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  1. Westwood hunt lees ? Reach Boyd hutch lee ff Rhodes Hooper
  2. worth at least £5 million with add ons In todays silly market £1 million won't get ya a average league 1 player these days
  3. Great goal defence looking rubbish again needs addressing asap
  4. reda hung like a horse and familiar with radiators
  5. just seen him at kfc eating a zinger tower burger looked tasty the burger didn't look bad either
  6. don't get more glamorous than Doncaster
  7. I've read all the posts in this thread and some posters are talking utter bs this is football ,Not a personality competition. he might be a nice bloke but a awful footballer.1 goal In over 2 years. cost us more points than he has won us. anyone daft enough to pay him wages to contribute practically nothing can have him.
  8. Rhodes goals - 11 top scorer -ff 13 goals points - around the 75 mark go up- no,somewhere between 8th-12th
  9. great goal by joao the defence was embarrassing tho needs sorting asap
  10. fully agree mate not a chance of top 2 atm
  11. we didn't have a pot to pi$$ in back then ,we do now. o its ok we finished 4th but yet still achieved the same as all the other managers you mentioned and that's nothing .
  12. and that's what's wrong with football today once we get to the premier league you'll be wanting to be entertained cus there is more chance of that happening than ever winning anything
  13. thats 1 out of 23
  14. Ipswich,wolves ,Blackburn ,Huddersfield (semi) ,Preston ,we was garbage . your happy with last season but I and many aren't .i pay my money so I'm just entitled to a opinion..
  15. so you think the performances where great ? I go to be entertained and hopefully get a win ,not paying £35+ to watch bannan pass to lees,lees lump up the field. and out of 23 home matches you can name 1 decent performance