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  1. Ajax fans are pretty nuts. I guess it's part of living in quite a free city.
  2. We need a no pyro no party zone. But obviously it should never happen as millions of people die from pyro each game. I mean no real forward thinking or progressive nations would allow it would they? Imagine if your club and officials encouraged it!?. Only 3rd world countries like Denmark for example and the officials at FCKopenhagen or 'Smokenhagen' as they ironaically unveiled against Ajax the other month. I like England though. Kill the atmospheres head on, quash the rebellion! Feed them prawn sandwiches and hot bovril. An atmosphere will NOT be created here.
  3. Just part of the sanitisation process of football.
  4. Just scored.
  5. So what we've gathered from this is it isn't all the young fans getting giddy and expecting the prem. It isn't the generation that have never seen the Premier but more the generation that have. Interesting.
  6. Yes 21
  7. Think miracle is more if we were in mid table. As it is we're 6th so a lot closer to it being 'a tough job' rather than a miracle. It's not easy in the Championship for anyone.
  8. That is a highly valid point over a time scale of about 100 years. However over the space of 5-6 years it is completely redundant. Completely. In fact the lack of clarity from anyone with an authoritative responsibility is damn right disappointing. It creates this alienation between the fans and the authorities.
  9. I remember Doncaster away a few seasons ago. About 30 SYP marched 100 or so young lads from the train station straight to the ground like they were criminals. Then some of the 30 had to leave because the actual real idiots had kicked off in Donny centre and there wasn't enough police presence. They were were genuinely too busy trying to stop a group 16 year old hardened veteran dangerous football hooligans that all weighed about 7 stone each.
  10. You'll need tonnes of netting for the segregation.
  11. No it doesn't but it won't stop. The more success the worse it gets. The more the club and individuals at the club become connected with the fans the worse it gets so it's just my hope that 'in house' it's all contextualised for what it is. Genuinely it can't be stopped can it. Not saying it is but a lot of it could just be pigs stirring the pot. That isn't my ignorance either as I know we have exactly the same sort of freaks that would do the same.
  12. I think/hope that young Chansiri will be trained and in full understanding of the world of social media and what to ignore and take with a pinch of salt. I imagine he will be.
  13. With a full pre season I'd hope we'd configure our style of play and get the midfielders playing to the strengths of the strikers we have. That might involve new midfielders or whatever. Anyway I reckon we'll really see the benefit of him next season. Imagine starting the season with Nuhiu and Chris Maguire as your options!