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  1. There hasn't been a recruitment committee for about 2 years. It lasted about 6 weeks. Nothing like moaning though.
  2. I'm sure Adthe was wearing a different number in preseason. Fully expect a lot of them to change. Because money.
  3. Second goal is such a Fifa goal.
  5. The Huttster or Jabba
  6. Which is why Blackburn signed him and played him in midfield.
  7. No shaved legs either. Those bloody modern day footballers, eh.
  8. Look at that thigh definition on Warhurst.
  9. Just saw Kev down the training ground chatting to a club official. UTO Kev UTO
  10. And Dan. What a great guy.
  11. Predicted line-up:- Goals Goals Goals Goals Goals Goals Goals Goals Goals Goals Goals Subs:- Goals Goals Goals Goals Nuhiu
  12. This is a really good point and I hope he keeps playing this way as he looks like he could really develop into the player everyone hoped he would be when we spent five million on him as it seems that there is definitely a very good player in there be it at left back or left wing or maybe even centrally he looks like he's showing a lot more confidence now and could be an important part of the puzzle as long as he gets a good run in the side I think that this is going to be the season for Adam Reach to prove he's a top Championship performer
  13. Just sent this in;
  14. @southportdc having a lovely time down by the sea earlier today before he headed off to the game;
  15. Big Wednesday fan @Lee A is in Portugal and excited for the match to start. He just sent me this picture of himself;