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  1. We've seen enough to run our own red card of the season competition.
  2. Yep, Villa have spent close to £60M this summer. Net spend is around half that but add in parachute wages and you can see it'd be foolish for us to try and compete with that. Unlike Barnsley though we won't get upset about it. You just have to accept that wherever you are along the food chain there is always a bigger fish.
  3. How many reds have their been in our matches this season? Seems like more than usual especially at Hillsborough.
  4. For starters we'd need to score more surely. We're currently on track to average 53 goals in a season. No team has finished near the top 2 with that few goals. In fact Middlesbrough only scored 63 last season, which was considered a low amount, but only conceded 31.
  5. This 28k keeps getting banded around but I'm sure it's been plucked from thin air and has just remained a constant in the transfer saga without people actually questioning its original source. Our transfer ship is so tightly run that nothing leaks from it.
  6. He must have dropped Sam Winnall off and then happened to stop for a cuppa and some biccies.
  7. I've seen us play like that already this season though, like against Wolves away or QPR at home. I genuinely think we have a great set up, squad, manager and chairman. But, we don't score enough goals and our performances in so many games haven't suggested we should finish top 2. I'm sure we can go up another gear but I reckon we'll be on around 80 points come the first week in May. I just cannot see us getting 45 points from our remaining 20 games.
  8. I love Wednesday fans Play absolutely crap against Preston and Wolves, somehow managing not to lose. Get done over 3-0 in the cup. Have an awful first half against Huddersfield and suddenly we can challenge the top two! First of all I'm not being negative. I think we've done amazing this season and I think we'll get close to 80 points but to challenge the top 2 you need 90+. Our performances and goal scoring suggest we are not capable of that.
  9. Best way to winnall is to come back with 3 points.
  10. Reduced allocation and 1/3rd of the ground being empty sounded familiar to me that was all.
  11. Really?!
  12. Sounds familiar!? Hmmm where have I seen that before.
  13. Where was this thread last week When we were crap again?
  14. Long contracts are the key and I think it's why we have given so many out. It dilutes the value of the transfer by the length of the contract. Reach signed on a 5 year deal I believe? So at £5M transfer fee that's £1M a year towards FFP.
  15. Been monitoring Fulham recently. Their fans are very confident and they seem to be the only contenders that have the ability to score goals. Looks like Chris Martin is back at his best too. What an absoloute disaster of a loan signing that is by Derby Basically loaning a rival a player that could genuinely then stop them getting in the play offs. It's hilarious.