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  1. Something different from the doom and gloom of the last the couple of days here. I was talking to Leeds fan about Tom Lees earlier and checked out his stats. In his 236 Championship matches for Wednesday and Leeds combined, Lees has only received a total of 11 yellow cards. That works out at less than one every 21 matches. That seems unbelievably low to me for a centre back. Is it because he's such a good defender at this level he doesn't give many fouls away? Or can he be accused of maybe being a little bit too nice? Not a criticism of him at all because he's been a terrific for us in the three seasons that he's been at the club so far - just an interesting thing that I noticed.
  2. Here is the final graph. Hopefully won't be a third line being added to this next season!
  3. He was interviewed on the Alan Biggs show in November with the United announcer, if it's of any interest.
  4. See the graph thread:
  5. We have beaten last season's points total with 3 matches to spare:
  6. There we go. Only 2 points away from last season's final total and the top 6 line with 4 games to go. The points total required is going to be much higher than your average season this time though by the looks of it.
  7. Just done a bit of research and we really do have a terrible record against Warnock teams. I make it that we've only won 3 in 19 with him in the opposition dugout. Why do we have such a bad record against him?
  8. Update post-Newcastle. Back above the last season line!
  9. Update after the Barnsley game.
  10. Here's a reluctant update. Clinging onto a top 6 position.
  11. Updated after the Villa result.