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  1. He DJ'd my mates wedding last year if that helps
  2. Derby definitely won't be in the playoffs, I can confidently predict that.
  3. Nice try OP, but definately not him.
  4. Where did this happen anyway? If it was the back of the Kop I never heard owt?
  5. Jack Hunt all day long for me. Exceptional attacking wise and was our only outlet at times.
  6. I've got one in Medium . Genuinely wouldn't sell it for any amount of money. The centre piece of my collection and is worth more than money to me!
  7. That's the one. Would be brilliant that with the words I suggested in page 1 .
  8. and then force it upon England fans.
  9. Song I've championed for years is called "voor Ajax Amsterdam" - can't post a link on my phone so if someone could oblige that would be great. Words should be : WE ARE THE WEDNESDAY BOYS WE ARE THE WEDNESDAY BOYS WE ARE THE WEDNESDAY BOYS OLE OLE OOOOOLLLLLLEEEEEE repeat to infinity !
  10. I met him in Vegas . True dat
  11. It was Joe Bennett, so assume they're mates from his spell with us last season. Still funny though.
  12. Safety Advisory Group mate
  13. Nuhiu all day long for me, changed the game when he came on ..
  14. Bridlington > Brighton