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  1. He's been at Fulham for about 18 months I think...
  2. This - Never understood why Tricky Trev gets so much bad press. I think when he left, it was time but a manager doesn't ride someone elses coat tails to 2 cup finals in one season. Please, he was able to attract the likes of Chris Waddle and Des Walker because of who he was.
  3. Can honestly say, other than Big Ron (2nd time round) and Stuart Gray all the sackings have been warranted. I was gutted when Stuart Gray got axed. A very under-rated manager ours. Steadied the ship after the Dave Jones breakdown, sorted the defence and signed some of the best players we've seen at our club for many a year. His sacking was for the greater good as it was the next stage in our progression.
  4. Hutchinson Lee. Bannan Forestieri Rhodes Hooper
  5. Hmmm beg to differ on this. Milan Mandaric and Dave Jones laid the foundations by re-vamping our academy. It was a big part in Dave Jones 'building', 'its what he did'. Chansiri has carried on the good work and progressed it as it needed to be.
  6. He's a legend, that's all you need to know. Been our Stadium Announcer since I started going I think (if my memory serves me right) - About 1990... Someone on here might know perhaps?
  7. They're running a 3 for 2 offer online at the minute
  8. Ermmmm shall I tell him or do you think knows now...?
  9. Personally, would love to see Fulham drop out and Leeds pip them for the play offs - Fulham are the only team that worry me
  10. 'I heard someone said you look like Jonny Russell Baz, come here, giz a proper look'
  11. I bet you're one of those guys that could win a million quid and then whinge cos you're wallet isn't big enough...
  12. Cheers
  13. Atmosphere garbage at Hillsborough... Was this your first visit? If not, it can't be that much of a shock. It's been the same for the last 20 years
  14. That reminds me, not seen JoshOwl for a while have we... he hates it when we win