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  1. Thought Brown looked garbage in both legs to be honest. No end product whatsoever.
  2. On balance I think we won a lot more points by a fine margin than we lost.
  3. I certainly agree that its a missed opportunity. I just don't see any of the relegated teams being as strong as Newcastle or Brighton. Hull and Boro will probably do ok but I doubt they will be anything special. And I can easily see Sunderland doing a Villa.
  4. That's what everyone said last season. This year was going to be the toughest ever etc etc. Personally next season I don't see any teams who we need to fear in terms of going for the autos. I don't see anyone being as strong as Newcastle or Brighton.
  5. It will be if we do the same next year
  6. Personally I'd like to see us set up like Huddersfield with a middle 3 of Bannan, Hutch and Lee and FF attacking wide left. Then a new man for wide right. Problem is most of our expensively assembled strike force work best in a front 2. In a way that's out main issue. Many of our best players individually are suited to different systems. So we end up with an ineffectual miss mash. Its hard to see us going 1 up front after we've just invested mega bucks in Rhodes.
  7. I agree and I'd start FF on the left every game with Reach as backup (or maybe LB). Problem is Carlos doesn't seem to like him there and FF doesn't like playing there. If we are going to use him up front or as an impact sub I'd rather cash in and invest the money elsewhere.
  8. Unfortunately I think you are right. He's 27 and had one standout season in his career. The rest of the time he's been a bit part squad player. Don't get me wrong he's a good option to have in the squad but I think we to accept that its likely last year was a one off.
  9. Obviously he's scored loads but mostly for mid table championship teams where there has been less expectation and pressure.
  10. Our overall performance across the 2 legs was poor but Carlos is right. The plan was to nick one and hold on and it nearly worked. I do think a more expansive approach would have given us a much better chance of winning the tie though.
  11. Probably not bothered if he's walking.
  12. To opt out before the game shows a massive lack of confidence and self belief. As you say a striker should always be the first to throw their hat in the ring - that is literally what they are paid thousands of pounds a week to do. If Rhodes is going to be a success for us someone at the club needs to take him under their wing and work on building up his confidence. By all accounts he's a lovely guy but you wonder if that comes at the expense of that cutting edge that the best players always tend to have.
  13. We don't know if he would be but at least the football would be entertaining. I think Carlos has gone a good job in his time here but I'm not sure I can face another season of grind it out football.
  14. Problem is we probably can't spend much now due to FFP and it will be hard to offload players given the high wages we play. It will be minor tweaks only I think.
  15. Hunt did well I thought, but Pudil had a rough night. He was completely out on his feet at about the 70 minute mark.