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  1. Reach can't tackle or head so how anyone thinks playing left back is a good idea i will never know. When i saw him play for Preston against us he played centre midfield and he looked like a world beater! Somewhere in midfield is his position. Happy to see glimpses of what he can do. I will wait until he is doing against the Villas, Boro's and Fulhams of this world though first. Keep it up Adam!
  2. Good point on him not being part of the Portugese trip. Would have been a nice experience for him. i really hope this doesnt end in tears!
  3. Nice guy but the amount of fouls he gives away and the times he is offside makes me sad inside. We need to be looking at better, it is that simple.
  4. I hope he enjoys crosses!
  5. My concern would be we will get another 30+ player on another long contract. We could end up with a squad full of 35 year olds in a few seasons. .... new physios are going to be busy if nothing else.
  6. If this was the case then why sign him! CC would rather play Bannan on the wing than give McManaman a go on the wing. His decisions are baffling sometimes. I hope he combines lessons learned in his first 2 seasons and get's us really firing next season.
  7. The question should be..... Can any new player be competitive in the Premier League?, if the answer is no then we walk away. How can we expect to be promoted with Championship journeymen like Keogh. Im expecting better, much better.
  8. The game that made it abundantly clear to me Reach isnt and never will be a full back was Wolves away last season. He was horrendous. He hasn't got the attributes or the heart to be a full back. I like Reach as a player but he is one of those players, where do you actually play him? He is a good footballer but there seems to be no position he excels at.
  9. Reach cannot tackle so im not sure he would be that good as a wing back. He also cannot head a ball. Infact defensively hes gash and going forward he has no pace. Reach would have to be used sparingly in that formation for me unless playing in one of the central midfield roles.
  10. Im all for this. It gets the most out of our attacking players for me. If we played this then we would need to buy less players this summer. 2 wing backs, 1 centre back and 1 very special attacking minded player. Abdi / FF playing behind the strickers and rotating the forwards based on form. So long as the wing backs are good, it could be a very exciting team to watch. Would CC go this way though, i would say absolutely not.
  11. You will see tomorrow. Wawaw.
  12. If FF goes then so be it, be nice to keep him but i don't think we should beg him to stay either. He owes us fans for some costly penalty misses and his toys being thrown out the pram which disrupted our season early doors. We have stuck by him through all that so if he wants to walk away from that then he doesnt deserve us. I will say this, playing FF up top was at the detriment to the team. Everyone knows he and the team play better when he is left. Two from Rhodes / Hooper / Fletcher up top! Up the owls!
  13. Speaks a lot of sense that Bradowl!! Wingers only on the wing too!!!
  14. 3000 away in Wigan on a Friday night isnt half bad.