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  1. Jones - the enigma

    Look at this guy - cant be positive for bobbar. You're boring
  2. Away shirts

    Look at how annoyed Fatty Billy is. Bet they've told him to stop eating the left over food off the customers plates
  3. Captain Bannan

    We have the best captain we've had since Nigel Pearson and people constantly want him stripped of it. Baffling Well done Bannan. Man of the match in every game this season
  4. How will Dom Howson cope ?

    This His partner in crime Chris Holt is just as bad. Awful journalists and pair of flaps to boot
  5. FF to Brighton

    I'm not so sure he is giving the press ammo. Dom Howson and Chris Holt, the worst journalists ever, have ran a story that isn't fact. They've taken a snippet of an interview and ran a full story on it without giving the manager a chance to elaborate... Thats not fair
  6. FF to Brighton

    Apologies, was a bit of an underhand comment. You seem really bitter. I always used to look out for your posts as I thought Grandad will offer some balance here. Not anymore. You're just as negative as the res of them.
  7. FF to Brighton

  8. FF to Brighton

    Sounds like someone else that...
  9. FF to Brighton

    An incompetent manager doesn't take a club from being a run of the mill Championship team to a team that finishes in the top 6 2 seasons on the trot. Liek i said in a previous post, i'll judge the manager over a 46 game season rather than they lottery of a 3 game mini season. The first interview where he mentioned about FF/left wing/up top, it was only a short snippet of the conversation. It was taken out of context and ran as a main story through incompetent journalism from Chris Holt and Dom Howson. In a later interview he was afforded more time to explain and he clarified that FF came to him and said he didnt feel he had the energy top play left wing and that it affected him at the top end of the pitch. Where's the problem with that? You whinge at the manager for not talking about things to the fans and then whinge when he does. He cant win with you. You clearly used to 'be someone' at Sheffield Wednesday with Wednesdayite (i believe) and now you're a nobody like the rest of us you cant handle it so you've turned to the darkside. I hope you enjoy it. I know you wont...
  10. Reach at wing back

    This a million times over
  11. FF to Brighton

    Sure... How typical of me
  12. FF to Brighton

    1. He's not 'quality' is he. 2. He's a petulant so and so that stabbed you, Grandad and me in the back Its just plain boring now. Get rid and save oursleves the hassle. He's really not worth it
  13. We've never been in a position to give ourselves a shot at promotion before. Thats thanks to the managers tactical choices over a 46 game season. Not a 3 game mini season. Well done Carlos. Keep up the good work and remember, disgruntled fans shout 10 times as loud as the happy fan. The disgruntled ones are the minority by a mile and will never be pleased.
  14. FF to Brighton

    Enjoy your trips to the South Coast to support Forestieri FC - The rest of us will continue to support Sheffield Wednesday
  15. Adam Reach

    Educate your son, quickly