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  1. Hallam Vs Sheffield FC???
  2. Sheffield is perfect for his family who are in Manchester
  3. Most people are tied into supporting their club through family connections. If you are a first/ second generation immigrant then you may not have these ties. It is far easier to watch a Man U / Chelsea game (On Sky) for free than it is Wednesday. Therefore when choosing your football club you'd be more likely to support one of these clubs. When we played Arsenal last year I noticed a different demographic; the crowd was far more mixed...
  4. He said he was gonna 'bray' you in the Dressing Room too....
  5. I was thinking this earlier. The Prem is is dire need of getting some big clubs back Villa, Leeds, Forest etc... Outside the top 6 it's not that exciting
  6. Are you the most paranoid man on the planet? Drama queen
  7. I'd love to loan him out to a conference / conference north team next year;; get him some experience against men
  8. I like that the blue is faintly striped Still wanted a hooped kit for next year given it was our first ever kit. Purely as a one off for the 150 of course then back to proper stripes!
  9. They need to spend a lot of money to stay up IMO. I think if you looked through their team only 2 would get anywhere near any of the other top 6 teams. Wagner is a genius for what he has done there... I hope they do stay up for a few seasons; the whole town is buzzing. The amount of Liverpool/ Man U fans there who are now Hudders fans is hilarious though.
  10. It can be whatever you want it to be. I was thining more of a roof terrace for a bar but why not?
  11. I added a building on the Wednesdayite car park after a few requests. Just an idea of what could be.....
  12. Not sure its obvious by the pictures but it's not flat to Penistone roads on the images; it takes that into consideration............
  13. I would love to do that but I only picked it up t'other day and I dont think my skill set is there yet!
  14. I don't get it... It's just a drawing of what our stadium could look like by a fan.