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  1. Good post. I also remember much of that history. We really have gone through more lows than highs and I hope you are right in saying we are on the cusp of something exciting. Following Wednesday for most of my life, and having had more disappointments than I care to remember, I dare not allow myself to think much beyond Saturday at the moment. I just hope that train journey back from Ipswich will be a very satisfying one. UTO.
  2. Sad news RIP Nigel. Condolences to his family.
  3. Brilliant OMDT. C'mon Wednesday let's break this Deby jinx. We need to be at our best over the next three games. UTO.
  4. Agree. Been watching Wednesday since the early 1960s and I swear I am as nervous now than ever - probably more so. These last few games - since Barnsley (excepting Rotherham) - have been painful to watch. Why can't we make life easy instead of hanging on to a one-goal lead with minutes to go - or at QPR the whole second half. Oh to go into the last game knowing we are safe.
  5. Hooray OMDT is back. Will be setting off soon. Really hoping for a win. It seems like every away game I go to it's 1.1. C'mon Wednesday a big push for these last few games. UTO.
  6. I was at both the Villa and Spurs games. I still rate the Spurs match (I was on the kop) as one of my all time favourites. I agree with your assessment of the team. Hutch reminds me of Kay and, with a better forward, we might have won the league.
  7. My dad was a big Wednesday fan. He died in 1994. He started taking me from an early age. Can't remember the first match but the first away game we went to was at Man City. During his last few years, he was too ill to go but would always like to hear a full report of the game. I have been taking my grandson for the past 7 years - home and away and we have season tickets on the kop. I get pleasure from seeing his passion and enthusiasm so I feel I have successfully passed the flame on.
  8. Hope the absence of our official OMDT is not going to be a bad omen. Good stand in LJH. C'mon Wednesday we need a big effort over these next five games. UTO.
  9. Sad news. RIP Bob.
  10. I was there. I remember travelling down on the coach with some mates and I felt pretty awful that day. I felt even worse after the game. It was a real gut wrencher. Thinking that we had got a replay then let in a sloppy goal in the last minute. One of many disappointments that were to lay ahead.
  11. Excellent OMDT - as always. Tough one today but we need those three points. UTO.
  12. Sad news. Condolences to the family.
  13. Excellent OMDT. It has to be a win tonight - nothing less. UTO
  14. Such sad news and a sad loss. RIP Wolfmanjack.
  15. Excellent OMDT. Big game tonight and a must win one. Hope we are at them from the kick off. We've not beaten Reading in the last four encounters so need to break that run. Hope we really stuff them but it will probably be a tight game. 2.1 to us. UTO