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  1. Company for FF when they both refuse to train/travel.
  2. Forward line

    It's called pace, and we need some. If Joao is on his way out, we ought to replace with something different to what we've already got. As a goodwill gesture to DC, I'm willing to accept Oliver Burke cos I'm a nice guy.
  3. Jones - the enigma

    How is Jones an enigma? As a centre-mid, he's won promotion to the prem 4 times.
  4. Players missing tomorrow

    Hopefully some will turn up.
  5. Bannan

    Back to his best after harsh criticism, in my opinion. Our best passer of the ball. Works tirelessly. Keep it up Bannanaman.
  6. Boyd and Hunt

    Don't understand why anyone would nitpick after a cracking result like that. 3pts and clean sheet. Hunt and Boyd played their part. Rock on.
  7. Joao

    Going to Leeds? Seems every other bugger is.
  8. Rhodes to L**ds??

    My opinion about Rhodes depends on how Carlos wants to play. Flat 4-4-2, keep Rhodes and get some pace and quality outwide. Midfield diamond, we need someone more dynamic than Rhodes up top. Carlos seems torn between the two, which means players are in and out struggling for form and rhythm.
  9. Mega bus to Leeds

    What's the promotion, "round all c*nts for a pound"? Get McGugan a ticket.

    Terrific result. Fulham play good stuff. Thought we might struggle today, but well done Carlos and the boys.
  11. Jackson Irvine

    I sang his praises all last season. My opinion hasn't changed. Think he'd be an excellent addition to us.
  12. I doubt that. McManaman and McGeady were on their arse for some time before joining us. Was always gonna take an extended run in the side to reinvigorate them. By contrast, Burke is a player on the rise.
  13. FF to Brighton

    Just betting odds, so far as I can make out.