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  1. Happy with that list. 8 gone and would like to see McGugan, Melo and Nuhiu moved on as well.
  2. Think it was personal issues/family related and to be fair he's returned back to Brentford and been an absolute be
  3. Think it was personal issues/family related and to be fair he's returned back to Brentford and been an absolute beast.
  4. Marcus Maddison at Peterborough has been allowed to leave with 12 months on his contract. Arguably the best player in league one for me. Young, amazing technique at shooting and crossing. 9 goals and 17 assists this season.
  5. For club's like spurs that dont. You have to remember that the full backs they have are amongst the best in the world.
  6. I've said it a few times now but we need to change tactically in my opinion which would actually bring out the best in existing players rather than completely writing them off. To me you have to look at how we can supply 5 top strikers much more regularly. For me the answer is wingers, wingers that keep out wide and have pace. You have to look at giving the midfield an option to through ball, to drive forwards. There's not enough pace and movement for them... unless our full backs are bombing on. The answer is wingers with pace to stretch a team and get round the back. Finally, our full backs get criticised. But in my opinion they do the hardest and most tiring job in the team. They are basically our only attacking threat out wide, the only 2 players that generally give us real width and pace. Yet they've got to sprint back after every attack. Give them some support by having wingers in front of them. A tactical change is needed. Most Premiership teams play with wingers and the top teams in the country value pace very very highly. Why don't we?
  7. Yes but apparently there's something rotten in a team that's finished top 6 twice in a row and is in the best state it's been in for decades.
  8. Would happily see an experienced beast of a centre back. Someone in the mould of James Collins from West Ham.
  9. Need a new one now. Everyone is singing it. Forest Green Rovers were even singing it when they got promoted from the conference. We weren't the ones to create it but we did bring it to popularity and now I'm fed up with it. It must be how pop stars feel when everyones singing their songs n that.
  10. Oh my yes please. Bet there'll be a big queue though.
  11. To be fair considering they are the 2 best players for them I very much doubt they'll be available. If they were it'd be for ridiculous prices. Burnley had bids upwards of £10M rejected for Stephens. Very unrealistic in my opinion.
  12. A couple of shrewd signings and a tweak in tactics over the summer could be the difference.
  13. Bit of pace and actually changing the system to play with wingers would bring the best out of the whole team for me. It would mean ALL of our current starting 11 would benefit. The full backs would benefit hugley because not all the expectation of width and attack would be on their shoulders. Pudil and Hunt have had to deal with being the focal point of our wing play AND getting back to defend. It's a bloody hard job to do week in week out and I honestly think that's why we don't rate them that highly because they don't always do it that effectively. The strikers would benefit no end. Actually having people running out wide and behind the defence would be PERFECT for poachers like Rhodes, Fletcher and Hooper. Imagine actually turning opposition defences ffs. It'd help our central midfielders. Bannan could actually look for longer passes in and behind the defence along the wings. Instead he has to wait for the full backs to attack OR the strikers to come out wide which means players like Rhodes are coming away from the danger zones that he should be operating in. Finally it'd be great for our defence, to give them a break. Help the team get out quicker and push forward. Having pace all over the pitch, provided the players with pace are decent at passing (which lets be honest we should be able to afford) would improve this whole squad no end I feel.
  14. Good statement from Chansiri. He is the man who has driven this club forward and will continue to do so. I think almost all the Owls are on his side and I believe he is exactly the right man to be leading our club.
  15. Don't think he's been in great form a lot of the season for Bristol City.