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  1. Oh no, I hope they don't do that.
  2. You're dead to me.
  3. Hi Sam I think I'm going to buy my ticket for this tomorrow, bbz.
  4. It might work in our favour if Forest play hardball on Lansbury so Villa are occupied there while we make sure Hourihane knows he's our number 1 and only target. I'm guessing we've been on him for a while as I was told the fee had been agreed. That was prior to the shitstorm Barnsley fans created about Winnall leaving though so maybe they decided they needed to delay it until they could source a replacement? I'm still confident that if he wants to play for us then we'll get it done.
  5. When's your birthday?
  6. I hope everyone, except us, has huge bidding war on Lansbury. I wouldn't want him here. Scores great goals, technically good but doesn't work that hard and you only get the best out of him if the team is built around him. He's basically the same player as McGugan. If we can nick in ahead of Villa for Hourihane then I think we'll only need a proper right back and we'll be golden.
  7. I'll tell you a funny story. Leeds used to be a giant motor show room called "Campions". They sold early model Fords. One of those early model Ford cars was called the "Europe". They had a big sign outside saying "Here at Campions, we sell the Europe".
  8. Rotherham are absolute jaffas
  9. I'd like McManaman in for the pace on the break. I'd expect Fletcher to play though - to help out at set pieces as much as anything.
  10. They are the best team in the league. I'd expect us to set up how we did at Newcastle with Hutch the centre of a back three when we don't have the ball. Palmer will play right back/wing back. Hopefully we play Winnall, McManaman and Forestieri as a front three and have three in the middle of the park.
  11. Erm, you mean you don't want to belittle his abilities just because he's a lovely "mascot" to have around cheering us on? Shame on you. Jose should wear the Ozzie Owl suit and get paid thousands to do it. He should also be a translator for any new Portuguese signing. He shouldn't play though, because he's rubbish. Also, I think what you meant to say was Sasso is worth keeping because he's so fit.
  12. We basically played like this first half at Newcastle and we looked good once we settled down. I'd love us to play like this. It would mean the midfield could rotate better. The only downside is it wouldn't suit mcmanaman who I really like. Unless he can play right wing back...
  14. "this is your mission should you choose to accept it"