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  1. Lets bring out the "we can now concentrate on the league"
  2. Tom Lawrence

  3. Give him 10 games

    The next game and then the next 9 in charge of the U18s might do but other than that, nope, it would be too late then
  4. The reason I didn't renew the ST, not enough 3pm Saturday games for me

    I would doth my cap to DC if I was to ever meet him and thank him from the bottom of my heart for the reassuringly expensive shirts and match tickets. God bless you sur
  6. I didn't go so I cannot justify commenting on how they played. Also, a bit pointless pointing this out too.
  7. My bro has iFollow in the USA but he can't find where it is on the site to view the match. Any idea?
  8. Actually there is a problem loading the page when going to the next page in a thread. Pulling the screen down refreshes and the page then loads straight away. Needs a coder looking at it, Neil you asked your guy yet?
  9. Thankfully, I'm weaned off that she-ite now/ Don't intend to start listening to it again.
  10. Danny batth

  11. Abdi Friendlies

    Is he injured yet?