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  1. No Probs. I agree. If we stick to a 4 man midfield then it has either Hutch or Jones or Lee or Bannan or Abdi, with two out and out wingers. I feel we would have more flexibility with a change of formation.
  2. They can if we change the system. If we change to 3-5-2. We would need to invest in a new CB or 2. Westwood Lees New CB / Sasso Loovens Hunt or New RB Hutch Reach Lee Bannan 2 of our many Forwards Problem Solved.
  3. Done - 45% now.
  4. This one for me: I hope we get this shirt next year.
  5. I have always thought this was going to happen anyway. Maybe he could sponsor us.
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing him play the hutch role or even at right back. But yeah I agree definitely in a back 3.
  7. I'm hoping Brighton win tonight. That should make Newcastle more open as they will want to attack us for the win and hopefully suit our play better. However, in answer to the opening post, I'd take a boring nil nil.
  8. Maybe not but surely if they are training with the first team that will improve them.
  9. Perhaps they should also change the number of subs that can be named from 7 to 12, and of the 12, 3 or 4 should have to be club developed. Therefore they will have to be involved in the training and will get the experience of training with the first team. Also not sure why this is limited to the EFL and does not include the Prem.
  10. Could be that Pardew will miss out on Cash from Palace if he manages another club this season.
  11. Shame. The premier league could do with a cap on the number overseas player's allowed in their match day squads
  12. Shares his birthday with me.
  13. But are you a manager?? Doesn't necessarily need to be a football manager as thread title only states "manager".
  14. I agree. he would be good.
  15. I feel for Sasso He does a lot of good things He's comfortable on the ball and doesn't mind driving forward into midfield He's also a threat in the opposition area Trouble is, he's got a mistake in him, which is fatal for a defender I think we would be more suited to 3 at the back (when we have 3 fit defenders). That way there is always one player on hand to tidy up and cover the mistakes. Equally Sasso or Hutch could step out of defence if the formation needed changing.