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  1. Loovens is a good shout Not as spectacular as the others but seriously dependable. Its a yes from me
  2. That excitable gob tw@t who pays people to laugh at his jokes and agree with him..nah
  3. But they got ched
  4. Maybe everyone thought the same when we were flavour of the season last year. And theres probably many a rich arsenal season ticket holder that misses his cottaging.
  5. And i think to myself......... What a wonderful woooorld.
  6. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing And spose we might just thank a certain keiran westwood for having it all sewn up.
  7. Id like to think it was nerves but i felt like a lot people turned up to see another win..kids wont understand a tough fought battle. And my god how would the atmosphere have changed if derby had scored a second. Most of the kop thought it was sewn up after hooper scored..singing on our way..ffs
  8. Yea i agree..his shooting was a joke between me and my brother last season..every time everyone shouted shoot...we just shouted dooont. But then again we have seen important stunners vs bristol city and derby. I was just saying yesterday he needs a full week shooting training.but to be honest wallaces and ffs shooting makes up for it..
  9. What when the defence opens up for him like moses and he has 20000 people shouting shoot..and he had less than half a second to make a decision..thats the reality of football.
  10. Also i believe at the beginning of the season the opposition managers had the idea of 'stop bannan stop wednesday' and crowded him out in midfield...which seemed to make it difficult..carlos had to think his way around this and try different midfield combinations.. and inevitably the fans got mardy about this cos they thought we should smash any team that dare set foot in hillsbrough.
  11. Bang on Hes everything that makes us good at the moment
  12. Amen..i was too scared to celebrate till the final whistle yesterday. How the atmosphere would have changed if one of their chances had bobbled in. Football does have way of kicking you in the balls.
  13. Fkm..should be a straight ban
  14. Over reacting is what happens when you think with your first reaction and have a gold fish brain. And beer doesnt help much either.
  15. Ooooh scary.