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  1. Kieran Lee. An unsung hero who if you watch him carefully, never stops talking to his team mates. Personally I think CC might opt for Bannan if anyone.
  2. Linked with Ohi Omoijuanfro
  3. Was just about to post the exact same - then realised you posted it. Our experiences were bound to be similar considering we both worked in the same shop
  4. Come on then Kivo ... Give us your two penneth
  5. Recently moved to Stocksbridge so pleased to see were playing them on the 29th. Always a good little evening out up at Bracken Moor.
  6. It's a blue and white striped Sunday league template
  7. That striped thing is absolute guff.
  8. Suppose Sunderland fans will have debated whether Pickford was ready ... You'll never know unless you try but he's got all the attributes for me
  9. Just to throw a spanner in the works and play devils advocate ... I'd take 5mil and happilly promote Wildsmith to number 1 ... Quality young keeper . Reinvest 5 million on defence potentially. Would work for me.
  10. Im on holiday for the home game so clearly not very much
  11. Sunderland at Hillsborough
  12. I'd like 2 For the number of times we've bottled the playoffs
  13. I'm shocked your shocked
  14. Not seen the sad news of another owl passing far too soon mentioned on here. Tony sat 2/3 rows behind me on the kop , I always found it admirable he sat so far up the kop with his oxygen tank, and is one of the faces you just expect to see every home game. Will be sadly missed. RIP