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  1. Sky. Killing football since 1992.
  2. Westwood Lees Lee The only 3 players I genuinely belive are Premier League quality.
  3. If he genuinely thinks that's all we need then we're fooooked.
  4. We've frozen the prices......... Just like we have the squad and the kit.
  5. This 100% I'd also consider emptying the contents of the dog muck bins in Hillsborough Park and throwing them too!
  6. That's why it started "For Once". I know full well it won't happen.
  7. I just hope that for once Sky gets to call the shots and they move us and the pigs to a Friday night match. Can you imagine the monumental meltdown from SYP & SAG!! They'd ask for it to be played behind closed doors. Imagine, all of Sheffield taking Friday off on the lash and then going toe to toe in the evening.
  8. Carlos will never drop Bannan for form or fitness reasons. I think he'd even play him even if he had one leg.
  9. THE finest right back of the Premier League Era (I hate that phrase but it's true in this instance) FACT.
  10. Hi Marco!!!! Why do you have such a problem with people that have a different opinion to you? Much of what you have put is also guesswork. Seriously, what is wrong with you? I've a couple of numbers where you can get the help you need. Message me if you need them.
  11. If Matias had a fraction of Hutch's heart and desire he would have played 30 games for us by now. If we don't offload him in the summer he will not play 15 games for us next season. There was a time we had to be grateful players like this would even sign for us. We don't have to put up with it anymore. He's not doing US a favour we've done him one. My son's spent more minutes on the pitch at Hillsborough than he has this year and he's 9. I'd rather with half his talent but who was desperate to play through the pain barrier and give us 30 games a season than that sick note. Get rid.
  12. He's one of the answers. We need to make him one of our top transfer targets IMO.
  13. He's stolen a living off of us for 2 years now and like others have said, it's nailed on we'll see him for a couple of pre-season friendlies when the sun's out then he'll get another "injury". It's amazing how some players when they're out become so much better in people's minds than they actually are. Does anyone seriously think it would be wise to build a promotion side against a player with his injury record? It would be absolute suicide. He's scored one goal against Leeds and that's it. I was prepared to gve him one last chance and was really hoping he's play a blinder against Fulham and look what he did. That was it for me. And as for those who say he's been unlucky with injures I would ask you to consider this. If Semedo, Lee, Hutch, Bannan or Loovens had those same injuires do you honestly believe they'd have spent the same amount of time on the sidelines? Absolutley no way. He hasn't got the heart for the English game and we will never see him playing Satruday-Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday. We need to get rid of him by whaever means we can and free up his wages for a player that will actually contribute. We can't afford to carry passengers like this where we're constrained by FFP in the way we are.
  14. Fuckinghell. Are people still going on about this???? It was last season, get over it.
  15. Thought Paul Corry was a prize bell end. Can remember him giving it the big one on Twitter when he was buying himslef a new Range Rover. He'd not even played for the first team. Had no time for him after that, knew he wouldn't make it if that was where his priorities were. Good luck Conor and take note, don't be another Paul Corry.