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  1. Potter
  2. What weather like up there been weeing down all morning down hear
  3. Unless the rule has changed away goals don't count
  4. What happened with hutch. injured?
  5. As Spencer says on Phoenix nights we'll s**t um
  6. I'm trying to be positive
  7. yep sounds about right
  8. It makes it even more special mate I bet half the lads that take the pee have never been to a game don't know what it is like to have a real love for a football Club
  9. I feel his pain I had it all though school and we really where poo then and being in a school down south didn't help I'm still Wednesday till I die allwase have been allwase will be my lad is 5 so it hasn't started for him yet and my other lad is only a week old UTO WAWAW
  10. The guy reporting for ssn was the same going on like Fulham where outplaying our first team
  11. Great game spent many hours playing I'm going to go and find mine now
  12. Thanks for all your kind messages baby and mum are both fine thanks dunno what's happened to the milkman