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  1. I thought the REF was outstanding. The General
  2. Have changed it for you buddy! Hope this helps! The General
  3. £49 for a junior shirt is an absolute disgrace!!! shame on you SWFC The General
  4. Got a pair of shorts too, with number 4 on. Felt very sexy in them, The General
  5. For a good friend. Has cash available and will pick up. The General Pm only
  6. New Broom Pub, Rotherham 11.00am Park at Swiss Cottage few pints there and tube in, Wembley around 3pm The General
  7. me me me for the kids please The General
  8. No mate, 1 Ticket per ID Hope this helps The General
  9. Exact same happened to me, but for my kids -----Evil dad The General
  10. Bumpety-Bump The General
  11. And me please, Could use them for my kids xxx The General
  12. As I've never regostered the kids all the points are in my name. DM any spares...cheers The General