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  1. Someone good who Carlos is willing to play. We need pace, we need width, but McManaman and Buckley can't have impressed him. We've gone through winger after winger. Carlos must find and settle on one he likes.
  2. Already got one going in my head. 63 pages.
  3. I reckon we need to win enough games for promotion. That's what needs to happen.
  4. Antonio.
  5. Marco is already in recovery. Should be back in 2 weeks.
  6. Centre-half, Centre-mid, and two wingers. If I can be greedy, I'd upgrade on Palmer as well. Hanley, Scowen, Jota, Sako, and Paterson. Easy...innit.
  7. Very pleased. Progress each season. We're heading in the right direction. Let's get the job done next year.
  8. Many laud Mooy, but Irvine is the one I've wanted all season. An athletic box-to-box midfielder on the up. Defends, scores, covers the ground well. Would cost a bomb, I reckon. Different to what we have.
  9. Rhodes would spit feathers.
  10. McManaman and Buckley were...3 or 4yrs ago. Neither have recaptured the magic, because they've not had a good run - which Carlos couldn't give with so much riding on each game. They both needed what Preston gave McGeady; a run of starts without bring dropped regardless of form. A mid-table club can give that; we can't.
  11. We have the firepower. Bar Wallace, our wingers aren't of the same quality.
  12. There was speculation that Melo's current loan club want to sign him. Joao and Matias should be loaned back to Portugal so they can regain some value, in my opinion. Loan for a year, then sell.
  13. Don't think either did. I believe Melo and Bus were Doyen recommendations to DC.
  14. Fly to Spain every other week.
  15. Those two would be excellent buys. I'd replace Palmer with Paterson from Hearts as well if his recovery is on schedule, and also sign Scowen on a free. Them four plus a pacey winger would satisfy me this summer.