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  1. Mostly ST holders near me. The few empty seats don't seem to go on general sale. There's an aggressive, opinionated guy a few rows away that swears and curses our own players and fans throughout every match. My guess is that the club's had so many complaints that they reserves all empty seats near him rather than kick him out. Maybe SAG have made an exclusion zone around him.
  2. How's this thread going for you?
  3. Live table/scores makes exciting viewing today. Gaining 2 places with a goal.
  4. I'd be disappointed if I'd paid a ref to throw a game and still lost
  5. It's slightly better where I go on the South. They now have a queues each (one cash, one card only), but I'd still be surprised if they manage to serve more than 15 people each in the 5mins before and 15mins during half-time.
  6. True. Adding the contactless payment queues doesn't seem to have made much of an impact either. It's the pouring of the beer one-by-one that takes the time.
  7. I'm torn on the kit stripes. I'd love to move back to stripes in the future, but for the 150th, I'd be happy to see the Blackburn style design, if that is deemed to be the original kit.
  8. Quicker beer service. They promised to get it sorted, but you still have to queue 5mins before half time if you want a beer. When we have big crowds, it becomes pointless to try, so the club misses out on revenue.
  9. He's certainly mentioned he has a soft spot for Wednesday, due to following his cousin's team.
  10. He's a Wednesdayite too - His cousin (Nigel Worthington) used to bring him to matches.
  11. Honest question: How often do players from non-third world countries fail to get a work permit after being offered a job in English football clubs? I've worked in 5 other European countries, but also in the US and Singapore + got an-used Russian work permit without any issues. I don't imagine that work permits will be any more difficult for a club/company to organise.
  12. Did he play? For how long? Was he any good? Did his 18stones leave depression in the pitch?
  13. Maybe also ask who has actually seen a dozen or more games live this season?
  14. Where did I mention a particular song?