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  1. I'll meet you there! 20 minutes for me!
  2. Let's all wait and see what happens, I know we're all keen but I think there will be some surprises in the window, both ins and outs.
  3. I agree 100% but I honestly think the final push for the top 2 is in our players and manager's top 2% their mindset and attitude.
  4. He's managed in Turkey FFS where football is life and death especially in Istanbul!
  5. He's a proven international who is consistent and hard working, would provide the ammo and stability that is required in our midfield.
  6. I was sat in the North on an icy Tuesday night and it happened about 20 yards in front of me, there were only a few thousand in the ground and you could hear the snap!
  7. Agreed but giving him injections when he wasn't ready was what set tendonitis in and the rest is history.
  8. Too many on here talk utter tosh!
  9. I don't agree - we need to ensure he's given opportunities here or he, will slip between our fingers and quite possibly be the biggest transfer mistake sine we let Di Canio go for peanuts.
  10. Let's face it if Big Dave is ahead of him in the pecking order we need to be asking why, he should be in the match day squad to gain that experience to further his development.
  11. Agree 100% he could offer us something very different and let's face it deserves his chance after proving he wants it all season.
  12. I think it's gone past that pal, if he scores a few more this tournament we have to give him game time, otherwise he's gone.
  13. We have got rid of some dead wood now shift the rest Melo, McGugan etc.
  14. Over the past week the English media have linked Carvalhal with potentially taking over at Norwich City, Watford, and Porto. Whilst they may have a better hold on the first two clubs, it’s simply unreasonable to believe the English media know best who Porto are considering for their new manager, with there not even being a vacancy yet. At this stage, and over the past week, there’s been no talking up of Carvalhal to Porto coming from Portugal. Sure, the English reports have been covered, but just in a matter of fact way, without them being given big weight or prominence in Portugal. If the Portuguese media thought Carvalhal was potentially on the verge of becoming Porto manager, it would be huge news. There are three daily sports newspaper in Portugal, with a wide circulation, and the links between media and clubs are very strong indeed. Seems like total paper talk link to story
  15. Yeah mate blame us - I drove a 500 mile round trip to go and watch my team play and got back at 0330 this morning! The atmosphere was nervy but we needed a fast start and it never materialised. With regards to their penalties bar the one Westwood saved the others were unstoppable.