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  1. In a way he's right that we didn't have many chances, although they didn't either. He' trying to talk their performance up which every manager does. And his tactics are typical Warnock away from home. Not pretty, but I think the reason why it's being made a big deal is because its Warnock. Many other teams have come to Hillsborough this year and done the same. Burton the most recent example. The issue I have though is "When they put Rhodes and Forestieri on, we haven't spent a penny. You look at the sort of money they've spent". There was a thread on here a few days ago on finances linking to the Swiss Rambles blog or twitter. Cardiff have money. They have spent money. Yes Rhodes is recent, but they are still receiving parachute payments after spending loads in the Premier League and spending quite a bit the year they came down. In fact. look at last years wages. Not spent a penny??? Yeah right!
  2. And maybe that was the thinking all along? Especially on the 150th year
  3. Was manager of Notts County when they were in old Div 1 I think? We beat them at home I remember. Did we do the double?
  4. I'm sure he reffed the last home game we had against Newcastle, the 2-2 about 6 or 7 years ago? He had a shocker but did give us a generous goal. Think it was Varney jumping with Harper. Thought he would give a foul but let it stand
  5. Well, it is. It looks bad now, but if we go on a good run now it will be forgivable. We are still on the average top 6, which is also what we finished on last season
  6. I bet you celebrated just as much as the Barnsley fans when they scored
  7. If we want an example of where getting rid of the manager close to the end of the season and it going wrong we only have to look at the other side of the city. Sacking Wilson when they wanted to be in the top 2. The theory being that they would go on a good run to get in the top 2. They didn't. Finished in the playoffs and were rubbish and knocked out by Yeovil. There is no guarantees with getting rid of a manager and form turning around. We have every chance of getting at least 4 points in the next two matches which would be a good return for 2 away games. Let's stick with and get behind CV. At least till the end of the season.
  8. Forest Green have just scored. It starts with F. Fulham starts with F. So close!
  9. The accounts state they are due to investments in the playing squad. What do you think that means? Buying the players football boots??
  10. And so next season he would have a chance to use his team. Yes I know the argument is he has had this season, but I would still give him a chance next season. Maybe I would be in the minority. That's still talking as if this season is over. It's not. We still have a great chance to get in the top 6 this year
  11. Brighton haven't spent that big??
  12. No for me too. I think it would be absolutely barmy if he went now. I wouldn't want it, but could understand it if we don't win any of our next 2 games, but I would still want to give him next season even if we don't make the top 6
  13. Not really a good comparison is it? He managed his first team for what? 2 or 3 months? CC has been a manager for nearly 20 years. Look, my backing of Carlos isn't because of his credentials. It's because we are less than 2 months away from the end of the season. I don't think a change in manager will have a positive affect and the best chance we have is getting behind our manager now, who did such a good job last season, and getting our team into the playoffs and hopefully... hopefully promotion. It could still happen, very easily!
  14. There are many. Tonight people are just pissed off that we lost. But when the dust settles, when the adrenaline stops, a lot of Wednesday fans will still be behind CC. We win at Barnsley we will be back up there, whether Fulham win or not tomorrow. We have just a few games left and we are not in form but we could be by the time the playoffs come around. WAWAW. Come on FFS!