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  1. He's like a wasp! In fact scratch that, wasps are useless and total b*stards
  2. Mike Ashley's accountant this morning
  3. I really think people would warm to them more if they got a saxophone. Blasting out Careless Whisper at the top of the Kop, enough to make the hairs at the back of your neck stand on end
  4. If winning four on the bounce is us getting nervous I can't wait to see what we'll do when fully confident
  5. Make your mind up! 3 positive moments, 5 positive moments, 10 positive moments! Which is it man!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Don't make negative posts on here after a win! Clap at all times
  7. Aye, forgot you can't be negative on here after a victory. Taboo innit
  8. We were outplayed up until we scored an offside goal, we then got a second which killed off a very poor team. We didn't even need to try the second half. Not a great deal of positives to take from tonight apart from Fletcher seems to have found his scoring boots.
  9. Jones is absolute gash, he offers nothing at all. What is he meant to be in the team to do?? Can't tackle, can't make an attacking pass, can't shoot. Not replacing Lee has killed our season
  10. Thing is Fulham have slipped up twice now, can't see us getting away with it again. Maybe the best thing for is is to drop to 7th and give them all something to think about
  11. It's a tricky one isn't it. Do we get someone in now to build for next season and basically 'throw the towel in' or keep him and hope for the best. I think he'll be gone at the end of the season regardless.
  12. Once Fulham win this afternoon it's going to be hard getting in the top 6. There really is nothing to be optimistic about. All that money we've pumped in and we're a shadow of the side from last season.