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  1. In what capacity? Player coach or just coach?
  2. Iniesta!!. Then again he would probably be too old for some on here.
  3. Wouldn't be a proper transfer window without us signing a Watford player.
  4. Let's hope it happens then. Thanks for sharing Kev.
  5. Why what have you heard? Do tell sir.
  6. Did you not see the cracker he scored in training?
  7. I imagine Cc was implying that 2 centre back's are more important first off, then address other areas.
  8. The Chilean right back isla would do me. :-D
  9. Doesn't mean we will match them.. Could be Newcastle pay a percentage or even the player takes a drop.
  10. Also, he (Keogh) seems to be allowed to use his hands to stop the ball going in the net, which is always a bonus.
  11. No Probs. I agree. If we stick to a 4 man midfield then it has either Hutch or Jones or Lee or Bannan or Abdi, with two out and out wingers. I feel we would have more flexibility with a change of formation.
  12. They can if we change the system. If we change to 3-5-2. We would need to invest in a new CB or 2. Westwood Lees New CB / Sasso Loovens Hunt or New RB Hutch Reach Lee Bannan 2 of our many Forwards Problem Solved.
  13. Done - 45% now.
  14. This one for me: I hope we get this shirt next year.
  15. I have always thought this was going to happen anyway. Maybe he could sponsor us.