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  1. Im here to whinge and im here to stay

    Smells of a pork fisherman!
  2. Winnall to Leeds

    This ^^^ FFS people take some drivel on what First springs into their minds!
  3. Chris Wood to Burnley, FF to Leeds?

    Any team will struggle to replace 20+ goals a season I'm chuffed to bits he's off as I live with loads of Leeds fans and it will be gloatsville Tennessee when he goes!
  4. So

    Can't we just enjoy a well earned three points and move forwards?
  5. your 1st game you went to

    Burnley on a cold Tuesday night I think in the 78/79 season sat in the North with my Dad.
  6. Daniel Pudil

    International player showing his pedigree long may it continue his attitude is first class and has been all his time here.
  7. Chris Wood to Burnley, FF to Leeds?

    I pay people to do that
  8. Chris Wood to Burnley, FF to Leeds?

    It's not speculation it's my opinion fornicate me it's gospel then
  9. Abdi

    Everyone is an expert now on player recruitment and SWFC medical procedures before signing a player - do me a favour!
  10. Abdi

    Players don't intentionally get injured - he has just been unlucky and he has been working hard to get over this knock but it could take another operation to put him right. With regards to passing a medical he will have had a very stringent one as like in most businesses its called due diligence on a huge outlay and it will have been done correctly.
  11. Carlos Out

    Bringing Winall on was bobbar - oh he scored bellend
  12. George Hirst send him out on loan

    Hayden White and look what happened to him - was when Dave Jones had us I think.
  13. The Chairman is trying to fetch our club albeit kicking and screaming into the 21st century, I agree he shouldn't be allowed to trample over a century's worth of tradition but the kit will come back to stripes in a season or so. The rest of what he has done for our club can only be commended, the business model needed changing and he is doing it season by season, the simple fact is the club does not currently generate enough revenue excluding home matches. He will be exploring a business model that generates income 7 days a week and for over 48 weeks a year, look at what Lancashire Cricket Club have done albeit Hillsborough is not a prime site for a hotel. The retail outlets and corporate side of the business need to come online but I think this is dependent on promotion and premier league income. All in all our club Chairman is doing a fantastic job after being here for only 2 seasons.
  14. I like your post but the Chairman doesn't need forgiveness for anything