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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh yeah it was only a friendly run out!)
  2. Waddle should be first om any list Although nilsson was an incredible player he wasnt even the best in that team
  3. Owlstalk will do its best to put that up its arse.
  4. Feel a bit bad now..the kid clearly had mental problems or had enjoyed too many drugs
  5. Wish id not seen the other thread now
  6. Star with the contentious desperate attention seeking headline.......
  7. Think Evans had Mansfield fired up. Or somehow encouraged them to be hungry for it.
  8. And gets the sh*tk kicked out if him every match cos defenders dont know what to do with him, and never moans.
  9. Anyone else think the blades are going to target ff to ruffle him up big time just to get their fans cheering.
  10. Sure reach played in 3 positions vs manfield..tucking in as midfielder, when he had a chance he was flying down the wing..and second half left back. I know little about tactics tho and id had a few so dont shoot me ;)
  11. Sorry when ive seen him hes been rubbish and that tackle against fulham was a joke..he even struggled to make a mark against mansfield and his passing was crap. How many more chances does he deserve.
  12. I hate it when people turn something read on owlstalk and something heard at the social club into hard fact..and tell you with a straight face..it makes a laugh of the people who actually know their sh@t...why do people struggle to use their brains and their eyes.
  13. I still think of what mark bright said when the rumour started that he was injured..wednesday fans certainly have an imagination.. In fact i think theyd say literally anything to sound more knowledgable..even keeping a straight face when they are totally transparent.
  14. Thats the spirit.. And its nice to know you can see the future