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  1. You can tackle on your feet though...
  2. We've got a team that are knocking on the door of the Premiership and have been for two seasons. Flipping support them. Can't believe how it gets sometimes, you'd think we were in financial trouble in league one or something.
  3. Seems like he completely turned his career round with a strong flurry of performances for Villa last season. That's a positive if he does sign.
  4. Would be really bizarre. Sign an ageing scapegoat of a right back who's on big wages so he can cover centre back. Does kind of sound like the thing we'd do.
  5. Don't think I've ever heard of a club that have failed to get the kit readyfor the new season. Strange.
  6. History hasn't been kind to you has it Mr Cromwell.
  7. You mean Chansiri and not Carlos. Carlos isn't the one haggling with his own money. He wants 2 centre backs and it's up to the chairman to bring them.
  8. Gonna be a messy one.
  9. Hopefully it's because Carlos has allowed him and the other wingers to be more attacking and expressive going forward.
  10. England ladies 3 - 0 Scotland ladies after 30 mins Scottish football
  11. Only problem with that away kit is it's just Brazil's.
  12. How many have we taken?
  13. I have the feeling Sam would crawl over broken glass to play for us so it makes me happy to hear he's recovered well and is ready. Fantastic player.
  14. I'm just going because I enjoy football personally.
  15. Double post*