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  1. F.ck me. Didn't realise it was life or death Rhodes/ nando then. My apologies
  2. Rhodes and nando/hooper
  3. Not sure those comments would go down too well in mansfield. As for Ashley house and cul de sac in mansfield. It's called shirebrook.
  4. Take my lads there when I can't get to the massive. Good little club.
  5. Do you mind , I live down here. How very dare you .
  6. Agree. We need to throw the kitchen sink at a quality centre half. We all know that but time is pushing on.
  7. Seems boro getting close at 4.5 m for Westwood. Thoughts ?
  8. Good signing this. I'm happy.
  9. Great servant for the club and still has some football ahead. Thanks Jose. Come back and see us bro you must.
  10. Not voting either. I have my own views but this won't help the club if someone like HTC gets hold of it and spews the usual journo crap. DC knows what he's doing.
  11. Often happens in big games, even internationals so lets not make this a JR bashing thread, often players who are not feeling it on the day don't have the confidence Which brings me onto Hutchinson , its all well and good gritting your teeth in the huddle etc then striking a feeble penalty when Nuhui who was obviously feeling confident wasn't given a pen, he is , as some say, a forward. We didn't really lose this on the shootout but over the 2 legs weren't good enough, particularly away where we offered nothing. We got what we deserved in the end... Nothing
  12. Dust settled for me and i said months ago if we didn't get up then he should go. Done a great job but came up short for me. Let's be honest we haven't played that well as a whole. Still think this, it's time for someone new with fresh ideas. Look at Huddersfield with Wagner on a budget. Lets take our time get the right man in. Player recruitment is the only issue with delaying it.
  13. Hamstring went. Big loss.
  14. Thought this was a big blow for us and affected our balance and also options from set pieces. I know he's not one of our big names but he's important and lethal when he cuts inside. That set the tone for a fairly drab show on the night.
  15. Agreed. Strange decision an for me one of his best games. Losing wallace was a big blow though early for me.