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  1. Half a season each. Everyone's a winner.
  2. Anyone know when Chansiri is back in town? Usually someone stalking his hotel pad.
  3. With our reported interest in Burke, I'm hoping the penny has dropped with Carlos. Probably won't get him, but he's the type we're crying out for.
  4. I heard he kicked all the other sperm off the park, scoring the only goal in the womb.
  5. This is all very non-mega.
  6. What new players?
  7. I want a hardened centre-half, not one made of cheese. Hoban's injury record would rival Matias'.
  8. Wouldn't mind if we took a look ourselves.
  9. I can't get excited by those either. Capable players, but I look at the age and contribution of Jones and Abdi wondering if it would be more of the same from Boyd and Keogh at the same stage of their careers; decent players, but probably past their best.
  10. Heading that way. Morrison bid rebuffed. Hanley probably too dear, and Ayala least likely of all. For the right fee, I may have to warm to Keogh.
  11. 132 pages of fookall. Let's make it 133..
  12. I can understand why people suggest it, but Carlos was asked about 3 at the back last season and said he had no plan to make the change.
  13. Winner gets to sit alongside thebizzle and kevtheowl at the training ground, with Semedo's ferret crawling up ya leg.
  14. What recruitment?