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  1. Yea must of or it's been changed because I'm pretty sure it was announced on os as a Tuesday.
  2. Sorry if the pope has croaked it but are we not playing Doncaster tonight or did I dream it. Not match day thread
  3. Was kinda hoping for this thread to go this way but Westwood themed.
  4. Can't argue with that I still think If we need to spend we will.
  5. We will pay a big fee if we need to IMO we need minor improvements but we need quality there not all gunna come for free and I think DC knows this we wont give up now and sign who we can on a free we are going for it this year whatever it takes
  6. Very strong competition from big Kev IMO pressman saved us from some very humiliating defeats in the dark days a truly fantastic and very underrated keeper IMO
  7. Rubbish has he got a buy out clause of 3m
  8. One will be moved
  9. Guy Branston was poo but a nut case
  10. Well this thread has gone off topic
  11. Don't understand why so many would get rid of bannan. Been a great player for us for a couple of seasons now.
  12. I think the good run was more to do with hooper coming back than Sam being out its creating clear cut chances we struggled with last yr our defensive record would suggest our poor form was more down to the attacking play than the defensive
  13. Disagree IMO Sam is one of the best midfielders in the championship and would be very hard to replace keeping him is a must
  14. I have big time