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  1. Anyone at the night with Hirsty last night? Was anything said?
  2. Another pic of him with a fan a few days back
  3. Not at the start, but clever movement.
  4. I'm a fan of Reach but his man scored goal from the corner, needs to toughen up and show some belief.
  5. I'm guessing it is purely for commercial reasons.
  6. These posts are a work of art, they should be put in a hardbacked album
  7. I doubt the chairman has made any sort of demands at all, but its a pressure that is clear from Carlos' post match vs Newcastle and DC's comments in the week.
  8. It is completely reasonable to suggest that a chairman who has bought the most prolific striker at this level for a reported £8m + would expect them to have a huge involvement in the side, and the chairman's comments in the week (i.e. When we sign players we expect them to play) pretty much confirmed this to me. Also CC's comments about leaving Rhodes out of the Newcastle starting XI showed that there is definitely a pressure for him to play (including from the supporters). Rhodes was deservedly dropped but if his exclusion from the 11 persists then I can't see DC looking at that favourably. CC will be expected to get the best out of him. As for Fletcher I think his goal vs Newcastle earned him the start against Cardiff but I thought he was very poor on Friday, especially in the first half. I wouldn't be surprised if Rhodes came back in tomorrow.
  9. What yesterday showed to me was not that Nuhiu should be starting more games, but that we have criminally underused him as a second half sub this season. Last season Nuhiu came on changed so many games for the better. And even against a hugely physical side yesterday they just could not deal with him. Even though we've brought in some real quality up front this season we still do not have anyone like him in the squad.
  10. Reminded me of a cut price Bergkamp, great technical ability and awareness in a poor side.
  11. Carlos is in a difficult situation with Rhodes and Fletcher. Fletcher has scored 3 in 2 but he missed chances against Newcastle, no doubt the chairman will want to see his big signing play.
  12. Bought mine in the summer.
  13. Sometimes as a Wednesday supporter you have to take your hat off to another club with the following it has, it does seem rather desperate to try and find excuses for it. Clinging onto a couple of poor post war average attendances doesn't do much to change the current here and now. Their support since St James' was redeveloped has actually been quite remarkable. I think the fact that they've never been in the third tier of English football makes it quite difficult for them to average over 20k in that league I've no idea what point you're trying to make re: the accents, it was crawling with Geordies. Newcastle is a city (around half the size of Sheffield) which completely revolves around the football club, more so than any other one club city in the country. For me, only Rangers and Celtic top them for their huge fanatical fanbase in the UK. It's certainly true that Newcaslte have big reach, but this goes across the entire country. Since the Keegan management era they've been a very fashionable club. The trains from Kings Cross to Newcastle on matchday are always rammed with Newcastle fans and that's a positive.
  14. Any attempt to have a pop at Newcastle and their fans is completely tinpot. Massive club with top fans.
  15. You've had that in your drafts since the 1st of Jan haven't you?