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  1. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    No coaching required, missing is second nature to that lad
  2. Info

    Thanks for the 'info' but we knew that already
  3. Boyd

    No negs yet......anyone that does neg this wants their lumps feeling. He has to be thinking "what have I done" and sacking his agent first thing tomorrow morning. Although no doubt he has a niggle etc
  4. Basher Beagrie love it. Sounds summat out of the Beano
  5. Is having too many strikers our problem?

    I was on about Carlos you know! Megson smiley might have been a poor choice
  6. So when do we class it as as bad start?

    And then Sasso is sent for again, making it a disastrous start
  7. Is this just me?

    Turn your bluetooth off, might save some battery power
  8. Is having too many strikers our problem?

    I think he needs to go down to his local Waterstones and purchase a copy of his own work to refresh his memory
  9. Is having too many strikers our problem?

    The problem is a manager who is failing to get the best out of a bunch of players he signed, whilst not addressing key areas (CB, RB). He still doesn't know which is his best 11 which is worrying
  10. Give him 10 games

    I'm afraid the damage will already have been done after those 10 games. We don't want to be playing catch up again same as the last two seasons. Carlos is a dead man walking already. If we don't pick up at least 4 points from our next 2 games the writing will be on the wall. I've no confidence in his ability to change the style of football we are playing. Change is needed, although Moyes isn't the answer as reported this morning in the sh*t rag the sun
  11. God No!!!!

  12. Dave Jones

    Almost???? I'd rather have a ghost playing instead of Jones, a ghost might make more of an impact
  13. What on earth do we do on Wednesday?

    Suffer for another 90 minutes
  14. Forestieri not in the squad

    This 100%
  15. Reach - Undropable?

    I still want change from 5 quid