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  1. Felt sorry for him/her. Not sure if the ball actually hit it but it was roosted to the spot to the right of our goal most of first half until the ball startled it do it did a bit of a tour of the ground. I think it was a fledgling, possibly crow or magpie as didn't have maximum strength in flight. One thing I did notice though, it always stayed just outside the touchline, great wing play
  2. It certainly is and there are many unhappy fans on the Rangers forum that they aren't to be allowed anymore. The 30,000 'sell out' crowds last season are also fact enough.
  3. After our last friendly with Rangers I have been looking forward to Sunday's game since it was confirmed. I had no idea how fanatical, vocal and sustained their support was going to be four years ago so when it was announced that they were to be given the North Stand i thought this was a great move by the club and would have ensured a 20-25 thousand crowd, not bad for a friendly. Most of the Wednesday fans I know from the Anston and Dinnington areas are going more for the buzz, day out and banter with the Bears as much as for a single friendly game against a traditionally big side before the season kicks off for real a week on Saturday. What I'm now hearing is that Rangers are not to be allowed any more tickets for the North after selling their initial allocation? What the effing hell is going on with the powers that be? It's really starting to pissss me off and I'm a placid bloke. I can't forget last season's 30,000 sell out against Wolves or the the restricted 32,000 we were allowed to sell for our play off against Huddersfield. Who the hell do SAG or the Police think they are telling us we can't sell the tickets we want to and denying us revenue!! They have no excuse or valid reason this time to explain why they have only allowed Rangers 4 or 6 thousand tickets in the North or however many they have allowed. None of this makes sense. Last time they had 7,500 in the Lepp upper and lower and the atmosphere was brilliant before, during and after the game, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there was one single arrest? So why have they allowed them to be relocated from a stand where they could I guess use an excuse there are safety issues to a stand with a near 10,000 capacity and yet allow less tickets to be sold? It does not make sense whatsoever! My season ticket is in the North which is a safe stand and I was happy to have to buy one in the Kop or South to accomodate our friends from Scotland. What they have potentially done here (whoever is responsible) is cause a situation where hundreds of Rangers fans will be in our end and if anything happens what will the Police have to say then? If I was Chansiri I would call the kops or sags bluff and tell them they can all have the Leppings lane after all to allow 7,500 to attend again. Let's see what excuse the two hats from the authorities come up with then. One annoyed Wednesdayite!! (And if they have indeed been given 9,500 without my knowledge I will enjoy the egg on my face)
  4. Raleigh C...
  5. Hello George. I personally would have liked for you to be taken to Portugal to integrate you with the 1st team squad. Are the rumours about a loan out to somewhere like Chesterfield true? And how do you feel about this?
  6. Only got 4 of the Wednesday ones correct but got every Star Wars question right
  7. I'm so tempted to neg you after your misleading title. Why do people do this?
  8. Have to agree, nowt wrong with that kit at all.
  9. I think it would be a good move for all concerned, us included. He could come back with a decent season behind him including a catalogue of goals and confidence.
  10. Never thought I'd say it but.... Gary Hooper, you skinny bassterd!
  11. Waddle was indeed. Infact he carried a spare one to snack on during the 'semi' against united in 93. It can clearly be seen during his goal celebration in 'that' photo
  12. It's where to place the nipples to avoid the old shirt rub!
  13. We were sat right behind Connor Kirby's parents on Friday night so I looked out for him and he had a good game, very neat and tidy with few mistakes. The stand out player for me was Matt Penny, especially the second half. He had 3 particularly good runs where he brought the ball out of defence a la Warhurst or Bougherra. Very comfortable on the ball and a good defender. As for young Hirst, it sounds daft but he hardly won a header all night. He did however take both goals extremely well especially the second when he showed pace and strength in holding off their centre back to slot home. As he ambles around the pitch he looks nothing like his dad but as soon as the ball is winking in front of him his pace lengthens as his head goes down and the paternal influence is so obvious. Watching his strop when Betra failed to pull the ball back for his hat trick was worth the entrance fee alone, although I got in for nowt with ST. Not sure if they could make the step up just yet, Hirst was lacking at Cambridge although he didn't get much help from the poor team that night , but with better players around them some of them could well adapt.
  14. It's pretty obvious CC is Cevin Ceegan but I'm struggling with the rest to be honest. I would love it if someone got them all though, just love it!
  15. Indeed. I went to the doctors last week and said.. "Doctor, I can't pronounce my F's and my T's" He said.. "You can't say Fairer Than That"