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  1. When was the last time he played 90 mins? He's not been subbed, he's going to need a lie down.
  2. You can have that design with any manufacturer, it all comes down to cost which is why we've had some gash puma kits since then. Most brands are even manufactured in the same factories, I actually think the Sondico kits under Chansiri have been okay apart from the ones with manufacturing faults which should've been picked up by the process.
  3. We did start playing as a 4-3-3 under Carlos but he very quickly changed that, I wonder why. It was one of the main reason we brought in Matias.
  4. It doesn't though, does it?
  5. It is one idiot on his latest video posting again and again, everyone else is positive. Unfortunately it only takes one idiot on a boat to sink a ship
  6. Easy our weakest area of the pitch
  7. With FFP the income from ticket sales is massively important. It doesn't look like we have restricted their sales to put ours on the Lower Lep, it looks like they'll want the Lower empty
  8. That says a lot given the fact we were the better side against Birmingham for only 10 minutes. Carlos has legit excuses at the moment, but he doesn't for the 6 months previous.
  9. Wednesday fans will be getting the blame for Trump next
  10. Nothing special in there, same as Owlstalk when we get a lucky win.
  11. The game reminded me of the Middlebrough game at home last season, rudderless.
  12. Being on top of a game whilst behind doesn't cut it I'm afraid. Our home game against Birmingham was possibly the most one sided match at Hillsborough this season but we got the first goal (which was actually deserved) and then hung on for dear life a la Reading last night, the damage was done by the horrendous start.
  13. It's catch 22. If you press high you leave gaping holes all over the pitch, which Reading took advantage of many times last night. There was one point in the second half where they played the short goal kick, we pressed high and 6 passes / 10 seconds later they were in our penalty box a the byline. Playing against it is about choosing the times when to press, taking them by surprise and winning the ball in key areas. Brighton murdered them this way, we are haphazard in our approach and we only seemed to do it when the crowd demanded so, whilst Reading were well drilled.
  14. Carlos answered that question in a way as not to cause too much alarm, I'd be surprised if he was back on Friday. I think getting Hutch back is possibly even more important.
  15. I said average not poor which I think is pretty fair, finishing outside the top 6 would be a poor season. In the summer the general consensus was that this season would be much tougher due to the likes of Newcastle, Villa and Norwich coming down with huge expectations and spending power. In reality only Newcastle out of those have competed at the high end of the table, Derby have fallen off the face of the Earth and Leeds, Reading and Huddersfield have come out of the blue. This season could be a huge opportunity missed in the end, I actually fancy us in the playoffs if the current teams end up in them. It will certainly be interesting to see what DC does in the summer if we don't get promoted.