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  1. Title would have been more interesting without the word 'in'
  2. not this one again
  3. Its great seeing lots of copies of this photo in this thread
  4. Not interested in watching any football til August
  5. I love a good Nixon thread
  6. I love playing Twister
  7. underwhelmed if true
  8. I've heard the playoffs will be in May
  9. I think that two years is enough. Thank the guy for his good work. Get another but not one of the 'nearly but not quite done it' managers, like that cockney ex Nucastle man for example. The team needs freshening up in midfield and defence, they've also had 2 years to produce.
  10. Sell or give away
  11. Poor baiting attempt I had thought but kudos, you got some bites.
  12. I like the guy and he's mostly been good for us but its time for an upgrade
  13. I might now be able to get this seasons home shirt for a tenner in a months time