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  1. Save it till we hammer them in the final at Wembley. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
  2. Don't change a winning side.
  3. Didn't he then qualify that by talking about the raffle that never was? In those circumstances the club were dishonest and then even more so when they lied even more to cover it up. Shouldn't have booted him off like that. Anyway it's one big piggy jizz fest tonight so I won't be bothering.
  4. We won't be chasing it mate.
  5. Yes. He's likeley to get the winner in one or both. That's what we've paid £9 million for and that's why we'll go up.
  6. I was there with my Dad, a sea of Yellow and us all chanting "Yellows, Yellows" it was awesome, best season watching Wednesday by a million miles!
  7. What happened to the balloon?
  8. Good idea, I'd definitely go too. Would be very surprised if the club haven't considered it.
  9. Don't care. I've said all season we're better than any of the other teams in the play off spots and would beat any of them. The problem has always been finishing in the top 6. I think we're there now, I stand by what I say. Doesn't matter who we play, I'm convinced it's our year.
  10. Don't forget their manager is also better than Shankly, Clough, Paisley, Ferguson & Mourhinho put together.
  11. I prefer to just call them stupid c u n t s.
  12. I didn't want to get out of bed but now I feel like I can take on the whole world!!!!! Once I've had another hour.
  13. Wilder sounds like a Brummie and has a face I wouldn't tire of punching and stamping on.
  14. They absolutely cheated us at their place. Hopefully that's all the motivation the lads will need, never mind the chance to almost secure a play off spot.
  15. "I will stand my ground And I won't back down No I won't back down"