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  1. Hope he doesn't injure an ankle getting off that chair.
  2. Bannan/Reach

    Bannan is a very good player but he often plays the game thinking he's better than he actually is. If he cut out those aimless 'Hollywood' passes and stuck to his neat, incisive play then he'd be twice the player.
  3. Carlos has categorically stated that in his view FF does not have the characteristics required to play as a number 10, he said so at the Football Heaven show a few weeks ago I think.
  4. LED Boards

    Hopefully they'll stick netflix on it when we're attacking.
  5. Uncle Biggsy Says

    Biggs, although an amiable chap is about as in the know as a bourbon biscuit. After the Chesterfield game Carlos stated he, himself was responsible for bringing in Abdi, a big signing, and that so far it hasn't worked out. So the opinion that Carlos does not at least have a say on transfer is nonsense.
  6. New Full Backs

    We've been looking for 2 years
  7. Our Squad

    We're 'desperate for 2 centre halves' when in fact the main reason we didn't go up was because we failed to utilise possibly the most well equipped set of attacking players in the division.
  8. That turn form Fernando is the stuff of dreams.
  9. Meeting Nuhiu

    I didn't know Brian McDermott was on Owlstalk
  10. Signings unlikely next week

    It's weird timing that Chansiri has been in New York for the last few days... Maybe the business will be done when he's back in the country.
  11. Carlos New Hair

    I'd bang the Hutch into the next millennium, he seems to be getting a few appearances.
  12. Carlos New Hair

    Rumour is he has had it transferred from Nuhiu's back.
  13. Bar Behind Kop

    Which one?
  14. You've put 'very' in caps, proof that you're telling the truth.
  15. The fact that he scored the goal and then rushed to grab the footage to stick on online is both quite heartwarming and a bit depressing.