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  1. If that's really true at least you've solved the dilemma of who our starting CMs should be.
  2. It will be mix and match for me. There's no perfect combination and we'll have to adjust depending upon the opposition. Away from home either Hutch of Jones will have to play but at home, especially against the weaker sides we could probably get away with 2 of the others. Tough to make a selection without knowing what to expect from Abdi. On that basis I'm going to go for Lee and Bannan at home and Jones and Lee away.
  3. If Carlos actually plays FF wide left that should help. With FF on the left and Wallace or Boyd on the right we should be able to create opportunities from both sides of the pitch which we didn't really do last season.
  4. I hope you are right as he seems to have been giving Reach all his minutes at LW in pre season. I know Carlos has sort of suggested FF will play more on the left but he also said he will play central when he's needed there. I just worry that Carlos will stick with Reach at LW due to his defensive solidity. Let's hope that doesn't happen because as you say Reach and FF both on the left is an exciting proposition.
  5. Whilst I take your point about our balance in central midfield I think it will be extremely difficult to resolve. Abdi, Bannan, Lee and Hutch are all very good player for this league and to improve we need to find someone who encapsulates the qualities of at least 2 of them. Those types of player are generally in the premier league and out of our range. I think the reality is we will stick with what we've got and mix and match to try and get the right combination for each specific game.
  6. Bizarre isn't it. A player who has never given less than 100% and clearly loves the club. He was also one of our better players in the pre Chansiri days and we would have been a lot worse off without his goals and overall performances in those seasons. Yes we all know that we now have better strikers at the club but he still has his uses in specific scenarios. Whether he stays or goes I will always hold him in high regard and I'm sure if he moves on he'll be an asset to whatever club gets him. I've no doubt he could play a useful role for a bottom half championship club.
  7. Given its so easy its amazing that all the folk on here who know so much more than Carlos aren't professional managers.
  8. I know I'm in the minority here but I genuinely believe that last season was a bigger achievement than Carlos' first year in charge. The first season was all well and good but we were an unknown quantity, going under the radar and teams largely played into our hands. When we played the top teams we got found out and it showed how far we still had to go to turn ourselves into automatic contenders. Last season wasn't pretty at times but for me it was a transitional year as we moved from outsiders and underdogs to one of the leagues top teams. That is not an easy transition to make and to get results when teams know your style and set up to stifle you is not something that is easy to achieve. We weren't the only side who found this tough, even Newcastle with arguably the championships best ever side lost their fair share to teams sitting deep and frustrating them. For me to achieve more points and a better league position despite those added challenges (not forgetting long injuries to key players) shows we are on the right track. I know people want success and want it now and think that chucking a few quid at it guarantees promotion but unfortunately its not usually that simple. Stability and gradual improvement gives you the greatest chance of success. I do think that people will be surprised at how well we do this year. I think a year's experience of having the pressure of being expected to win and to have teams setting up to stop you from playing will really help our players this time around. I know Carlos isn't perfect at times and our low risk approach can be frustrating at times. But ultimately we aren't far away and with another 3 or 4 quality additions and a bit of luck I think we will be right there.
  9. Please can we wait until we actually sign him before using it as an excuse to slag off the club.
  10. Boro lost a couple already and many more rumoured to be on the move. Gibson, Traore, Ramirez and Ayala all may well be off. Their current strike force is Bamford and Gestede. I think they will be a threat but they've got lots of work to do. Also lets not forget they failed to break 30 points last season. It's not an easy job to get into a regular winning mentality after a season like that.
  11. Yes I agree there's likely to be more teams pushing for the autos. Not sure that necessarily means a higher points total will be needed. If anything if there's more teams up there the probability is the points needed will actually be lower.
  12. Totally agree. Plus its fair to say neither Hutch or Loovens can manage 46 games. CB is the one position you don't want to be chopping and changing and Lees is the only one we have who can play every game.
  13. I would personally be gutted if he left. Continuity with a few quality additions is the way forward. Lees has been one of our most consistent performers for the last 3 years. I wouldn't want us to enter the new season with a completely new CB partnership.
  14. We only need an extra 3 wins this year to put us in the auto mix. Or even 2 if you think we might have got 3 points in the last game of the season without resting everyone. Even with the same tactics and style of play if we improve the squad over the summer and have better luck with injuries that could well be enough.
  15. Proven big game bottlers based on what? The fact we lost to huddersfield in the playoffs? Seems a big overreaction given we've often played well in other big games under Carlos. Beating Brighton in the playoffs as big underdogs. Doing the double over last year's champions. Going on a big winning run last year when we looked like we might miss out of the playoffs and the pressure was really on. I could go on...