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  1. Not part of the sky sports package im guessing?
  2. There goes the cleen sheet not on tv would have liked to watch this one
  3. For Ireland Sorry if the popes crocked it I know it's only a friendly but hope he gets a clean sheet
  4. Yea normally says mix to if it is on hopefully for your sake it will change pal or get darn pub
  5. No mate looks like both ss1 and not mix
  6. Wow i like it that at least one person is on my level at this time of night top stuff
  7. Thank you sir
  8. How did you see the goal is it on live??
  9. A lot of people say they have problems with it. I personally have never had an issue with it and I use it every game I don't go to or watch on tv. Well worth the money if you can't get to games very often
  10. Top work agin Pauli come on Wednesday U.T.O F.T.B
  11. Imagine being a Fulham fan watching a player on loan from you rivals who you where about to leapfrog into a playoff spot score in the very last minute to totally ruin your evening.
  12. Lucus you beauty xxxxxx
  13. Yessssss sorry I'm late
  14. Be a tough game no pushovers in this league