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  1. Dean Smith for me. Useless centre half. Appears to be a good manager .
  2. Agree 100% . Would love him here. Massive improvement on Buckley, Sougou, Matias etc...
  3. Bruno Ecuele Manga from Cardiff please.
  4. Absolute scenes. Very few clubs in the country can replicate that
  5. I've just had a vegetarian meal and quite enjoyed it tbh
  6. Try working in Huddersfield lads. Not the best place to be today
  7. roger off Steve
  8. Never heard of em' roger off back to pigmad you dirty grunter. Leave us big boys to it.
  9. I hope they're still bias against us next season too when were dicking Chelsea 6-0
  10. I'm the biggest band hater going I've stated that numerous times on here. BUT They've got just as big of a part to play tonight as the rest of us. If the singing stops for half a second they need to be on it . Massive night tonight
  11. Has to be . He'd probably get sent off for his celebrations !!
  12. Gave me a semi on that - and I don't mean our Portugese midfielder
  13. I would fancy Westwood to bury one to be honest , wouldn't phase me in the slightest to see him stepping up.
  14. Perhaps educate your son or nephew that they have hands (I presume), and with them, they can clap themselves. Give the Huddersfield fans their clappers for their tinpot fans, we'll be fine without.
  15. By light shows I was referring to that video someone put up of Stamford Bridge last week as oppose to what we did against Brighton last season - although people trying to recreate that every single night game annoys me anaul