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  1. Wallace. Not seen Buckley enough but he did well Vs. Reading.
  2. If you think the moaners want us to fail then you couldn't be more wrong.
  3. It's not right but teams can get away with it and the ref doesn't give a throw. Reading got a player booked after an hour for time wasting, could've easily had more.
  4. Service has been poor to put it mildly. Tactics haven't helped. Been a bit unfortunate with a few chances. Overall, as a team, we look no better.
  5. Promoted - Stays. Play-offs and not promoted - 50/50 split. Will have to hit the ground running fast if he stays. Outside top 6 - Has to go. Undefendable.
  6. Sunderland, Boro and Hull. Also hypothetically, you'd have to look at who'd come up from League One. United and Bolton seem favourites for top 2, play offs is anyones guess.
  7. The way we’re playing, we won’t finish in the play offs. We’re going backwards - slump in form (it’s now 4 points from 18.) Injuries have played their part and I’m not sure if the squad (and Carlos) can hack it. On the evidence of what I’ve seen, it’s difficult for me to have any sort of faith. There’s a lack of fight from the players and you can’t teach that. There’s a weak mentality in the camp and that comes down to the manager. No pressing, passing is really slow and no movement. Although when you take your creative players out - in our case Fernando - you’re always going to find It hard. We've got away with it all season and now it's starting to show. We're easy to play against and boring to watch. Apart from a select few games, we’ve not looked exciting. Carlos has 8 games to sort it out and prove me wrong or he's out of a job. I just can’t see him being here for another season if we don’t achieve top 6. DC surely won’t be happy given how much he’s put into the team. If we do make the play offs and not go up then it’s 50/50. It all comes down to DC and patience - he’s backed Carlos heavily with money. Will he want to do that again? There’s still time but it’s running out. Making a change now isn’t the solution. Reassess in May and take it from there. If he stays I'll back him, if not I'll be gutted but will move on. I love Carlos and for everything he’s done but weaknesses still haven’t been addressed from last season.
  8. #BringBackTheStripes
  9. We're only treated differently because of what happened in '89. SAG/SYP need to get with the times and give us control of what we can and can't sell. The allocation we're giving Newcastle is quite baffling. The only consolation we can look forward to is that if/when we go up, something will have to be done because of the demand.
  10. Come on Fernando. Quicker we get him back the better.
  11. Fulham 1-3 Wolves. LUCKY
  12. Oh here we go. Fulham get one back.
  13. 2-0 Wolves. So lucky.
  14. Unreal Wolves. How lucky are we?
  15. Not having that. Almost all of those came in the last 10 minutes, where were we for the first 80? It shouldn't be forgotten about. Can't start showing commitment late in the game and expect to get something. Been like it all season. Yes, their keeper had a blinder but it was awful to watch. We could’ve still been playing now and not scored. You could almost write the script. A slow start, we give away a poor goal then struggle to get back in it. It’s predictable. A late equaliser would've papered over the cracks of another tactically inept performance. Every time we’ve had a chance to push on, we’ve bottled it.