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  1. Its changed since we were last there. A smaller club (like us nowadays) can be relatively successful there providing they use the TV money wisely
  2. And think how many extra tickets we would get
  3. Imagine us beating Reading over two legs and Hudds beating Fulham over two legs. I'd fancy us at Wemberley against Hudds.
  4. I'm not a gambler so will leave it up to someone on here that will know but isn't the odds a reflection on how much money has already been placed on a particular team?
  5. A loss against Fulham next week guarantees us 4th or 5th so no Fulham for us in the semis. What do you all think?
  6. Fulham definitely finish the season in 6th at best so I don't now want us to finish in 3rd
  7. Always think it late enough, somewhere in the world, so its a go-ahead from me
  8. dont want any rivals for playoffs winning. more options, more chances for us to grab a place.
  9. If so, its the first Welshman with a dee-dar accent
  10. But are they on here?