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  1. Sold out.
  2. Big red notice on the web site.
  3. Mr K ... you have survived the op and not woken up in heaven, although life now is heavenly. All the best for a great recovery ....
  4. I'm with Alf Ramsey .. just to the left of us.
  5. Fulham need a good caning .... put 'em back in the cottage.
  6. Right that's it .. looking forward to the trip to East Anglia more than ever .. we owe MM and his bunch one from earlier in the season. Apparently we are all over the ground.
  7. Some great defensive headers during the game.
  8. Donate to the Childrens Hospital that will make you feel good choose what.
  9. It would be nice to have the Kop in the background for a goal celebration instead of the wastelands of the Lep.
  10. Big Ron eh ... a lot in common with Donald Trump ... including the comb over ...
  11. Lets plan to blitz the vackin saverners ... not one our our lads needs resting, there are too many of em and all up for it wanting to play.
  12. We've seen t'Owls play some mega football today, and although we made a little heavy weather of it we have jumped 3 places in a little over a week. I am convinced a fit Kieran Lee would have had us in the automatic position. Wasn't it fantastic to see him today.
  13. They bombed our chippy.
  14. Just one word to these rascists ... eff orf.
  15. I used to love the old barn dance now and the ... put a whole new twist on it.... pun intended.