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  1. Fox and Pudil

    You are the biggest flipping moaner in the world. Can we ban Wednesdayites who aren't from Sheffield
  2. Pre-empt

    There are no fake Piggy accounts; some Wednesdayites are just thick
  3. The largest unmanned station in the UK. Miles better than a few years ago; the area needs redeveloping though!
  4. 'Sit Anywhere' stands...

    Great idea. Would be tough when it's full though! You could put a sensor in each seat and link to an app to show which seats are free.
  5. Rhodes did alright today

    Has anyone ever said we need to sell to get someone in?
  6. Rhodes did alright today

    Why does that matter to you? And??? I don't think he has limited ability,I dont think we aren't playing to his strengths, I think he is lacking confidence. Why do we need to sell to get defender's in? (We do desperately need 2 CBs) Dont be childish...
  7. Jones does the work a professional footballer can see but most cannot.
  8. Rhodes did alright today

    Rhodes never had pace. It is simply a confidence issue. The pressure of carrying a big price tag after what most would think was a failure. The best thing to do is start with Hooper, Fletcher and Winnall for now. Take the pressure off the lad, when he scores he will be fine.... Hillsborough is a notoriously tough place to play if your not doing well...
  9. Sean Raggett

    Is O'Grady ready? @KivoOwl @scram @malek
  10. U23 Title defence starts today

    Maybe he's in the squad for Wednesday!!!
  11. Sean Raggett

    People are saying we should sell Joao because he's too old to be a prospect them saying we should buy this lad. @darra the logic is sound. No idea about the lad but it makes sense on paoer. Would love to see Hirst at Lincoln. Proper club
  12. Goals Celebration - Winnal V QPR

    Just watched this again and have no idea how you have imagined this fantasy?
  13. Sean Raggett

    Is he better than O'Grady?
  14. Goals Celebration - Winnal V QPR

    Are you a 13 year old girl? Jesus....
  15. Goals Celebration - Winnal V QPR

    Are you serious?