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  1. Extended his contract. Staying till summer 2019.
  2. Might think he has a chance getting into the USMNT for the CONCACAF Gold Cup in the summer...
  3. That put us 3-0 up and we managed to bottle it.
  4. Tommy Lee's miss though.
  5. Good luck to the lads. Shame it's not at Hillsborough, would've gone otherwise. Got some talent in there, no reason why we can't turn them over.
  6. Tbf, Kean and Melo are technically our players. Don't know what percentage of wages we're contributing to their loans. Still plenty of players that need to go, hopefully permanently. Carlos allured to it in his press conference today.
  7. I say get rid. Try and recoup as much money as we can to bring in a certain Mr Hourihane - he'll be out of Oakwell before the month is out.
  8. We should've been 4-0 down because they eventually scored! They were gone after our flukey goal. I do agree that all the pressure is on Brighton. If we play like we did at Newcastle, we've got every chance. It could suit us going there with little pressure, if any, to get a result.
  9. Even though he'd be a good addition, we're already covered at RB.
  10. Not expecting too much too soon from him but can only get better after that second half showing. Was encouraging to see him bring mobility up front which is something we've lacked all season.
  11. No Hooper which is interesting. Maybe a sign of inclusion on Friday?
  12. Needs to get off the wage bill. He doesn't even have a squad number.
  13. Wallace is here till 2018 anyway isn't he? Maybe keep Sasso as back up. Could also look at getting McManaman permanently if West Brom want to sell, and for the right fee. Semedo to stay as player-coach. Would be sad to see him go. Been a great asset to the club on and off the field. Rest can go. Also think Lachman's contract is up when he comes back from his loan spell in Holland.
  14. Play offs is the best we can hope for IMO. Top 2 isn't impossible but it's out of our hands. We can't rely on the likes of Brighton, Leeds etc faltering consistently. Would rather focus on what we do, other results will take care of themselves.