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  1. I know. You have to laugh. Half a season at a new club playing safety first footy is not a good measure of a striker.
  2. I think its clutching at straws hoping that Joao will be a key player for us in a promotion tilt but there are some raw ingredients most especially pace that makes me live in hope.
  3. Yep; by and large posters stick to their opinions and will defend them at all costs rather than the same posters flipping from one extreme to the other.
  4. Flipping hope we do as its going to be painful on the eyes again if not. We have a terrific asset in Rhodes but he thrives on chances and half chances. I don't say build a team round him (or indeed any one player) but I hope that the summer will see a change in approach and also a couple players with pace coming in to give all our strikers more to feed on.
  5. I think that Joao will stay as he's contracted 'til 2019 and unlikely that there'll be enough interest in him to enable us to recoup much of our outlay. Needs a good pre-season though or suspect a half season loan out for him. Nuhiu probably will stay as he doesn't rock the boat and has cameo uses these days. Agree Winnall could be open to a move as we'd no doubt be able to realise a significant profit and we're top heavy in strikers. FF could conceivably leave if we receive an offer based on his perceived value of a year ago. I have no issue with any player leaving so long as, unlike in the past, we receive top money and it is reinvested to improve the overall unit.
  6. To be fair Leeds didn't want Lees either.
  7. Good player and only 25.
  8. Close season is a bore. We need our fixes.
  9. Agreed. On balance I'm just about in favour of a change but CC is a decent sort and I'd like to see him leave for something good for him and his family. The main thing I'd miss about him (if he leaves) is his media charm.
  10. Yeah but we both know that Rhodes is a better bet don't we really. By the way I am still mystified as to why CC didn't fancy giving JR a proper go alongside Fletcher. Almost like he didn't want him to shine (irony for the warriors BTW). Your point the other day about the utilisation of Wallace was excellent by the way but the downside of course is that it put the best deliverer of a ball into the danger zone on the wrong flank to fully utilise this asset.
  11. Plausible. Where is it being reported?
  12. Winnall is one player that we'd probably make a significant profit on and for that reason he might be at risk of being sacrificed.
  13. You two should meet up for an arm wrestle or summat
  14. Rumour is that Rhodes will cost us £2m a year in fee for 4 years plus some add-ons. I can well see the squad shape being changed as well as playing approach and tactics. Maybe then Rhodes will look like a bargain if he starts scoring like he has proved that he can. Rhodes is similar to FF in that his 'stock' is not as high as it was. For that season I reckon the odds are that they'll both stay but I do expect changes in how they are deployed if so.