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  1. Brighton 3 - 0 Reading.
  2. Reading not looking great at the moment. 2 losses in a row to rivals and the worst defence in the play offs. Newcastle next game for them too.
  3. Brighton 2 - 0 Reading
  4. Brighton 1 - 0 Reading
  5. Brighton 0 - 0 Reading after half an hour so far.
  6. Brum sacked Rowett for playing negative and defensive football. He's a good manager but Carlos is better at that than him. He used to play 4-5-1 at home FFS.
  7. Aren't hips meant to go when you're ancient? Not 29.
  8. Wasn't there a player with the same name years ago for Watford that was pleading not to be deported or he'd be killed back home! Wonder what happened to him. *Google searches*
  9. So if Wood does score will it definitely be Sassos fault?
  10. Fulham will do phenomenal not to drop points from their next 4. Away at Cardif Home to Preston Home to Leeds Away at Newcastle
  11. Things like this happen. I'm surprised how many we've had in our favour this season to be honest.
  12. Emphasised even more by the fact we ended the game 1000% better than we started it. We must've got 'untired' as the game went on.
  13. Why oh why oh why.... is the structure of my chromosomes.