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  1. I've heard he sucks
  2. Like The opposite of Big Dave
  3. He said when Hooper was playing for Celtic
  4. I wish we'd sign a CB who sores a few goals we haven't had one since Llera
  5. CC said in interviews he'd been watching Hooper and I think Wallace for a while
  6. We will see I think if Hooper has a long spell with Rhodes they will score a lot of goals
  7. Seem to remember when he got a decent ball in like against Birmingham and Norwich he buried his headers in the back of the net - can't remember him missing many chances because he never got any just balls in hope that he had to chase - I thought he worked hard in every game
  8. If Rhodes had took one and missed then said Carlos made him take one even though he didn't feel right - then what ??? Hutchinson should have been 5th taker that's the mistake that was made
  9. McManaman wasn't even on the bench if your referring to the home play off game.
  10. Wallace and Hunt benefit from him as well - soon the little fast passing triangles will be back down the right
  11. We all know his favourite song is the one he was serenaded with by those two lovely young ladies - he was bopping along enthusiastically
  12. Looks like hes pissed his sen an all
  13. You made a mistake - don't we all - doesn't matter mate -WAWAW
  14. Yes I heard that - idiots Fat boy Quinn just hates us
  15. The away followings added to our home crowds in the prem would be at least 33000 average