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  1. So much for the 4/5 signings that Carlos stated we needed. Comments like this shows we lack ambition in the transfer market to prepare a team ready for the new season. Good clubs get the players they want, and we're falling behind. To me, it looks like no more players will be coming in due to the mismanagement of keeping a lot of players we don't want or need but no we're "not a selling club." That's the mentality we have at the moment, and it stems from the top. If we do, it'll be a panic buy i.e resigning Sasso as we left it late to get anyone else. I really do question our recruitment policy, last seasons especially. Not one signing was a success. We massively overspent on Rhodes, a player we didn't need as other areas were more important.
  2. Would be a good addition but won't happen. Looks like he's going back to Fulham on loan.
  3. Ah well, at least he's 73 rated on FIFA!
  4. Hutton would be a waste. We're already covered at RB so signing him would make no sense unless we plan to get rid of Palmer. Not seen much of Mulgrew but should we be signing someone who was in a relegated side? If either or both happen, it's panic buying. Neither are better than we currently have.
  5. Fletcher and Hooper.
  6. Sums up our desperation for a CB when Pudil is there.
  7. We all see things differently so it's not too surprising. Whatever way I look at the midfield, I can't see a regular place for Bannan. There's no doubting his work rate but he doesn't work in a midfield alongside lee and definitely shouldn't be played on the left. Going on Carlos' thinking, I don't see Bannan getting dropped (unless he gets injured and I don't wish for that.) so I think it's going to be Bannan and one other every game. Personally I'd pick Abdi and Lee but I really can't see that happening.
  8. I fail to see what you're trying to prove... Last season, I think we signed 13 players and going on contribution, not one would be considered a success. £20m+ spent and we don't look any better. The spine of our strongest side were here before Carlos. Recruitment defines a club and ours has been horrific.
  9. I'm more concerned about the tactics/style of play. Nothing will change anything if it remains the same as last season. I'm also not surprised we haven't done our business early. Our recruitment policy is a joke. It's clear we need at least 1 CB - we needed one post-Wembley and we're still waiting. I honestly don't know if Carlos is in charge of transfers hence the "head coach" not "manager" title. We need a squad to get us to be favourites for automatic promotion come the end of August. The problem is I don't trust Carlos and how he'll utilise that. We know we've got players that can compete at the top end of the league, we've proved it the last two seasons. We just need a few tweaks here and there.
  10. If he comes back as part of the coaching staff, I'm all for it. He's a great voice to have in the dressing room. As a player however, I'll be deeply underwhelmed if he comes back as one. It will show how weak the mentality of the club is.
  11. After Wembley we all said we'd come back stronger and go one better, but that didn't happen. The signings were good on paper but we had no clear/concise style of play. We had enough quality to win the playoffs last season but it's more a case of the tactics that were deployed and the players bought into that. Our plan was to grind out results but it was awful and boring to watch. I see no reason why it won't be any different this time around and it's a concern. We finished 4th which was an improvement in league position and points total, but we did worse by losing in the SF. That 6 game winning streak at the end papered over the cracks. I don't have a short memory though and we have come far in a short space of time. We're lucky to have DC as our owner and I believe he will take us to where we want to be.
  12. IIRC, both games in 05/06 were Saturday 3pm.
  13. Been the standout player in the friendlies so far. Think he's benefited from having a pre-season with us and not with Middlesbrough when we signed him. If he can bring it into league matches, there'll be no complaints.
  14. The United game was always going to be televised, and Sunday afternoon was the only realistic available slot since West Ham-Tottenham is on the Saturday at 12:30. Police wouldn't allow it to be on a Friday/Saturday night.