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  1. Catagory D game then. Bonus.
  2. Look lads, we've all had a drink...
  3. Glenn Loovens earns more money selling his hair clippings to high end wig manufacturers, than he does playing for us. Fact.
  4. There was a pretty good reason for that. Just saying...
  5. I would hope all Owls fans will.
  6. He should do an Owlstalk podcast. Can't be any worse than the last one.
  7. No he doesn't know a Retford Dave but by strange coincidence his best mate is called Dave Retford.
  8. I've got a mate in the Notts force, what's his name? I'll see if he knows him.
  9. Hirst and Waddle would guarantee Rotherham promotion, so that's an easy option. How about Carlton and Roland.
  10. Plot twist... We just demolish Bramall Lane for a laugh.
  11. As one of the biggest luvvies on here, I can assure you we're all overjoyed.
  12. Lee Chapman at the back, looks really young there.