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  1. Get over it mate. He's our gaffer for another year, and rightly so. We know you don't like him but why keep banging this drum? Its clearly not doing you any good. You're like the last kid that didn't grow out of playing knock a door run and you still do it on your own. Some people have tried to humour you, as all the rest of the kids would have done but really, deep down, everyone thinks your a loser for doing it...
  2. Slightly before my time but would Imre Veradi make it in there?
  3. Benito Carbone
  4. Getting in the play offs gives you a shot of going up does it not? Im sure we all agree that 'the play offs are a lottery' as we here all the time. As we both agree on the 2 statements above, I'd say we're doing fine
  5. It's a deall breaker I'm afraid
  6. It's like logging on to Bladesmad
  7. Maybe AMB1867 might win and he can present Carlos with a list of transfer targets from Ipswich and Cardiff
  8. Bang on
  9. It was his OP and he hasn't got a scooby
  10. You don't know anything about football do you
  11. 6th place 4th place Our highest positions since we left the Prem in 1999... nah, it's hasn't got us far at all. Blimey
  12. I completely understand. By saying this, there must be player from the clubs you mentioned that are better than the players you mentioned? I'm asking you who they are? Otherwise, what's the point in signing players that aren't better than what we've got already?
  13. If only we had a manager that could cement our place in the play offs over the last 2 seasons hey...
  14. You want us to sign players from Ipswich/Brentford/Cardiff - I'm trying to work out which players from these clubs are better than what we've been signing. Its your OP mate, i presume you'd have the answers?