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  1. yeah its very good compared to some I've been in . old Trafford's are awful. like a run down takeaway
  2. I paid 35 k last season mainly use it for clients and business opportunities
  3. just seen this on facebook ,if people want to attend There's a balloon releasing ceremony on Friday at 4pm in the richmond park to celebrate Kellys life. If anyone would like to attend please feel free to inbox me or just show up on the day. Huge thanks to Nikki whiteley for helping organise this (it was her fantastic idea) max speilmans photography in Sheffield town centre, for their generous photograph donations to release tied to the balloons (organised by kellys best friend Rebecca) to all the people that have donated balloons to fly with the families balloons tomorrow and to lee who is going to play a song by one of Kellys favourite bands whilst we fill the sky with our Kellys beautiful smile and with our love for her.
  4. gi it 5 games and Carlos will do that anyway McGugan needs a golf caddy
  5. 100% agree with that lot going now for nuhiu to be transfer listed/given away
  6. the prices Brentford was asking for judge was upwards of £12 million,so you'd imagine the same for this lad
  7. from past Wednesday teams to put in the current one waddle
  8. yes but its only the best two years because we have some cash Carlos fooked up having money so how would he have got on with nothing . if gray ,laws,sturrock and co had money their times here could have been very different
  9. lets see how good a manager Carlos would have been without a pot to pisss in like the previous managers had laws and gray would have got Wednesday in the playoffs this season and no doubt would have put a better performance up against Huddersfield
  10. ill judge after 10 games if we are playing the dull football we played last season then no I wont be happy. if we are playing attacking ,entertaining football and blowing teams away like this squad should be doing then I will be happy atm he can go for me for costing us a playoff final with his poo tactics
  11. Wallace and bannan need replacing for me like you say Wallace is getting on and bannan doesn't do enough for me to warrant a start in a auto position chasing team inch would be decent but derby will want silly money for him and would they sell to a rival
  12. if you are saying I don't go then you are wrong but then that wouldn't be the first time
  13. 1.wallace,hutch,lee and bannan in the starting midfield 2.nuhiu 3.loovens to lees,lees to bannan ,bannan to Westwood,Westwood lump to fletcher