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  1. Michael Buffer.
  2. Think Leeds have blown it, personally. They've fallen away at the crucial stage. Not over the line yet, but we've got one foot in. We'll be reyt.
  3. "See...I just can't stop it."
  4. "But why do my eyes keep doing this?"
  5. "Are you saying I'm not gorgeous?"
  6. Playa!
  7. "Kieran Lee reckons he's 6'1"..."
  8. "It's always been you, Barry. Johnny meant nothing to me."
  9. Nice one Danny Puddle.
  10. The best grass Cantona has never played on.
  11. Best wishes, I hope all goes well for you today.
  12. Whatever works. We need this one.
  13. Supercon and Kenwyne vs. the Sloth. loads of good ones, actually. Fryatt, Barkley, Marshall, Antonio, Batth, Tudgay was initially a loan. Some good keepers in Carson, Turner, Weaver.