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  1. From the last time SWFC had a 'design a mascot' competition (hint: it didn't go well):
  2. The return of SAUSAGE ARMS?
  3. Ozzie and Barney's love child?!
  4. Oh, there was never any boredom about it. We just had other stuff in the way for a while and we’ve have to move stuff around to fit it in. Dont be so cynical. (put me down for 10 episodes)
  5. It’s back...
  6. That was also Owlstalk's first season of existence... ...coincidence?
  7. iTunes link: Subscribe there to get the podcast as soon as it happens. Also, listen back to the trash that came before. It'll still be rubbish.
  8. Anyone who screenshots their notes/memos app and posts it as an official statement or message should never be taken seriously.
  9. Great spot. It absolutely isn't the Adelphi we were formed at in the picture. 'Our' Adelphi Hotel should look like:
  10. I absolutely stand by the OP and the evidence is on my side. Just compare the Brighton atmosphere last season to last night - there's no comparison. And when the ground was rocking for a short while after the goal, Huddersfield couldn't handle it and were second to everything. As soon as that died down, they got themselves together again. I appreciate we all spend and don't play the actual game or come up with the tactics, but we are a cog in the machine (as the manager and players all keep saying) and definitely have to take a share of the blame when we don't do our part to the levels we all know we can and have done in the past. Put it this way: If it comes down to a chicken-and-egg scenario where the team doesn't perform as well without that vocal backing of the fans but the fans don't get vocal without the team playing decent then we're in a viscous cycle - we need to do our part regardless in the big games like this and I don't feel the fans did so last night.
  11. ...have to take some of the blame for me. It was a nervous crowd tonight, and that transferred to the pitch, especially towards the end and during the penalties. All day I saw posts and comments from fans saying how nervous they were and how they were feeling sick, etc. I think that went on too much and made everyone too nervous instead of excited. There wasn't the continuous legendary 'wall of noise' we had against Brighton last season and it showed in the performance on the pitch. Last season it was the crowd that carried the team through that game and were the extra man. We were all awesome for a while after our goal and for that time Huddersfield were at sixes and sevens struggling with the atmosphere against them, but it died down too quickly. And we just weren't intimidating enough during their penalties and didn't take advantage of kicking at the Kop end. Carlos and the team have all said time and time again the fans are the 12th man and make the difference - we need to live up to that like we absolutely can if we're in this position again next season (heck, throughout the whole season as we go for automatic!!). COME ON WEDNESDAY!
  12. I've got some bad news about Mars bars that you're not going to like.... Seriously though, Yorkshire Tea are pretty open about where their tea comes from - the Yorkshire part is that it was originally specifically blended in Yorkshire for the types of water in the region, which is much softer than most other areas and has different levels of minerals in it, etc.
  13. London Owls have advertised that they are meeting there, so I presume so.
  14. Oh, man.
  15. And on that basis it is worth saying that Owlstalk does not condone, assist or organise the reselling of match tickets. Any arrangements made are private transactions between individuals that Owlstalk has no visibility or knowledge of and that anybody entering into such transactions does so at their own risk, taking on any and all responsibilities and legal ramifications. It is also worth noting that anybody who buys tickets and then cannot go for whatever reason may be able to return those tickets for a refund to the ticket office, who often keep and facilitate a 'reserve list' for supporters wishing to go that they sell to on a first-come-first-served basis when tickets are returned. Finally, it is also worth noting that any Wednesday fan profiteering from other fellow Wednesday fans regarding tickets is questionable legally, morally and ethically...