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  1. some people need to stop bringing up the rubbish days when we was paying 15 quid to get into the ground watching Darren potter and Clinton Morrison ,you expected to play rubbish and grind a result out all season.but now we are being charged upwards of £40 and still watching rubbish and grinding out results. we as the paying public have rights to express unhappiness . we showed loyalty when 50000 went to Wembley and look how Carlos and the players repaid us with the performance.
  2. Leeds looked average but still done the double over us if id not looked at the table,id have said that was two teams battling to survive relegation if that's the standard of the playoff teams then this league really isn't as strong as people are making out
  3. id be happy for us to go up (obviously) the frightening thing is giving Carlos another 50/60 million on players. we've spent 20 million and look worse now ,so spending another 60 million in the toughest division in the world,isn't worth thinking about
  4. messi missed 6 in a row at one point tbf he scored another 20 to make up for it
  5. Mc McGugan wont play for Carlos again but Carlos will be gone before McGugan.a new manager will give every player a fresh start. having Semedo on the bench and McGugan walking his dog is criminal
  6. goals ,goals and erm goals
  7. 1 minute ago, Bodhidharma said: Westwood reach loovens hutch palmer Fernando abdi McGugan mcmanaman Rhodes winnall
  8. crazy thought but abdi and McGugan in the middle
  9. Brighton playing two strikers upfront and their best attacking player on the wing hmm
  10. we've been better away ,we've been poo at home watching Brighton game now and they aren't even in second gear and playing better than we've done all season
  11. Milan would have sacked him by now
  12. money talks,dont know what jokanovic's contract situation is but a million quid and we'd get him.
  13. stam could be another Carlos. jokanovic has got the promotion from this league,and he's got a fairly average Fulham team scoring for fun.Fulham are the dangers for the playoffs
  14.ša_Jokanović we'd be favourites for automatic manager when abdi and Fernando tore this league apart