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  1. At least he coming into it when we are on the up... I first started taking mine when we were on the decline and culminated to when nearly down from league 1.. (shudders).. Out of the 3 lads.. 2 carried on with us but one fell by the wayside regarding football ! I was upset last season at wembley for them as much as anything else.. seeing the youngest (14) in tears at the end was tough.. Lets hope this year is a happier ending. after promotion against Wycombe Wembley last year with me and there grandad..
  2. RIP Fellow owl.. Credit due to all the people around who tried to help and the Stewards and St John Staff ..
  3. RIP Wolfmanjack. UTO..
  4. Agree.. would love to have that for my summer hols in Majorca.. I might add just the shirt not a full kit..
  5. Well done mate. Love that design.. will also look good as a casual top for us more elder fans to wear with jeans..
  6. Sarcasm dear chap.. or wasn't you reading between the lines..
  7. Hooray.. lets sack the manager... and chairman whilst were at it.
  8. Just seen the highlights on youtube.. Hirsty's first is so so reminiscent of his dad's attacking run's and finishes
  9. The teams we are playing we should beat and need to beat for when we play and probably drop points against the teams around us.
  10. Its a close one with them two, but I feel Macca now is more energetic, pacy and direct which we need to feed the top two from the wing.
  11. Every game now until end of season is a cup final. We are cutting adrift of the top two and 5 points behind Leeds. We need to be realistic and we need to start winning 80% of our remaining games or else we will be struggling for a playoff spot. Norwich, Fulham and especially Derby are capable of overtaking us. And the top 5 are consistent at the moment. Our next 4 games we should be expecting 12 points Our formation seems to be negative, we get ahead and hope we can hang on.. we don't kill games off enough (eg Brighton). We got lucky against Wigan to be fair it could have gone either way. I hope we can settle of a top two forward line - ideally Rhodes and Fletcher with Fernando on the left and Macmannan on the right. With Hutch and Bannan in the middle. Fox at LB or Reach cause Pudil has lost pace this season. Hunt at RB with Lee's and Loovens in the middle.
  12. 10M deal.. not 10M upfront.. gotta be based on promotion etc good signing..uto
  13. What do players like Melo / Matias / Deilna / Bus do all day long when not playing.. do they train with 1st team or U23 .. What do they actually do .. Ok Melo likes tram riding.. but apart from that I've always wondered.. Do they have houses or rent flats ..
  14. Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard would be class in the midfield. Big bonus for helping us achieve promotion..
  15. I missed that tribute..