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  1. Question is will he have enough opportunities to improve ...... playing the odd cameo from the bench. We do lack pace but unless he looks really hot in pre-season the smart option might be to bring in someone proven (with pace). It seems inevitable that we'll be trimming our striker pool.
  2. Agree we are one paced but I have increasing doubts that he's the answer. Yes he has the physical attributes but there are genuine question marks. I'd agree that a season long loan to a potential promotion rival is risky and I definitely hope we'll pass on that but it all really depends on the actual deal and his pre-season form of course. He's got potential but he's not exactly the crown jewels on evidence so far.
  3. Correct breathing though diaphragm and belly is all it is.
  4. Ideally he'll have a storming pre-season and go into the new season on fire; dilemma solved. In the likely real world however if he is surplus to requirements then a sale is the preferred route. One caveat; Wolves brought on Afobe nicely (and MK Dons) so a half season loan and bring him back after Christmas if he's playing well. Double whammy; we get a good player whilst denting the prospects of a rival.
  5. Absolutely. We just need a player or two with damaging running power or at least get those that we have to utilise it better. We also need a genuinely aerially commanding centre back.
  6. Certainly when he gets himself in good shape. Interesting point too; whilst FF catches the eye; certain others might have a bigger positive influence on the overall unit.
  7. Last season's evidence Westwood, Hutch and Lee Previous season FF with special mention to Lees, Lee and Westwood
  8. I'm bowing out of this now as that sums it all up perfectly for me.
  9. Every chance that he'll bulk up as he matures. A year playing first team football at a lower level could well turn out to be a very good investment.
  10. They're different types of player. I have high hopes for Reach this season. Time will tell.
  11. My views probably differ from yours about Nuhiu but that's OK. Wednesday fans have a tradition for having a whipping boy..... Bolder, Morris etc... The advent of forums such as this fan the flames. I don't like it but as you say it's pretty much common human nature. I do maintain though that the level, persistency and apoplexy aimed at Nuhiu has been way, way over the top.
  12. Fair do's. Not all Nuhiu critics are as balanced as you though.
  13. It probably is time for a parting but if it doesn't pan out that way I would imaging that he'll be used pretty much as last season. I'm fine with that. He offers something different.
  14. Fair comments.
  15. To be fair though he was answering a specific point raised about last season.