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  1. Personally I couldn't care less but it did strike me as a little odd that they failed to even mention us in passing. I mean how can you have a conversation about the playoffs without even mentioning one of the teams.
  2. Last home game of the season, they will want to put on a performance for the fans.
  3. The bloke is a natural athlete, his fitness will be fine. It's his sharpness that may be more of a concern. Although I'm sure we wouldn't ideally have brought him back so quickly it should at least mean he gets to play a part in the last 3 matches which will mean he's sharp for the playoffs if we get there.
  4. The good thing is that if he plays a part in the last 3 games he should be sharp enough to be influential in the playoffs if we get there.
  5. Only if you are dim enough to conclude that the only factor that determines how well we play is whether Lee is in the side or not.
  6. Unlucky for him but great for us that we have such depth that a striker of his quality struggles to even make the bench.
  7. It might be a good result it might not. Really depends on what happens in other fixtures before then.
  8. The type of player you don't notice until he's not in the team. Does the unglamorous stuff, keeps us ticking over and rarely makes mistakes.
  9. You've been banging on about how we won't make the playoffs all season. To be fair to you at least you are sticking to your guns.
  10. Ipswich have only lost 4 games at home all season (less than us). QPR have lost 10 so its a much harder game. Getting the 3 points there will be no easy task.
  11. Our easiest remaining game and one we should win comfortably. Of course Wednesday being Wednesday.......
  12. On the bright side if Fulham win and we beat Derby we move up to 4th. That's then 3 teams that need to overtake us.
  13. I think there are fewer stand out teams but the quality overall is much higher. That mid table area this year is packed with quality teams. Last year the top 6 was good and the rest was dross. In terms of a our play being worse this season I think that's only partly true. Yes we've struggled more against the mid table teams. However we've been able to compete much better against the top teams. To me that shows we are a better team overall even if performances have been shaky at times.
  14. isn't it 92.3K?
  15. I'm sure the 35K a week softens the inconvenience