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  1. Best defender for me has been Hunt. Been fit nearly all season and has come into his own second half of the season. Very difficult to chose a midfielder as I think this year we have struggled in the middle of the park mainly for missing Lee for a lot of it. I'm gonna go for Wallace just for his bit of class and coming up with goals out of no where. best forward has to be Fletcher. Think he finished on 11-12 goals for the season which is a decent return for anyone in their first year of championship football with a new club.
  2. Much rather see Man City at Hillsborough than Burton and SHEFF United.
  3. 3 massive targeted signings. -left back with pace and energy. -centre back with pace and commanding presence. -attacking midfielder with pace that can link the midfield to the attack.
  4. Jack Hunt has improved massively second half this season and I think he does a great job for us down the right side. If we had a left back who was as dangerous we'd be more than okay there. i think we need a another top quality centre back, someone like Grant Hanley to play alongside Lees. Both with enough pace but commanding enough to keep the shape and solidity. finally I think we need a player Jota or Jansson from Brentford and Fulham. Natural attacking midfielders who link the forwards and midfielders effortlessly. On all all that's three targeted signings which I think would massively improve our squad and add much needed balance. Obviously it's only my opinion but I think these are the areas we've struggled.
  5. I think we're desperate for a quick left back like Jack Hunt. The amount of running he does up and down that right side is phenomenal. He has more than done enough to keep that position for me. We're obviously not going to get him, but a player like Malone at Fulham. He's a constant threat.
  6. As I said in a different thread, let the dust settle for a few weeks, Re-evaluate and think hard a long about what is the right move taking us forward.
  7. All about opinions football. I think everyone is making rash and sudden statements tonight which in a few days time, may look back on in a different light. Let's just let the dust settle then re-evaluate in 2 weeks time with clearer heads. Does Carvahal believe in himself to finish the job off here at Wednesday? Does Chansiri have faith in him leading the club to where we all want to be? I'm sure the answers will come out soon enough. For what it's worth I really dont know what I think. Two successive play off defeats is damaging psychologically for anyone club. Can we dig in again or are fresh ideas needed?
  8. Great shout. Bring Jota and Harley Dean with him and we'd wee wee the league next year.
  9. I can see your point but there would be absolutely zero width to that team.
  10. You look how tired we were tonight. Long season of grinding out results might have finally caught up on us. If I'm being truthfully honest with myself they probably deserved to go through over the two legs.
  11. I don't understand everyone's opinion of playing 4-5-1 when we've been playing 4-4-2 with great success over the past 2 months. Genuinely, what is the reasoning to change our system after winning 6 consectutive matches?
  12. Tom Lees, Loovens, Pudil, Reach, Rhodes and Fletcher are all over 6'2.
  13. Looking far to into today's performance. Both teams looked like they were playing it 70% at a max. I do still think that if you stop Tom Cairney they become very average but he's a brilliant player and it's much easier said than done.
  14. I think we'll finish 3rd and we're gonna win the next 5 games in a row. Premier league football here we come.
  15. Huddersfields only saving grace is that Leeds are in as bad form as them. If the season was 2-3 games longer they would be really struggling. I just think Leeds will draw against Norwich on Saturday meaning they stay in the play offs by the skin of their teeth.