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  1. Is it out yet ? I go on my jollies Monday.
  2. Have we signed anybody yet ?
  3. On my way home now from Glastonbury. Didn't see a single Wednesday flag or shirt all weekend. Just saying like.
  4. If he can get the right blend of his first seasons cavalier football & the negative defensive football of this season then I'd give him another go. If not go for someone like Wagner (if Huddersfield fail) or Heckingbottom or Smith at Brentford.
  5. This. Also wouldn't have fancied being hero or villain against his former club. The fact FF took one after his poor Brighton effort pains me more.
  6. You managed to sleep !
  7. This would be brilliant.
  8. The Donkey would do a better job.
  9. Poor old John Helm couldn't say Wednesday to save his life. "And it's a goal for Sheffield Wenduzdayyy.
  10. All greyed out & ive not renewed my ST seat yet. Aagghh.
  11. I love you Wednesday to the tune of You're just to good to be true is cringeworthy IMO.
  12. Don't think we were that 5h1t in 66. Also seen some right 5h1t playing in stripes. As long as it's blue n white i'm ok with it.
  13. Rickygoo. How can you not trust a chairman who has taken us from near obscurity into a team to be respected, challenging at the right end of the table. The prices were raised to pay for better footballers. Maybe you'd be happy just plodding along mid table or worse as long as we're in our mostly worn strip of blue & white stripes but I for one am not. And as already been said, the new strip has been worn before. And don't start me on "we were rubbish in that kit" cos didn't we get to Wembley in it ? And I've seen some right rubbish playing in stripes, Chester at home in front of 6000 anyone. He's not changed that much & he's trying to get us to the premier league. Yeah he obviously wants to make money out of it but so what. I still believe he has our interests at heart. Moan moan moan. WAWAW ( arn't we ? )
  14. As long as it's blue & white does it really matter. It's not as if we haven't had this kit before either. Maybe the thinking is a solid blue ( with white ) would even look smart when not worn on a match day. Also more women would wear it because unlike stripes, it would give them a slimmer appearance. ( maybe, who knows) So chill out peeps. It will sell bucket loads.
  15. It is still my belief Hillsborough would not have happened if Forest fans had been given the Lepp.