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  1. For a 10 million pound striker to say he is not confident kicking a ball towards a net is unbelievable really however you might dress it up. There's a lack of ruthlessness amongst our squad that will only hold us back - we've all seen the fire and winning attitude and loved it in Sam Hutchinson but maybe his attitude needs to the rule not the exception.
  2. Does Hooper have a head injury / concussion?
  3. The OP may have a point - heard he was introduced to the art of winemaking by another squad member
  4. Think I agree - I want Carlos to get us playing with a bit of swagger. I think he can do it but has lost a bit of confidence - when we were on a run he was talking about our brand and it looked like we'd push on but that hasn't happened. Personally I think Carlos would respond to a massive show of support but we seem to be collectively struggling to give him that - seems a shame.
  5. Correct - for people who like to watch live entertaining football we're better off in the championship - unless you find another Kante you can't get so far in the prem
  6. Pickled onion monster munch Salt n vinegar discos Frazzles
  7. 1. We're in 6th place 2. Best squad this century - we've got Jordan Rhodes ffs as well as all the other unbelievable players 3. The Norwich match day thread
  8. Is the summary of this thread that the high volume whingers can't stand the fact that neither Carlos nor the vast majority of fans give two shits about their whinging because we all know the football could be more entertaining but we're trying our best to get promoted?
  9. I'd say that's exactly what's happened. We're now in 6th with a completely different set of options up front - why there is such a lack of patience from some to give Carlos the chance he clearly deserves is baffling.
  10. Assume you have never nor ever will trot out the line about football being a results based business to suit your other club and player slagging then?
  11. Like the idea of focus on the kop / fans - wondered about having players from the past in different shirts lining up to take pens / shots on goal in front of it and maybe things like a Hutchinson knee slide in to the corner flag etc going on as well, waddle moments etc. Kop part uncovered merging into covered? No doubt you'll produce another great one Trev.
  12. Is Danny Sonner the future?
  13. Glad to see this thread 'cos I'm still having the odd swear and can imagine an occasional one tomorrow.
  14. Carlos talks about the positive impact of vocal support from the fans getting behind the team in almost every interview about every game.
  15. I don't see this as anything other than Carlos being clear about what he wants and expects from his players. McGugan either wouldn't or couldn't meet the criteria so he hasn't been involved. We need strong management and that's what we're getting - CC & DC are not scared of tough decisions to get results and in broad terms their formula is working. Nothing more to see here really.