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  1. We have a bunch of players buying into negative tactics, the football this season has been awful to watch. All about the mentality and that stems from Carlos. It's time for a change.
  2. In this instance, same team as the wins over Derby and Ipswich with Rhodes coming in for Hooper if he's injured. There's been very little changes to the XI over the 6 games. FF hasn't started any of them (4 sub appearances) and shouldn't start as we have a winning formula.
  3. Exceeded expectations when we first saw it. Well produced and edited – always gives me a buzz.
  4. Keep it as it is. Won 6 in a row without Hutch/Forestieri starting. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Carlos made a fatal error starting Hutch instead of Lopez in last years final. Same team as what got us the 6 match winning run, minus Hooper who's injured. No Fernando, no Hutch.
  5. People who don't to games for financial/family/work commitments are no less a fan than those who do go.
  6. Not confident (more so that Hooper's injured) but hopeful.
  7. Relaxed last year as we weren't expected to go up. Relaxed this year as I'm not confident we'll do it. Will be harder than the 2 legs Vs. Brighton as we're the team with the pressure this time. Got to turn up and be professional.
  8. Forest were 2-0 up against Yeovil in 2007. Lost the second leg 5-2.
  9. They'll come at us from the off - as the home side you'd expect that. Wouldn't read too much into them ending the regular season poorly, they're a good side. If we can come out of the 1st leg unscathed (with a lead and/or clean sheet), we'll be favourites to progress.
  10. Neither should go straight back in with the way things have gone. You shouldn't change a winning formula, don't try and fix what isn't broken.
  11. Awful challenge. No need for it whatsoever. He'll miss the POs and final but he wouldn't get in our strongest 18 anyway. Could do with getting rid in the summer.
  12. I accept the changes, nothing wrong with that but I expected a bit of fight. Most of who started are back up players for a reason.
  13. We started well but sat back and invited pressure on to us after that. When they equalised, there was only one team in it. We allowed them to have the ball in the second half hence the possession stats, we were hanging on for a point. We were poor but shouldn't read too much into it. Most of who started today are back up players for a reason. The main XI will be fresh and should still have the winning mentality.
  14. That's what I'm saying. Would've been nice to have got the win but not to be. The main XI will be fresh and should still have the winning mentality.
  15. Quite surprised that all our goals have been when he's been on the pitch (since he's been here.) Only got 3 goals himself however. Next season is when I hope we see what he can produce.