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  1. Boooooooo
  2. Any credibility?
  3. Was looking thinking I would never post this......... then I realised you nicked my user name
  4. Oh ok
  5. Why do we have to move our game then and not them or is it decided by the league
  6. I love fernando very very much and am so glad he has a extended contract But hutch is our best player
  7. The ferrett said tomorrow
  8. Dc

    Very lucky to have him when u look at some of the other takeovers its the first time for me I have genuine hope to see us back in the prem the players we have got at our club now I could only dream of a few years ago
  9. Thought the same mate not a word on us but all over Fulham.
  10. Thts for the Wallace haters game changer
  11. Dunno about bigger club than villa
  12. But everyone knows even heckingbottom has said he has gone so it's hardly a secret
  13. Off topic but watching the EFL cup semi final was waiting for someone to do a Wallace to Danial sturruge and his bit of paper still makes me laugh now
  14. Just finished work so need to catch up are we pretty sure this is done then looking at some of the posts??
  15. Comedy gold from dem blades. Bit rich ain't it