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  1. Agree I think most graffiti gets a bad name because of the 1000's of low quality efforts mainly done by kids. Tags are the worst..... Some are great though :D
  2. Would love some high quality owl graffit around Sheffield / S6
  3. What is stopping a club from negotiating their own rights? Presume it's in the EFL contract? Same goes for the website template Ideally you'd have Season Ticket - Seat at all games and a stream to all games Online season ticket - a stream to all games Away Online season ticket - a stream to all away games PPV - pay per game, all games streamed On the back of the viewing / attendance figures you then build relevant marketing channels as its very targeted and a large number...
  4. Move over grandad....
  5. The design is superb. Real classy..... Now do us a hooped home shirt for the 150 and were laughing :)
  6. You lost pal; get over it @Karl s is superior in every way
  7. Yes, 35
  8. It doesn't matter if nobody lives there... Sheffield City region is c.1.8M;Tyne & Wear has c.1.2. The majority of which support Newcastle
  9. Why does everyone care about history so much? The Sheffield Metro area easily has a population that could get 50k+ crowds. We just need to work on the youngsters...
  10. It's only too big if you lack business sense / vision and care about daft % ratios....
  11. + = Soz hard
  12. Hillsborough & Elland Road are the worst places when the teams are doing poorly; completely toxic...
  13. Should be a tenner....
  14. Would love to see any youngster get a game... Can't be any worse than Sasso