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  1. Thats why the blades hate him...cos in his career hes had more success with their style of play than they ever have
  2. Yea i miss otsemebor been told to aim for the penalty spot from his own half for 45 minutes.
  3. Championship strikes back
  4. Half of the matches in the championship are like this now. Whats the alternative? Megson launching or attempted arsenal tippy tappy?
  5. Danny 'jinky winker' murphy comes across like the most interesting person youd meet in a pub Waddle probably will be the best player ill ever see..made it look easy.
  6. Thanks...just trying to get my head round what i have to see.
  7. 2 weeks and im going to be a father Also we got tickets for barnsley.
  8. Theres the thing. We know exactly what and what he cant do. And then people come on here just to point this sh@t out and be snidey just to be seen as edgy and clever.
  9. Some seriously immature people on here haha
  10. Everything we do in the stands will get copied by England/Leeds or bloody Derby
  11. We need to move on from the On Our Way song..Done to death now.
  12. boo'ing opposition players has about the same effect as saying saying fairies dont exist
  13. It does seem stop bannan stop our team Thats why we go down the wings most of the time.