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  1. He's stolen a living off of us for 2 years now and like others have said, it's nailed on we'll see him for a couple of pre-season friendlies when the sun's out then he'll get another "injury". It's amazing how some players when they're out become so much better in people's minds than they actually are. Does anyone seriously think it would be wise to build a promotion side against a player with his injury record? It would be absolute suicide. He's scored one goal against Leeds and that's it. I was prepared to gve him one last chance and was really hoping he's play a blinder against Fulham and look what he did. That was it for me. And as for those who say he's been unlucky with injures I would ask you to consider this. If Semedo, Lee, Hutch, Bannan or Loovens had those same injuires do you honestly believe they'd have spent the same amount of time on the sidelines? Absolutley no way. He hasn't got the heart for the English game and we will never see him playing Satruday-Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday. We need to get rid of him by whaever means we can and free up his wages for a player that will actually contribute. We can't afford to carry passengers like this where we're constrained by FFP in the way we are.
  2. Fuckinghell. Are people still going on about this???? It was last season, get over it.
  3. Thought Paul Corry was a prize bell end. Can remember him giving it the big one on Twitter when he was buying himslef a new Range Rover. He'd not even played for the first team. Had no time for him after that, knew he wouldn't make it if that was where his priorities were. Good luck Conor and take note, don't be another Paul Corry.
  4. Wouldn't take one of those home kits if you paid ME £50. Worst Wednesday kit ever.
  5. He's spent 2 seasons with the MASSIVE?!?! Perfect preparation to manage a European giant!
  6. WTF is a local "feat" the fuckingprick.
  7. Getting sick of all this Londonista propaganda, TalkScum were on about it this morning Mickey Gray should know better than to buy into it. Carlos & the players should go into Siege Mentality mode and ban Sky and all the other press outlets, The Stir too for that matter. Just talk to the fans via the club website and twitter. Just watch what happens tonight when Reading beat their darlings Fulham. It will switch to being all about Reading. Burn them all down.
  8. More Londonista propaganda set ofcunts.
  9. We need to make Hillsborough a seething, intimidating cauldron of hate. Pressure the ref and other officials for every decision, get behind the lads from the off and cheer everything they do. On the flip side we have to mock and jeer every mis-place pass and shot Udders make, get insode their heads. Best way to facilitate this is to finish work at 4, get straight to the boozer and drink as much as possible before kick off. No food - eating's cheating! That's what I'll be doing anyway.
  10. They threw everything they had at us and barely troubled Westwood. We didn't get out of second gear and I don't think we even tried to. They will crumble at Hillsborough.
  11. Fair play to you mate. An island of Steel in a sea of plastic!!
  12. When Jordan Rhodes gets his third and Wednesday's 4th in the 90th minute, which disturbs the lunchtime nap that Westwood's been having in goal because he's had absolutely nothing to do.
  13. Or a wake.... It will certainly "Kill" the greatest season in the history of that awful little club. At least since they were Champions of Great Britain anyway.
  14. Hi Tyler Durden - Wondered how long it would be before you left your own piggy message boards and came on here. How long before you start calling us murderers?
  15. This one is the best and most plausible.