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  1. As much as i'd love to see (and i really mean LOVE) Brighton bottle it again I dont fancy playing them in the play offs
  2. Who are they!?!
  3. Blimey - If you think Reach is better than Brunt was at his age then you really haven't a clue. Stick to championing Lewis McGugan for a first team slot
  4. They still play in Europe though - you dont have a point
  5. He's talks garbage mate. Not worth debating with
  6. 24,571 And not one of them will make a noise to get behind the team
  7. What's your point? Are you trying to claim we're a bigger club than Celtic?
  8. I watched the game mate. Its wasn't a good ball. The way people view a good pass/cross in modern football is so backwards. A good ball would have cut back to Jordan Rhodes to tap in. He could have looked up (he had a second to do that), realised that Rhodes was too far away for the ball 'in the corridor of uncertainty' as the pundits call it and pulled it back. Instead, he fired it across without looking and there wasn't a striker in sight. Im sorry, but I'll make up my own mind what I think is a good ball in. I won't be shepherded into believing something because Keith Andrews said so. Thanks anyway
  9. Adam Reach kicks the ball out for a throw in and you call it a good cross. Who's the clown?
  10. And you call that a good cross!!! Christ. Read what you're typing. What you're saying, he kicked the ball to nobody. And you're saying thats a good thing??????????
  11. Getting sick of saying this mate, I DONT CARE HOW MUCH HE COSTS!!! Read peoples posts before trying to 'name and shame' - it just makes you come across a wally. Also, nice attempt and trying to find a positive in this game. Only been waiting a week. But saying 'he's no worse than x/y/z' isn't really picking out positives in his game is it. Re: his crossing - blimey, did you not see 3 sliced attempts at crossing it? Or are you only picking out the 'good' ones. I put 'good' because if you look at it, he put the ball into an area. No regard for where any of our players were actually stood on the pitch (ie. no where near where he crossed it). I call a good cross as a cross where we create a chance. Not one that goes out for a throw in. Keep trying though pal, I admire blind faith sometimes
  12. Don't think its that at all, I think its just because he's garbage
  13. Well said that man. You said it better than i did
  14. I fully understand there may be grey in there and that most arent as black and white as people say. Performances on the whole have been sub-standard this season. But there are mitigating circumstances for this also. In my opinion, Carols has looked at Burnley/Boro from last and has tweaked us slightly. Tighter at the back and hope our attacking flair gets us over the line. The big one though for me is how teams play against us. I've said numerous times that a lot of it all stems down to this. Last season, we were the team that came off the back of 13th place finish and had a new foreign manager. A mixture of us over performing and other teams taking us lightly got us in the play offs. This season, we're the losing play off finalists. Teams approach games with Sheffield Wednesday a lot differently than they did last season. This means we cant be free flowing/expansive as last season because teams play against us differently.