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  1. 1. Could be a factor 2 I seriously doubt the money has run dry 3 There are elements of this and I would suspect our recruitment is more targeted this season rather than a scattergun approach. We may have to wait for the season to start before we get some of our targets.
  2. Easy in theory I suppose but these 3 players on loan could solve a problem: Hanley Taunzebe Rolando Aarons
  3. Let's hope it's Zungu then
  4. Whilst I think Whelan is a decent player, I feel there was a lot of sentiment in wanting to re-sign him. Ledley as an example would probably be just as effective and is 4 years younger. Not sure if this Zungu lad is still a target but he looks like a proper box to box player.
  5. Reading signing Madou Barrow for 1.2 million. I think that's a good price. He's still only 25/26 and a very quick winger.
  6. Why are people making a big deal about him being taken to Portugal? He had a long season with the U23's and U18's, plus he played for England after the domestic season ended. Other than a bit of team bonding doesn't he deserve a rest?
  7. A pharaoh'd signing that
  8. Not enough knees in the world to go down on and pray we don't sign Hutton.
  9. They are being shipped over in Dolphin friendly boxes as we speak. We're all John West aren't we?
  10. Can hear the chant now to the tune of the FF one, "ohhhhhiii Omo...."ah balls
  11. BREAKING: @WestHamUtd close to agreeing deal with @stokecity to sign Marko Arnautovic - Sky sources. #SSN Might this rekindle the Snodgrass to us rumour?
  12. Have you seen the price of a wagon wheel these days?!!!
  13. I thought he was a fringe player
  14. Is Ledley King available
  15. I think Reach will be a much better player for us this season.