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  1. The problem is that things change all the time. It's the exact reason why when everywhere is reporting something, the club don't actually confirm until the moment all the contracts are signed and and fully registered. i know of at least half a dozen transfers in the last 10 years or so that have been talked about as fact on here (and other places) but fallen through at the last minute for whatever reason. The best way to treat 'ITK' info is like gossip until it is actually confirmed. Judge it for yourself based on how likely it is and how strong the source is, etc. Don't get your hopes up and get excited until the club themselves comment, because they won't do so until there is something tangible.
  2. If you thought our new ('old') club crest was a bit of a change, take a look at where Juventus have gone with their new one... Juventus badge history: New Juventus badge: Video: Nonsense PR/Marketing video: Thats quite the departure. Imagine if Wednesday had changed our logo so dramatically. What would the reaction have been?!
  3. Good work from the club. Almost as good as this one:
  4. ...or netball players...
  5. Daykin was never really one of the bad eggs, as unpopular as he was/is.
  6. They wouldn't ever really say it outside the office of course, but....