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  1. promoted to portugal top flight last season
  2. Is that MC Hammer
  3. Gilles de bilde JJ
  4. That was the best set I've ever watched at glastonbury, shame it ended so early.
  5. Foo fighters on now. Would love to see them live.
  6. Radiohead are terrible. Always turn the radio/TV off when they come on
  7. Feck feck feck feck hate this flipping game
  8. I was nice of Ipswich to model our kit for next season
  9. can't wait to get to Hillsborough today. Mum's mothers day present so we better win.
  10. Best - Jones or wickham Worst - Danny uchechi
  11. Holloway won't be able to concentrate on the game with Carlos 10 feet away from him.
  12. Didn't lavery do it in the leeds 6-0 game. Did anyone get a video of the ref getting punched in the face at the end of the celebration.
  13. Was he the player the ref had a word with for faking injury in the first few minutes at hillsborough.
  14. Cheers was hoping it was on Saturday at training ground.
  15. when and where is the game against united?