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  1. Does coaching badge training include dealing with tricky diplomacy with staff, players and chairmen?
  2. Thanks Tink, that's cheered me up
  3. If Carlos is staying I hope he re-evaluates this seasons playing style, doesn't stick with his favoured few and considers playing other players (in their right positions).
  4. Credit to him and the other pen takers last night. Not everyone could step up to the plate under that pressure. I hope he doesn't blame himself for us missing out. That wasn't the reason we've not been promoted.
  5. Without the ManU groupies next season, we'll have more Saturday 3:00pm kick-offs, it'll be easier to park, they'll be more chance of getting a pint at half-time and the drive home will be easier.
  6. Not any more
  7. I hope he's OK. I saw a few people with walking sticks struggling up/down stairs to get off the stand. I do wonder why elderly/unsteady people don't just stay in their seat for another 5 minutes until crowds clear.
  8. If I click Report on this post will it remove it and stop people making the same comment on it?
  9. Cheers mate. Bye.
  10. I suspect from what Carlos said on RS tonight,that we'll have to sell some to meet FFP
  11. We needed to build on the team, but had a scatter gun approach to buying individuals. Who spends £10m on a player and then doesn't play to his strengths?
  12. I still can't believe he brought Nuhiu on instead of Winnall
  13. They can have him for 10b. That'd make me a multi-millionaire, as a shareholder. Oh wait, doh.
  14. Someone was having a laugh when they called their escalator company "Schindlers Lifts"
  15. Could we loan him out on a game-by-game basis to whoever United are playing each week? He'd frustrate the hell out of 'em.