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  1. I can't wait until 5 minutes in at home to the weakest side in the division when all sit and think, "Ahh, nothing's changed." Its the Wednesday way
  2. Was poor last season to his standards, it was fitting that as our most talented player he was nowhere near any of the yearly awards. His actions completely de-railed the entire club at the start of the season and removed the feel-good factor that was well in place from the previous season. If I was him I'd be doing everything I can to be focused and strong for the start of the season to make amends, and it looks like he is doing exactly that.
  3. You could say the same about our midfield in the final.
  4. If Joao plays like he did vs Hull at home and Arsenal at home he'll be in the side. But it he won't. So he won't. He he had a chance to knuckle down at Blackburn and according to their fans he was very poor.
  5. I redmebse this game. I even bought a panoramic photo that went on sale of the away end. Immense support given the situation. Looking back with hindsight I think we did well to only get relegated with 1 game left, what a terrible team.
  6. I'll be watching it. It is my first sober Championship Playoff final since 2015
  7. Looks like the football league have discovered free wordpress themes. Minging.
  8. Looking at the Forestieri situation after the season has finished and the dust is settling I think this was an absolute disgrace, even more so than at the time. Even worse that he tried to get out of the Villa game until he was persuaded not to at the eleventh hour by Loovens and Carlos. Looking back that could have been a crippling moment for many teams, thankfully Carlos and Chansiri dealt with it perfectly but there was clearly some lasting damage. The fact that he wasn't happy that someone came in on higher wages than him, exactly as he'd done 1 year previous, and he then took it upon himself to kick up a fuss in that manner is a disgrace. Imagine if Lee, Hutch or Westwood had've acted in a similar way when FF had've come in on big wages and a long contract?
  9. If you think the Lep is outdated I hope you never have to go into Sheffield city centre.
  10. Nice valid opinion there, but make sure you keep it off the airwaves.
  11. Notes have been added
  12. I don't think Rhodes needs to change at all to be honest. We need to just play to his strengths to get the best out of him. In 2012 when he scored 40 goals he still only took the 6th penalty in the final... The circus around this story took the focus away from the fact that we were hanging on for dear life at home to Huddersfield, and we were lucky to even get to pens. Last season he scored 17 goals, more than any Wednesday player. 11 for a God-awful Blackburn side and 6 for Boro which helped them clinch promotion to the Premier League which included 5 massive goals in April, the crunch time of the season.
  13. So you say he's entitled to his opinion, but in your opinion his opinion is invalid because he's not played at a high enough level. Weird. We may as well shut this site down then. Gordon Watson sounded like a bit of a berk in all honesty and there's no doubt Rob couldn't wait to interview him having obviously pre-checked his opinion on the Rhodes situation, something which he's gleefully fanning the flames on. He'll probably try and give Kim Olsen a ring next if he wants to wade in on Rhodes. That said, aside from the 'bottom half' and Rhodes comments which I didn't agree with him on, he did say we needed 2 centre backs, 1 left back, 1 holding midfielder who can link up the play (not just a stopper like Semedo or someone of that ilk) and 2 new wingers. This I agree with him on and I think most of us would, I'd add a new right back to that. He also said that Carlos hasn't had all the tools to win us promotion which is interesting. There is a general consensus is that we have a pretty much perfect squad and anything below promotion is failure. We went into the summer desperately needing a CB and LB, we failed in landing a seasoned CB so had to re-sign Sasso a month after releasing him and we got Pudil which was rumoured to be CC's 3/4th choice. For me, for a side who are so reliant on the prowess of our full-backs this is probably our weakest area, it confuses me that we play a system that's so reliant on these positions to be honest. It was interesting to hear Watson though, he clearly doesn't watch us a lot and isn't invested in it like all of us so its interesting to hear a different perspective. Although I had to laugh at him saying that Wednesday's reputation is to 'take it to teams' and 'have a go', I'm guessing he didn't watch us at all from 2001 to 2015 then...