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  1. no 'whose longest in the shower?' the guy asking the questions wants dismissing immediately.
  2. seems he was a bit of kn0b, young stupid kids on silly money
  3. after leaving Wednesday he went to Crawley on loan then signed on a free at Colchester,he then signed for a Indian super league team ,then signed back at Crawley on a free.currently a free agent now
  4. The future is ginger
  5. be quite painful if ya tallywacker has owt to do with ya name
  6. I've just said 'id hate to pay to watch this ' then my son reminded me I've been doing it all season watching Wednesday. its boring to watch
  7. got sportsdevil too can watch none televised games on it but there's no sound and pictures hit and miss
  8. straight to DVD
  9. Dem stripes and they're passing it forward
  10. on the highway to promotion
  11. not seen that straight to dvd?
  12. rip some cowards out there and our fathers and grandfathers thought in the war for these lowlifes
  13. using the name of a film for me its star wars phantom menace got a good fan following . bit of money thrown at it. a few 'big' names in the team . a lot of hype . but fails to deliver when it matters . you sit waiting for the big moment to happen,which he get glimpses of . you stay to the end to see if the magic happens. then comes the time a new leader takes it in a different direction. Christ cant wait til international week finishes
  14. ah good night I've still got flu from that night,never been as cold