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  1. There we go then first win and 1 point better off than this time last season.
  2. Yeah we'll be reyt if we beat Fulham on Saturday we'll have a point more than last season
  3. Foreign centre half

    We got Loovens from Real Zaragoza on a free (or for a small fee, not totally sure). He was a great signing by Dave Jones nonetheless.
  4. My attempt at positivity - not the three points we were hoping for but at least we've got something on the board. And a win on Wednesday would put us on exactly the same points total as the last two seasons. Plus there's a long way to go
  5. Worth reemphasising this considering our opening day defeat. None of the four sides who achieved automatic promotion in 2015/16 and 2016/17 won their opening match so it isn't the end of the world.
  6. And considering our aim for this season is probably automatic promotion, here's a graph showing the progress of the four teams who achieved automatic promotion in the last 2 years. Particularly notable how Burnley had a pretty average first half of the season then took off after Christmas to win the title. So even if we don't start great (again), it shows that it can still be done! And Newcastle lost their first 2 games last season but still went on to win the title.
  7. A nice new blue line will be added over the course of the season so we can compare how we're doing this season to the previous two under Carlos, which will hopefully show that further progress has been made compared to last season. What strikes me straight away is that in both of the last two seasons we had spells of poor form at the start of the season and then again around matches 32-38, and these spells probably cost us a shot at automatic promotion. I've brought the relegation line back because I don't want to tempt fate. For those interested, the straight lines represent the mean average points per game that were needed to achieve automatic promotion/reach playoffs/stay up over the last 5 seasons. For example last season Leeds finished 7th () on 75 points, therefore it would be possible to get into the playoffs with 75 points, so this points total along with the corresponding points totals for the preceding 4 seasons would be used to calculate the 5-season average points total needed to finish in the top 6.
  8. The graph is ready for the new season don't you worry.
  9. OFFICIAL - George Boyd signs

    Certainly an improvement on the departing Sougou and Buckley. Loads of experience at Championship and Premier League level and won't cost us a fee as he's a free agent. Can't grumble surely?
  10. Something different from the doom and gloom of the last the couple of days here. I was talking to Leeds fan about Tom Lees earlier and checked out his stats. In his 236 Championship matches for Wednesday and Leeds combined, Lees has only received a total of 11 yellow cards. That works out at less than one every 21 matches. That seems unbelievably low to me for a centre back. Is it because he's such a good defender at this level he doesn't give many fouls away? Or can he be accused of maybe being a little bit too nice? Not a criticism of him at all because he's been a terrific for us in the three seasons that he's been at the club so far - just an interesting thing that I noticed.
  11. Here is the final graph. Hopefully won't be a third line being added to this next season!