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  1. We were sat right behind Connor Kirby's parents on Friday night so I looked out for him and he had a good game, very neat and tidy with few mistakes. The stand out player for me was Matt Penny, especially the second half. He had 3 particularly good runs where he brought the ball out of defence a la Warhurst or Bougherra. Very comfortable on the ball and a good defender. As for young Hirst, it sounds daft but he hardly won a header all night. He did however take both goals extremely well especially the second when he showed pace and strength in holding off their centre back to slot home. As he ambles around the pitch he looks nothing like his dad but as soon as the ball is winking in front of him his pace lengthens as his head goes down and the paternal influence is so obvious. Watching his strop when Betra failed to pull the ball back for his hat trick was worth the entrance fee alone, although I got in for nowt with ST. Not sure if they could make the step up just yet, Hirst was lacking at Cambridge although he didn't get much help from the poor team that night , but with better players around them some of them could well adapt.
  2. It's pretty obvious CC is Cevin Ceegan but I'm struggling with the rest to be honest. I would love it if someone got them all though, just love it!
  3. Indeed. I went to the doctors last week and said.. "Doctor, I can't pronounce my F's and my T's" He said.. "You can't say Fairer Than That"
  4. First of all Terrier I would like to say congratulations to your team and all your fans. I would also like to apologise for some of the imbeciles who frequent downatthemac, namely Operation pig and another poster named Forestieri but I'm not even sure he spelled that correctly which tells you all you need to know. Most of the posters on here are full of well meaning bravado and our sense of wit passes a lot of visiting fans by so we sometimes come across as arrogant. Most of of us really aren't, probably all the ones that never post or use social media unfortunately. Not sure how i was feeling walking back to the car last night or indeed this morning. Lousy doesn't cover it. You were the better side over the two legs and probably the season, any balanced Wednesdayite has to hold their hands up to that. I'm really not sure why we have regressed as a team this season compared to last as an expressive and attacking force, although better points wise. Whoever rallies our team before we walk out for our first game next season, whether it be Carlos or whoever has to uphold DC's mantra of "atttactive, aggressive football" because we have lost our way a little. It takes a lot for me to say this but I hope you win at Wembley and represent Yorkshire in the Premier. If you stay up then hopefully see you in 15 months. Up the Owls!
  5. Full members CUP v Portsmouth about 1986/87 I took an ex girlfriend to her first ever game and I waxed lyrical about my team and the atmosphere before the match. Worst game of football I have ever seen, ended 0-0 and not one shot on target from either side. It was that bad I went to the game with a girlfriend and left with an ex!
  6. Goal line technology needed for that one Barry.
  7. For the Huddersfield second leg? What kind of fuel did you use on your return journey from the moon?
  8. Maybe they were just wishing they were lucky?
  9. If they do I will go one stage further and jump off a doll's house!
  10. Oh dear, I don't think an OP has needed the edit button more.
  11. You really had to edit that?
  12. I feel drained.
  13. They need to be arrested and charged with negativity
  14. I've got one thing to moan about, wtf is an ect?