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  1. And then went to bloody score against us
  2. Been injured hasn't he. Am sure he'll be reyt after a month of pre-season training
  3. No they don't, only when the Premier match is on BT. They could switch it to Sunday, even if there is a match on about 2, but there is only the 4pm match on sky so if we are on sky, we'll be playing on Sunday, although probably still around midday.
  4. Envious of the Blades?? 111 is impressive. Will do this now, but didn't this used to be on Facebook? The site has not recognised my e-mail so will have to start from scratch. I reckon I've got about 60, but maybe 50 will be active grounds. Upton Park, WHL, Millmoor, The Dell and probably more are grounds I've been to where I haven't been to the new grounds yet
  5. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Legend! I had just turned 7 when we signed him and I remember the buzz that we had signed him. When on holiday, I spent all day playing football pretending to be Waddle scoring loads of goals. Despite the hype he didn't disappoint at all!
  6. Needs a law change. At least it does for Premiership clubs at least as West Brom are interested but they need it to go through parliament
  7. That's a Northern Ireland badge right. He's never played for them. Surely a fake picture?
  8. Yup definitely, he's no Chris Adamson
  9. I'm not sure why the OP is getting so much stick. Two months ago it was hard to find a Carlos fan. I got negged to roger for sticking up for him after the reading match. But questions need to be asked. Why are we not playing as well? Why are the new players not being played or being brought in for loads of money? Why did we get outplayed by Huddersfield? I'm not sure if he should go or not but Chansiri will have similar questions I'm sure
  10. Reading have announed the details. Without looking at last year, the prices look similar if not the same. 2 tickets per season ticket for them. Somehow I don't think we will offer the same if it is us that they play
  11. And I was 20 then but have been very nervous many times. Just like I am tomorrow. Couldn't keep still when we played the second leg against Brighton last year. Age doesn't come into it
  12. What happened to this?
  13. Finally. Took over 2 hours but got tickets. Got a screenshot too. Comparing to the one before, a few more red blocks but still a few tickets left
  14. No. But you could get 2 tickets per ID last year. I don't think this will make general sale either. In a queue... down to 800-odd from 1200. I thought the club may have learnt from last season to try to improve things. Obviously not