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  1. Certainly looks like it and I'd welcome them back. Been far too long.
  2. Leeds weren't great but didn't have to be. We were awful and never troubled Rob Green.
  3. Norwich is huge especially if they win tomorrow to close the gap. Burton is winnable but we have a tendency to bottle it in those kind of games. 4 points minimum.
  4. Attack from minute one but can't see it. If we lose, then that's it. Can say goodbye to play offs.
  5. No attacking intent with the subs made, all like for like.
  6. Middlesbrough must be laughing. Wasn't worth the asking price and hasn't recouped 1/5th of that.
  7. He'll stay till the end of the season and DC will take it from there.
  8. Cutting it short; we're not going up under Carlos and this team.
  9. Why sign a player of Jordan Rhodes goal scoring record, then play tip tap slow building football so he doesn't even get half a chance? We need to be getting the ball early down the wings and stretching teams.
  10. Westwood: 5 - Hunt: 4 Loovens : 4 Sasso: 2 Fox: 3 - Wallace: 3 Abdi: 4 Hutchinson: 6 Reach: 1 - Forestieri: 4 Rhodes: 2 - McManaman: 3 Bannan: 4 Fletcher: 2
  11. I got the 3 year one. Was worth it.
  12. Carlos saying he deserves more of a chance which means he definitely won't start tomorrow. His lack of minutes is nothing short of a disgrace.
  13. Carlos Vs. Wagner. 4 meetings. 4 wins for Carlos.
  14. Carlos doesn't help himself with his tactics and making players look worse than they are. The football we are playing isn't exciting, quality-wise it's been poor. I just hope that before the play-offs (if we are still in there come May) we play as a team that does excite me again. He's had support from the top down to the attendances we've been getting. He must deliver and get the best out of the squad we’ve got. It’s about mentality and that stems from the manager. To clarify, I’m not in the “Carlos out” camp. If he does well I’ll praise him and if he doesn’t I’ll criticise. As proved with Ranieri yesterday, his job isn't safe.