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  1. Thanks for trying to warm things up on here Whitey. These no-game weekends are awful. I do think we'll get the win, to take to toytown and stuff them
  2. A slow week on owlstalk
  3. They would play on different sides of the pitch
  4. .... punk? Well do you?
  5. ...... doesn't play for SWFC
  6. Big Dave too
  7. Do you really think the moaners want Wednesday to fail? Seems an odd opinion to me
  8. I'm not happy anymore and no longer clapping so it's a go from me
  9. Quick look on owlstalk, just got home. Think I'll stay off here for a few days. On the match, awful 1st half, reasonable 2nd half.
  10. He makes some sense though, he wants us to go for a win. None of this weak I'll take a draw rubbish. We're at home, attack.
  11. Its Jordan, not Will.
  12. Have us to finish seventh. Thoughts? http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-united/phil-hay-prediction-where-leeds-united-and-promotion-rivals-will-finish-in-the-2016-17-championship-table-1-8440522