land was purchased by Tesco and there was going to be a new TA centre built on it but this was conditional on the Manor TAC being sold to Tesco, however this fell through in 2012 and 38 Signal Regiment is no more. They would have been the prime tenant with all of the other TA units moving in as well, but as far as I know Tesco still own the land.
  9. Covenants can be lifted if DC offered the correct money and reassurances or developed a green space on the current site there should be a way forward. I would not call Hillsborogh park beautiful far from it. As I've said in previous posts we should look for a brownfield site close by there are numerous one down clay wheels line for example which would offer all we need.
  10. I'm in Middlesbrough for the weekend and the Boro fans are realists and enjoying the ride their only gripe was Karanka's lack of adventure and stifling tactics.
  11. He was a class act but just couldn't settle in the area hence why he moved, but he could have set the league alight.
  12. I haven't lived in Sheffield for 25 years - the clues in the username! The argument is about road and rail links etc and parking. As already has been stated lots of people walk to the match and if you move us to where there is not a population base more people will drive and the east end of the city has bad road networks and many shops so traffic gridlock. Wednesday as I said earlier are a club on the up and will need to expand stadium and facilities et al, and I think the Liverpool model should be looked at, modern facilities in their traditional home embracing the local community and ethos. SCC are anti driving and anti car so the 60 minute drive thing goes totally against what they stand for and the Meadowhall business model is over 20 years old so DC will be looking at something much more modern.
  13. As you said it's a not feasible to move to the East End it offers little
  14. Where in the city centre could we build?
  15. Really? I beg to differ the NW has a far bigger catchment area and has far better facilities etc. The east end of the city is a proper hole and has been neglected since the 80s a trip down the Cliff is not what Wednesday fans want and this is unlikely to change. I would like to know what the East End can offer more than the NW, and it being closer to your house doesn't come into the equation.