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  1. Anything that has Hutch at centre back is a winner for me too.
  2. We played a back three at Newcastle. Played well.
  3. And it wont be any of them or an unknown foreigner.
  4. Both keepers. Stobbs. Five year deal for Sasso.
  6. Too many people seem to already be talking about next season, getting rid of players, getting rid of the new manager, etc. All I can think about is how devastated I feel about tonight. Highest position since we were relegated. Most points at this level. We've had a great season. But... It's so disappointing. It felt right this year. Last year was a bonus, we didn't expect to go up. This year felt like it was our year. Maybe the pressure got to the players as we didn't play well over the two legs. Thanks to Carlos for two great years. Great guy. UTO Kev UTO everyone
  7. Any Beltre gif is a winner.
  8. This for me. If he's fit he plays. If he's not it should be Rhodes and Fletcher. I don't really mind who is in midfield as long as one of them is Lee.
  9. When our hearts are pure and our minds are cleansed, then and only then will we be safe in the tie.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if we came out of the first leg with a deficit. Everyone on here seems incredibly confident that we'll roll them over. We won't. I'll take a draw now. There's no doubting we have more quality and more depth but they are a good team. Carlos will have us set up pretty cagily I think.
  11. I'm not sure I agree. This seems too obvious. We all know football is unpredictable and that Wagner doesn't like to do what people expect.
  12. Not many in the queue online now, lads.