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  1. Saw a few Wednesday flags and shirts through the week. Radiohead nailed it. Was waiting for him to pull that guitar out and you could only just make it out on the screens because of the effects they'd put on.
  2. Roll on the end of August when the window shuts.
  3. O'Neil actually rates his kicking
  4. Done, can't grumble at all.
  5. The obsession and celebration is quite pathetic but hilarious.
  6. They are buzzing about this signing. This signing in particular. I'm bewildered. Wow.
  7. Yeah
  8. Saw her kicking off with a bloke in the section I sit in, didn't see what caused it. Husband then came up and got involved. Eventually they left then 10 minutes later the lad in my section ran down the steps to go find them Whoever tried starting the WAWAW chant whilst they were all arguing, had me howling.
  9. Very positive things coming from that I think. I wish they'd redo the online club shop again, aswell as the main site.