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  1. All the scruffbags will have to stand in the road to smoke. Seriously this looks great and im embarrassed by the back of the kop and some of the people that go there.saw someone weeing in the sink before the hudds match..
  2. Maybe we should do a poll and send it to carlos..
  3. Something i agree with...didnt do anything great against us..just short passing and moving...when he got anywhere near our area he fluffed it and didnt look threatening at all, especially in the first leg.
  4. Get him on champ manager. See how he does Phone carlos and give him your opinion Jobs a gooden
  5. More lightweight than reach..and i like reach When he came on at dingles it was like he wasnt there and kept simply bouncing off players..thought he was going to blow away in the wind
  6. Hell tear the championship a new one next year if signs for one of the bigger clubs.
  7. Get yer black balloons back out
  8. Think people need to accept that hes obviously had a different upbringing, life, morals and expactancies than the average sheffielders.. Whether we agree with what he does or not..with his agent in his ear reminding him how short his career is. Were not in the days of pit boys desperate to play for their home club anymore and its not when saturday comes. Ff has absolutely no attachment to sheffield whatsoever and i wouldnt blame him if he went to italy or portugal and became a legend at a club there. Hes here now..lets try and make it work and stop flouncing around him
  9. So pearsons title of captain marvel isnt relevent anymore? Haha
  10. Foristieri is like that fit girlfriend who always gets chatted up by the scrubbers in the pub who tell everyone that there 'in there'.. And half the wednesday fans cant handle it out of jealousy.
  11. Only problem i had with last season was hutch's penalty, foriestieris strop and the suicidal atmosphere on here.
  12. Looked good when he was on the pitch. His reaction when ff scored when the ball might have gone in anyway..he just walked off looking anoyed haha
  13. 2 very stable and unspectacular teams. Bitterness cos it was two kicks away from it being us. No one really cares about huddersfield or reading Id rather do anything than watch it
  14. agree..thought purse was going to get lynched by the pitchfork mob when he messed up that back pass..